How To Choose A Saree Bangle

How do I choose a saree bangle

The styling of your saree does not get completed unless you adorn it with the appropriate accessories. Particularly when you desire to look your best in this traditional evergreen attire, if you don’t prefer wearing heavy jewellery with your saree, simple bangles can easily get that right look.  Bangles are a  popular accessory that holds a unique and special place in India than anywhere else in the world. They are an epitome of femininity, delicacy and ethnicity.

Almost every Indian woman adores wearing bangles that complete their traditional attires and appearance but struggles with the same question ‘how do I choose saree bangles?’. You can easily adorn Bangles with every outfit, and nowadays contemporary bangles can also be worn with your favourite western outfits like jeans and skirts. You can carry bangles that coordinate with the colour of your saree or its borders or choose contrasting coloured bangles to make a bold fashion statement. For instance, you can pick pearl bangles for pairing with your white saree or gold bangles with heavy work sarees.  The width of the bangles also plays a major role in establishing the vibe of your outfit.

How to choose a saree bangle?

It is very obvious that you would never prefer to have your hands empty with a chic or conventional saree. So when wearing an excellent ethnic saree, you must make sure you don some good bangles that complement and add to your overall appearance. Here are some styles of bangles that will perfectly complement your saree!

Pearl Bangles with white partywear saree

This combination of Pearl bangles paired with a white partywear saree is something you can give a try.  These white pearl bangles set on a silver base look breathtaking and they are very natural to accessorize. You can further add some heavy kadas around these pearl bangles the just like shown in the picture if you require a more royal look. These kinds of pearl bangles hold the versatility to be styled in any way and bring out your beauty and elegance.

Archaic Oxidized Bangles with a black saree

The archaic oxidized bangles mentioned here in this image paired with a black saree will look surreal if you wish to recreate this look. These oxidised bangles have again revived in the fashion world with a bang because nowadays women adore wearing statement jewellery with their saree. They are the first choice of today’s modern women to accessorize with their workplace sarees. It can be easily inferred that this is a golden time for experimenting with these oxidized bangles. Apart from this black cotton saree, you can pair these bangles with traditional silk sarees or plain georgette sarees to supplement that appropriate essence of classical touch. These antique oxidized bangles hold a striking silver tinge and beads on it. Furthermore, these bangles come in all sizes and price ranges making it affordable for everyone.

Kundan Bangles with cream heavy work saree

Cream Heavy Work Saree with Kundan Bangles

You can look like a queen by wearing a cream heavy work saree paired with Kundan Bangles as shown here in this picture. These Bangles present a perfect blend of contemporary and vintage touch all your traditional sarees and equally well with your Indo-western sarees as well. Kundan is a gem that confers a delicate and traditional touch to your bangles. If you are the one who adores wearing designer sarees, then you must always hold Kundan Bangles in your wardrobe for a complete and perfect look. 

Ruby Bangles on a yellow silk saree

You can undoubtedly choose a yellow silk saree paired with Ruby studded bangles on golden as mentioned here in this image and it is a fortune to possess if you hold an earnest obsession priceless gems. If you love wearing traditional silk sarees, then these ruby bangles should always be your initial selection. This is because silk sarees hold a royal look and when sarees are paired with the most expensive gem bangles, they are bound to take your aura to a next level. Apart from the design mentioned here, Ruby bangles hold many patterns and the most expensive one is designed on the base of the diamond, platinum or other gems.

Thread Bangles

The exquisite hand-carved thread bangles shown here in this picture hold gentle delicacy that perfectly symbolizes the Indian women like you! These bangles match perfectly with the colour of the saree. Apart from this gorgeous pink colour with pearl and stonework paired with this hot pink saree, You can effortlessly pair these colourful thread bangles with all varieties of your sarees and be a little innovative with your look as they come in a wide range with striking colours and elaborate work in sparkling threads and beads. These bangles easily add some playfulness in your attire without putting in a lot of efforts.

Glass Bangles match with any saree

Glass Bangles match with any saree
indoor lighting with studio setup, saree wearing woman

Simply the thoughtfulness of glass bangles can drive your thoughts to the conventional streets and jewellery stores of India, where these elegant adornments are piled up in bright bunches in eye-catching designs. You can also pair your yellow and green heavy work saree with matching glass bangles as shown here in this image. They look equally stunning when you adorn in coordinated collections appended with other kinds of dense kadas or gold bangles with any coloured saree. It can be a perfect choice if you are a newly wedded bride who likes wearing heavy sarees or if you are attending intimate family gatherings or pujas.

Gold Bangles

How to wear jewellery with saree
Pretty Indian young Hindu girl dress up for festival.

Gold bangles are cherished by every Indian woman and never goes out of style. You can wear these simple yet intricate gold bangles with an off white kanjivaram saree or with any coloured kanjivaram or heavy work saree to look regal. These simple design gold bangles are additionally perfect for daily wear. You can also pair them up with chunky kadas if you desire a more detailed look. Be it any occasion from weddings to social gatherings;  gold bangles like this with beautiful gold beads will always have a different charm that will work for you. 

How many bangles should you wear?

Another most common question you might hold in your mind regarding bangles is ‘How many bangles should I wear?’ A bangle is essentially a stiff bracelet in various materials like glass, metal, gold, silver and many more.

In Indian Hindu culture, bangles hold utmost significance. It is usually stated that a mediocre number of bangles a woman must wear is 8 to 10 that must be equally divided in both the wrists and 6 to 8 if the hands are short. The number of bangles to be worn can further rely on other factors like the particular culture from which the wearer belongs or the length of the sleeves of a blouse or choli. For instance, a Hindu woman in India is expected to wear at least two bangles in each wrist in their day to day lives. 

Can you wear bangles on both wrists?

Carrying bangles on both the handles is the most prevalent practice in our country. You can undoubtedly wear bangles on both your hands. However, it would be best for you to look for good quality bangles that look beautiful on your wrists at every occasion. Daily wear bangles can also be mixed and matched according to your saree colour to pull off that classic look. Bangles in India are the most important adornments for every woman, and they should carry them symmetrically in both their hands. Along with this, it is also deemed that bangles’ clinking can help an Indian husband perceive that his wife is nearby and this the reason why Indian women wear bangles in both their hands. 

Why do pregnant ladies wear bangles?

Wearing bangles during pregnancy is said to hold certain scientific benefits as these small and sound-making accessories are scientifically proven to increase blood circulation and enhance energy balance among pregnant women.

Bangles also play a significant part in regulating the body’s temperature as the energy that passes out of the body is transferred back with the help of these round shaped bangles. The advantages of adorning bangles are not only confined to pregnant mothers. They have an equally beneficial impact on the foetus too.

The most outstanding benefit expecting mothers wearing bangles is that the bangles’ chiming sound comes out. It is proven that this sound presents the foetus with the much required acoustic stimulation. This chiming sound further works as soothing music that diminishes the level of stress and assists in enhancing the baby’s listening capacity.

The Bottom Line

The age factor in women does not matter when it comes to selecting bangles as women of every age cherish wearing bangles. This simple adornment can be easily styled as per your desire and preference, and it holds power to give the desired look without letting you go over the top. Bangles gracefully complement both traditional and formal look giving your beauty that perfect edge.