This Is How Long a Saree Blouse Should Be

How long should a saree blouse be

A saree blouse makes a big contribution to the way your saree looks. Blouses are available in many styles and designs. Sarees usually come with blouse material, which you can stitch following your measurements. Choosing the right saree blouse can be a bit tricky, as you need to find the one that suits your body shape and looks good with a saree. 

The length of a saree blouse depends on your body shape and the look you’re going for. Usually, it takes about 14 inches for a normal size saree blouse, but it depends on your preference. The blouse is typically 1-2 inches below the lower bust area. It’s recommended to take your measurements to make a blouse that will suit you best. 

The perfect saree blouse should compliment your body type and show your beauty in the best way possible. Nowadays a saree blouse is a must and a saree is considered incomplete without it. You can buy saree blouses in all types of styles and varieties, so you can definitely find something that fits you best.

A saree is a simple piece of garment that is wrapped around your waist in a certain way and then it is draped across the torso. Saree blouses can be cropped at the waist and fitted to cover the upper part of your body. The blouse and saree are complementary, meaning the wrong blouse can ruin the whole look and vice versa.

So the blouse enhances the overall look of your saree, as it plays a great role in how the saree looks. The right combination of blouse and saree will make you look stunning.

How Long Should a Saree Blouse Be?

This depends on your body type and the overall look you want to get. But typically your blouse should be 1-2 inches below your bust area. 

The high-neck blouse is usually around 14-15 inches long, while the low neck can vary from 10 to 14 inches to the waistline. Sleeve length is usually from 10 to 20 inches on average. Your blouse can have cap sleeves, ¾ sleeves, no sleeves – there are many sleeve options. 

How Do You Measure for a Saree Blouse?

Your blouse should sit perfectly on your body. It will look bad if it’s too loose or too tight. The same applies to all details of the blouse, such as neckline, sleeves, waistline, etc. That’s why you need to take your measurements to get the best fit.

To get the saree that suits you best, you need to measure your bust, length around above the waist, and blouse length. To measure the bust, just take it over the fullest part of your bust and across the widest part of your back. To get the right measurement, the tape should go around your body horizontally.

Then measure around your waist and take measurements from one end of the measuring tape to another. To measure the length, start from the center of your shoulder and let the tape go straight to the point you want your blouse to be. Your tape should pass the bust area as well.

If you want to measure your blouse based on styling nuances, then you need to measure your front neck depth, back neck depth, around arm, sleeve length.

Front neck depth is measured from the top of the shoulder and to the cleavage you want to have, meaning the neckline of the blouse. The neck depth measures from the neck joint to the center of the back and then you get to choose how deep of a cut you want to have.

When measuring around your arms, make sure you wrap and measure around the biggest part of your biceps. The sleeve length is measured from the shoulder edge down the arm to the place you want your sleeve to end.

How to Style a Saree Blouse?

If you want to get the perfect saree look, everything should be in a good ensemble, complementing each other. Everything from jewelry to styling should be in harmony. The wrong blouse can ruin the whole look. 

One of the women’s favorite types of saree blouses is bold deep-cut, backless blouses. They are beautiful, however, you need to remember that these blouses don’t fit with all saree, but only with chiffon or tissue sarees. 

For some heavy sarees, the best blouse option is a light silk blouse. Creating an aesthetic look with a blouse and saree will help you steal the show. 

When it comes to styling, choosing the right earrings, necklaces is essential. When wearing traditional sarees, classic jewelry like Polki or Kundan. With modern sarees, you can wear some trendy bracelets, earrings, and rings. 

How to Choose a Saree Blouse Based on Your Body Type?

The perfect saree blouse should complement your body type. There are many different body shapes, such as apple-shaped, pear-shaped, hourglass-shaped, athletic, inverted triangle, etc.

Here are some tips for certain body shapes:

Pear-Shaped Body 

If you have this type of shape, then your hips are wider than your bust. This means you need to make your bust bigger. And the right chosen blouse will help you with that. In order to make your bust and hips more balanced, make sure your blouse is heavy and well-padded. 

Also, adding some embroidery or other decorative details in the front area. Another great tip is to cover your neck with a high neck, or collar. Heavier fabrics, like velvet, brocade for your blouse will also make it heavier. 

For a pear-shaped body, the length of the saree blouse depends on the material and embellishments. If the average length of a saree blouse is between 12 and 14 inches, then the blouse for this body shape will be a few inches longer, for example, 15-17 inches. 

You need to make sure the blouse looks heavy, so you can make your body overall look more proportionate. 

Apple Shaped Body

If your bust and stomach areas are bigger than your hips, then you have an apple-shaped body. For this body shape, a good choice is a saree with embroidery. The best fabric to wear is silk, as it will make your body look absolutely amazing. Chiffon or net fabrics are not a good choice for you. Actually, you should avoid these fabrics. They will not look good on you.

Here you need to be very careful when choosing the saree blouse. Puffed sleeves and noodle straps are not the right choices for you. A good choice for this body shape will be long-sleeved blouses with small embellishments. You can have a backless blouse with long sleeves and it will make you look absolutely gorgeous, balancing all your proportions.

As well as for a pear-shaped body, for this shape, it’s recommended to make the saree blouse a little bit longer. This will help to make your body more fit and slim. The length of the saree blouse should be 14 inches or longer, depending on your measurements.

Hourglass Shaped Body

It should not be a problem to find a good saree blouse for an hourglass-shaped body. It seems like for this shape you can wear anything you want. However, it is also important to not make your saree look worse by wearing a bad blouse. 

It’s recommended to avoid heavy embroidery or details in the chest area. The best option for a saree blouse will always remain a simple, plain blouse without any special details. You can choose from blouses made from lightweight fabrics, such as chiffon, satin, georgette, etc. 

Also, try to avoid deep neck cuts, instead, it’s better to wear bareback blouses.

For this body shape, every blouse length will look good. You can wear short blouses with no sleeves or long blouses with long sleeves. It depends on your preferences. The basic saree blouses are 13-14 inches long, and you can stick to this length if you want.

Inverted Triangle Body

In an inverted triangle body shape, you have broad shoulders and small hips, which influence your choice of clothes. To not make your broad shoulder look even bigger, avoid noodle straps and padded blouses at all costs. 

Also, it’s recommended to choose simple blouses without any additional embellishments. Heavy sleeves and heavy details on shoulders are definitely not the best choices for an inverted triangle body.

The recommended saree blouse length for this body shape is longer than average. The perfect blouse would be 15 inches long. You may also choose a longer blouse to take the accent off your shoulders and move it to the lower part of your body to create a visible balance.

Athletic Body

The athletic body is well-toned and muscular. Saree is a great way to show off your beautiful shape. It can even enhance the whole look. Don’t use chiffon, georgette, or net fabrics because it will make you look thinner. For a stylish look choose light colors and some light embroidery. 

With an athletic body, you can wear whatever blouse you like, from noodle straps to high neck blouses. You will not have any problems with finding the right blouse, so basically your choice depends on your preferences. 

As for the hourglass-shaped body, an athletic body will look great in any blouse. You can choose short blouses, which are 10 to 14 inches long as well as longer blouses from 15 inches. The length of your saree blouse depends on your preferences and what you feel the most comfortable wearing.

Basic Tips for Choosing the Right Blouse

Always choose the blouse you’re the most comfortable in. Try the blouse on with your saree before wearing it to see if they match. Sometimes in your mind, they seem like a perfect combination, but when you actually wear them together, it doesn’t look that good anymore.

It is also likely that the blouse you feel the most comfortable in will not be a perfect match for your body shape. Don’t feel pressured to wear a certain type of blouse just based on recommendations. Wear what you feel comfortable in and what you like the most.

Don’t wear textured, patterned, or printed blouses with the saree that also have some embellishments. It will be too much. A good pairing is when your blouse is simple and the saree has some details. Embroidered blouses with heavy details should be put together with a plain saree. This balance will make you look well-put and beautiful.

You should also choose comfort and practicality before trends. Make sure you feel good in what you wear. You may have a problem when you choose some trendy clothes, but when you wear them you feel clumsy. So always choose what you really like and feel the most comfortable in.