Why Are Sabyasachi Sarees So Expensive?

Sabyasachi Sarees

Sabyasachi – the name has turned into a brand of glamorous and royal ethnic apparel. From celebrities to brides, Sabyasachi Mukherjee has become a go-to designer for sarees, lehengas, and whatnot? I know what you are thinking. His designer pieces remain out-of-budget and overpriced, right? Also, many of you might think “why Sabyasachi sarees are so expensive?”. Don’t worry anymore! I will share all the reasons to justify Sabyasachi’s price ranges and his specialty. Keep reading!

Sabyasachi sarees are so expensive because the designer implements unique creativity, designs, and a personal touch to create a single piece. Also, he sources the craftsman and fabrics from a saree’s place of origin, resulting in a price hike.

Are Sabyasachi Sarees Expensive? 

Do you wish to buy a saree from Sabyasachi? You’ll require spending around INR 1-2 lakhs to fulfill your dream! So, yes, Sabyasachi sarees incur high costs and might go up to INR 3,00,000. There are Sabyasachi sarees ranging from Rs. 5000 too, but our focus is mainly on high-end sarees that start from Rs. 50,000 which have all the virtues of the brand. From bridal to party wear sarees, Sabyasachi attires are costly and need huge investment. These sarees count as the most expensive ones in India and are mostly affordable by celebrities.

What’s So Special About Sabyasachi?

We all know that Sabyasachi sarees are costly. Despite the price tags, Sabyasachi sarees have a precious place among many ladies from India and abroad. When it comes to purchasing bridal sarees or evening wear, Sabyasachi sarees emerge as the best option for all. Are you wondering what makes them so special? Let’s take a look at the factors that distinguish Sabyasachi as a designer.

1. Pioneer of Fusion Ethnics

Sabyasachi Mukherjee is the leading brain behind designing unique ethnic pieces blended with modern structures. He utilizes conventional fabrics and printing techniques like Bandhani, mirror work, and Gota work to create fusion ethnics. Such an out-of-the-box approach makes Sabyasachi and his creations distinct and desirable for everyone.

2. Regal Composure Sets Sabyasachi Apparel Apart

The Sabyasachi sarees and lehengas comprise rich Kaarigari and a sensible color scheme, making the entire silhouette appear royal and regal. Carrying a Sabyasachi lehenga makes all heads turn around at a wedding or party. You are less likely to encounter such royalty in any other collection or designer.

3. Use of Premium Fabrics in Sabyasachi Collection

Sabyasachi Mukherjee guarantees authentic fabric in all his apparel. A Sabyasachi Kanjivaram silk saree would be 100% silk-made, and a Banarasi sarees would be manufactured by craftsmen of Banaras itself. So, he brings purity and authenticity in all apparel, sarees, lehengas, and what not?

4. Genuine Craftsmanship Adorns Sabyasachi Attires

India has always been a land of skilled craftsmen and Kaarigari. Sabyasachi never fails to utilize the country’s assets, the craftsmen, and source his jaw-dropping masterpieces through them. So, a Sabyasachi saree holds a long story of innate craftsmen from the corners of the Indian subcontinent, who design the piece authentically by following traditional methods. Wearing a Sabyasachi saree will make you feel proud of Indian skill and talent anywhere and at any point in time.

5. Sabyasachi Produces Original Pieces

You will never find a Sabyasachi piece to be duplicate or artificial. All his sarees and lehengas are single pieces and crafted with high precision. The designer himself invests months in designing a collection and blends traditional design techniques with his creativity in each piece. So, originality is the hallmark of Sabyasachi garments.

Why Are Sabyasachi Sarees So Expensive?

Apart from being special, Sabyasachi sarees are known for their cost. A single garment might rise to several lakhs easily. However, the buyers pay for his creations without doubting them even for once. Sabyasachi Mukherjee has a massive fan base who are ready to compensate him open-heartedly for his collections. So, what makes Sabyasachi’s creation worth the price? Let’s dig into the reasons!

1. Unique Creativity for Individual Pieces

Sabyasachi brings never-seen-before creativity for each of his ethnic attire. The team spends hours and months designing a single garment and surface unique prints or Kaarigari. Such precision and personalization make his collections unique and raise the price of his garments. People who admire creativity can never turn their heads away from Sabyasachi and agree to his price tags completely.

2. Sources Authentic Karigars from Indian Subcontinent

Did you remember Anushka Sharma’s red Banarasi saree that she wore in her reception? Sabyasachi asked authentic Banarasi craftsmen to design her sarees and planned for the same for months. Similarly, all his traditional sarees come from authentic Kaarigars across India. 

Being an ardent craftsmanship lover, his creations encompass a huge investment of time and resources. Consequently, the price ranges rise, making his collections more costly than any other designer.

3. Sabyasachi Personalizes his Collection for Buyers

Are you not willing to buy something off-the-shelf from a Sabyasachi outlet? You can approach the designer to craft something unique and mind-boggling, especially for you. Sabyasachi is known for imparting a high degree of personalization for customers to never return disappointed from his outlets. 

From fabric to design, Sabyasachi Mukherjee creates everything new for his customers and makes their special day cherished with better-than-expected garments.

4. Sabyasachi Implements an All-New Blended Approach

As you already know, Sabyasachi is the pioneer of blending traditional ideologies in modern silhouettes. The self-innovative approach makes distinct pieces that you will not find anywhere else. Sabyasachi utilizes his masterpiece idea to produce mind-boggling collections that even celebrities love. 

His ideology remains the talk of the town among connoisseurs and veterans. Having such an out-of-the-crowd approach, Sabyasachi collections become expensive and worth a piece to own in your wardrobe.

5. Original Fabric in All his Sarees

The king of ethnic fashion, Sabyasachi Mukherjee utilizes pure and original fabric in his sarees. So, none of his sarees have blended material or Kaarigari. He sources the raw materials from a saree’s place of origin to create a masterpiece. From silk to net and organza, all his creations have authentic fibers at their core. Being highly original, the base price of Sabyasachi sarees goes much higher than the blended fabric-made garments.

Besides, these sarees have pure thread work that finds its roots from corners of India. All these factors raise the price of a Sabyasachi collection, making it a much-loved range for customers valuing authentic fabrics and Kaarigari.

6. Sabyasachi Remains Restricted to Ethnic Wear

Unlike other designers, Sabyasachi is busy creating his ethnic empire steadily. The designer restricts his approach to ethnic attire and does not hop into tailoring modern apparel. He finds his design inspiration from the streets of Kolkata and embeds an essence of Indian customs in the sarees. 

You can run your eyes through the gorgeous sarees worn by celebrities like Bipasha Basu and Deepika Padukone to get a gist of how Indians are his ethnic creations. Such a traditional approach sets the designer apart and increases the cost of his luxury collections.

7. Traditional Yet New Designs

Sabyasachi indeed keeps his sarees highly traditional and ethnic. However, all his designs are unique and never-seen-before in history. His creative thrust innovates rare designs that remain on-beat with conventional ideology and still have something new for the draper. From designs to cut, everything branded under the Sabyasachi label has a delicate blend of traditional and contemporary entities. 

When wearing a Sabyasachi saree, you can feel proud of carrying something original that no one has in the world. No matter if you are the bride or attending a function in the Sabyasachi saree, everyone remains well-aware that you possess something distinctive and highly unique.

How Much Does It Cost to Be a Sabyasachi Bride?

Did such a fashion story inspire you? An irresistible urge to become a Sabyasachi bride might have flooded your mind if it’s a yes! Indeed, Sabyasachi owns a bridal fashion empire. His collections are apt for an Indian bride to make her D-day more royal and worth cherishing. 

You are already aware of the expensive Sabyasachi collections. So, are you wondering how much does it cost to be a Sabyasachi bride? You’ve come to the best destination if that’s the case! Here I will share a rough estimate of the costs required to buy Sabyasachi bridal attire and become a stunning bride.

  • Sabyasachi Red Bridal Banarasi Saree is Worth INR 2,00,000
  • Sabyasachi Golden Sequined Saree is Worth INR 2,65,000
  • Sabyasachi’s Red Organza Saree Costs INR 98,000
  • Rani Sahiba ka Pardesi Gulab Saree is Around INR 59,500
  • Sabyasachi’s Ivory Printed Saree Costs INR 49,500
  • Sabyasachi Firdaus Black Brocade Border Embroidered Saree is Worth INR 89,500

1. Sabyasachi Red Bridal Banarasi Saree is Worth INR 2,00,000

A gorgeous Banarasi saree is a dream come true for all brides out there. Sabyasachi’s Banarasi sarees have a separate place among B-town celebrities like Anushka Sharma and Aishwarya Rai. You will require investing around INR 2,00,000 to own a Sabyasachi red Banarasi saree in your closet.

2. Sabyasachi Golden Sequined Saree is Worth INR 2,65,000

Drifted from fully traditional design, this Sabyasachi saree is what a modern bride needs. Ideal for reception and parties, the Sabyasachi golden sequined saree will cost you around INR 2,65,000. The shimmering saree is a talk of the town and can adorn all ladies regardless of their physical attributes. A worth-buy!

3. Sabyasachi’s Red Organza Saree Costs INR 98,000

Like me, do you love organza sarees? You will fall in love with the next saree on the list if it’s a yes! A red organza saree by Sabyasachi is all that a bride needs on her wedding day. This saree is ideal for ladies willing to wear subtle yet unique apparel by Sabyasachi. You can get a beautiful Sabyasachi-made red organza saree at around INR 98,000.

4. Rani Sahiba ka Pardesi Gulab Saree is Around INR 59,500

Enough of wedding day shopping! Now, are you looking for some options for other daytime ceremonies? The “Rani Sahiba ka Pardesi Gulab” sarees will blow your mind if that’s a yes! These floral and pastel-shaded garments make the perfect choice for Mehendi and sangeet ceremonies. You can become a Sabyasachi bride by wearing these sarees and spending around INR 59,500.

5. Sabyasachi’s Ivory Printed Saree Costs INR 49,500

Soothing hues and floral prints adorn Sabyasachi’s ivory-printed sarees. These apparel are again ideal for morning events and other wedding ceremonies. You will require spending around INR 49,500 to purchase a Sabyasachi labeled ivory printed saree.

6. Sabyasachi Firdaus Black Brocade Border Embroidered Saree is Worth INR 89,500

Sabyasachi redefines black sarees with a unique embroidered saree worth INR 89,500. The sheer saree is ideal for all evening ceremonies in your wedding like the reception parties. This masterpiece boasts rich Kaarigari and creativity that you will not find anywhere else. Besides, you can carry gorgeous apparel at all events and functions and turn everyone’s head around without any difficulties.

Sabyasachi Mukharji is a designer of clothes and a renowned brand in bride wears. Gone were the days when designer sarees are only meant to be a celebrity wearing outfits, nowadays everyone can buy this kind of attire. Sabyasachi sarees start from 50k to 3 lakh based on ethinic works. 

Sabyasachi collections are an affair of traditions and contemporary creativity. His unique pieces are worth the price, and all ladies must have at least one Sabyasachi apparel in their wardrobe.