10 Saree Poses at Home – Pictures & Ideas

Indian Girl Wearing Saree

Sarees are engraved in our hearts in golden letters. So much that whenever an Indian woman wears a saree, she wishes to capture her elegance forever to eternity. Much like you, I love draping sarees and trying different saree poses at home to click lots of memorable pictures. 

But, while picturing ourselves in sarees, we commit many unintentional mistakes that ruin our photos ultimately. However, over the years, I realized some tips and poses that work wonders in beautifying our saree photoshoot at home. So, here I am sharing some elegant tips and saree poses that you can try out at home to capture beautiful snaps.

How Should You Pose in Saree for Photos?

Have you seen some women appearing beautiful in pictures every time? It’s because they know how to appear and carry their garments in a photoshoot. Even you can look all-perfect when wearing a saree and clicking pictures at home. All you need is to consider a bunch of tips and present yourself more elegantly. Below are the points that enhance your saree photos dramatically.

1. Comfort Yourself When Carrying a Saree

I know carrying a saree can be cumbersome for you sometimes. Also, for the first time drapers, sarees become no less than a headache. However, feel comfortable in your ensemble to appear the best in sarees, even at home.

2. Perfect-Fitting Garments Look More Beautiful

When clicking saree pictures at home, you should never compromise on blouse fitting. I find that fitted blouses uplift your body posture without distorting your shape. Also, check out on snugly-fitting sarees. Use as many pins as you want to safeguard the pleats and appear more organized.

3. Right Posture Improve Your Saree Photos 

Curved back and protruding belly disfigure your body and impact your saree photos at home negatively. I always emphasize attaining the right posture when posing for interior photoshoots in sarees. Get a straight back with relaxed shoulders and a sucked-in tummy, and you’ll look more confident in your pictures.

4. Left Side is Better than the Right One

I find that right-sided saree photoshoots don’t appear much flattering. When facing the camera from the left side, the pleats and pallus come in the frame, making your picture look even more gorgeous than right-sided photos.

5. Wear Heels to Get the Best Stature

If you think heels add height to your stature only, rethink! I think heels do much beyond adding inches to your pictures. Even when you are posing at home, try adding a pair of heels in your ensemble to get the perfect feminine posture you’ve been craving forever.

6. Twist Away Your Shoulders and Torso from Camera

Straight poses facing the camera might not always work. Instead, try out twisting your shoulders and torso away from the camera slightly. You will find immediate enhancement in your pictures with such a little trick.

7. Protruded and Down Chins Make You Look Photogenic

Looking up with chins aligned with the camera is an obsolete way of clicking pictures. Now, it’s time to appear photogenic by looking down and extending your chins outwards a bit. I find that it revamps most pictures almost instantaneously.

8. Bend Your Left Knee to Create the Celeb Posture

Did you ever encounter celebrity photos in sarees with bent left knees? I am sure you must have looked at such pictures for once. The ideal way to relax your body and blend with the environment is to bend your left knee slightly when appearing for a photoshoot at home.

9. Favor Lower Angle Photoshoot to Illusion Height

Straight and above-head photos never appear as impressive as the lower-angled ones. So, ask your family members or friends to crouch a bit and click your pictures from the lower angle. It will give an illusion of an elongated stature to your personality immediately. 

10. Keep Your Arms Away from Body

Standing at ease or the attention pose reflects that you are uncomfortable in sarees during a photoshoot. So, keep yourself relaxed and your arms away from the body. Try using your hands and create a natural pose. Keep them on your waist, creating a triangle with your arms. Or, play with hairs and pallu to appear natural in your home photos.

11. Shift Your Face Away from the Camera

Looking away from the camera while keeping the face straight creates an unnatural appearance. So, push your face from the camera slightly and appear more photogenic in saree pictures at home. I adhere to this point and never forget to shift my face a bit whenever facing the camera while wearing a saree.

12. Flip Your Hair on One Side

Keeping all your hair in the front at one side looks outdated. So, should you part your hair and keep it in front on both sides? Hell no! Both of these styles are no more in fashion and ruin your pictures dramatically. Instead, divide your hair and bring one part forward to the right side while keeping the other at the back. Now, that creates the most ideal look you were craving for so long.

13. A Smile Completes Your Photograph

Bland expressions and no smiles suck out life from your saree pictures. It makes you appear self-conscious and unconfident. So, gather all your happiness and put a heartfelt smile on your face when posing for a saree photoshoot at home. Also, avoid overdoing your expressions. Sometimes, trying hard to appear beautiful backfires and make you look unnatural in your saree photos.

14. Use SPF-less Makeup at Night

If you are posing at your home terrace or balcony at night in a saree, you will be encountering lights that illuminate your face. It happens more prominently when your makeup reflects the light, creating a whitish appearance on your face. Do you know why it happens? Well, it occurs because the SPF component in your makeup reflects light, making you appear unnatural during the night photoshoot. So, avoid wearing SPF-enabled makeup and powder at night to keep the illuminated appearance away and get the best results.

Top 10 Saree Poses at Home

Saree Poses at home look so beautiful when done wisely and considering all tips effectively. I have been a saree draper for so many years and experimented with different poses to appear gorgeous in pictures clicked at my home. Among all, some poses are my favorite, and I recommend you try them out whenever possible. So, let’s begin with the top 10 saree poses to try at home and appear ravishing.

1. Tilt Your Face Pose to Show Your Peppiness

The first one on our list is the “tilt your face” pose. It makes you appear way more sassy and cheerful when you tilt your face a bit during a saree photoshoot at home. Also, it adds life to your dull photos and sets the perfect happy mood in your homely pictures.

You can try tilting your face when standing against a background or sitting on a couch comfortably. Moreover, the pose is so simple and easy to remember that you can create it almost all the time yet appear unique in all photos. I have many pictures in my collection with tilted heads and carrying different sarees against various backdrops at home.

2. The Sitting Pose to Add More Royalty in Photos

Do you prefer always standing during a saree photoshoot? Let me tell you that you’re missing out on something exotic – the sitting pose. I find the sitting one to be one of the best saree poses at home. It makes you look like a queen and provides a regal and relaxed appearance to your pictures.

All you need is to get a sofa and select a good-looking background in your home. Once you figure out the setting, you can take your couch to the desired position with the help of your family members. Get some greenery around, if possible, and you’re good to go. Sit down on the sofa and relax. Keep your posture straight or lean down against the sofa’s armrest. In any way, you will appear way more gorgeous in homely photo sessions when wearing a saree and sitting on a sofa.

3. Lean Against the Wall to Portray Your Comfort in Sarees

Using your background judiciously is the first step to creating the best saree poses at home. Think about what looks modest as a backdrop and remains readily available at home. Walls, right? So, you can utilize your home walls to bring the best saree photos into reality.

All you need is to lean against the wall slightly. Also, you can keep your hands on the thighs or play with your earrings while leaning against the background. If not wall, you can also use wooden cupboards to create a mix-and-match with your saree color. The choice is yours ultimately! Either way, your photos will turn up unique and lively.

4. Keep it Natural to Let People Focus on Your Appearance

The natural setting looks beautiful with sarees. If you are a nature lover and house some plants on the balcony or terrace, then you will love this! Figure out some places having enough light and plants behind you. Also, ensure that your saree color remains light when posing with plants.

Another benefit of posing with plants is that you don’t have to work out creating dramatic poses. The natural background looks so sophisticated that you can stand still and relax to pose for your saree pictures at home.

5. Showing the Back to Create a Mysterious Appeal

Whether you have a designer or ordinary blouse, the back pose will add life to your pictures. Sarees are known to attenuate your figure, aren’t they? And, what if you can further enhance your curves in saree pictures at home? Yes, you can do that! With a back pose, the viewers’ attention shifts towards your curvaceous back, highlighting your oomph factor.

You can show your back in the saree photos by standing in front of a wall or curtain and letting the pallu flow freely. Also, when you flip your hair to the front, the back shows more prominently. And there you go! Ask your photographer or family member to click a snap with the best camera settings.

6. Mirror Reflection Pose to Create a Depth in Your Photos

Using mirrors for saree photos is trending nowadays. When you lack usable properties for your home photoshoot, mirrors become the best option for you. Large mirrors having traditional designs are ideal for mirror reflection saree pose. Or, you can try out head-to-toe mirrors as well for your photo session.

So, get the most suitable mirror for yourself and lean against it without looking at your reflection. Or, keep your hand in the mirror and look at the camera. Now, ask your camera person to click your picture at an angle that captures you and your reflection in a frame. Also, ensure that the photographer doesn’t show up to photo-bomb your session.

7. Straight Pose to Exhibit Your Confidence

A straight pose is the most simple and least-dramatic saree photo idea at home. Interestingly, most celebrities have at least one picture in the straight pose while flaunting their designer sarees. A straight pose doesn’t require any property but demands confidence to appear empty-handedly gorgeous.

Look at the camera when you are posing in the straight style. Also, keep your posture straight and your hands on the waist or however, you prefer. Keep your chin down a little and smile mysteriously. And voila! You have the ready-to-go saree pose for yourself when shooting at home.

8. Play with Pallu and Showcase Your Joyful Nature

Do you stumble at what to do with your hands when posing for photos in a saree? Well, I used to think similar as well. But, I have cracked a sure-shot formula to engage the hands and appear natural when posing for photos at home. Play with your pallu, and you can create another iconic saree pose effortlessly.

9. Bend Down Pose to Replicate Marilyn Monroe

Standing seems boring, right? I have a brilliant idea to come out of the monotony – Marilyn Monroe’s famous bend-down pose. Instead of standing rigidly, you can bend down a bit towards the front while keeping your hands on a side table. It will add some peppiness to your photograph without looking ordinary while appearing for a photoshoot at home.

10. The Relaxed Pose to Show a Calm Gesture

Sometimes, trying too hard to create a pose affects your photograph. So, I love staying relaxed when posing for saree photos. Yes, you read it right! You can stand carefree with one hand on a side table and the other on your waist or thighs. Surprisingly, many fashionistas are going gaga behind the lesser-known relaxed pose and creating a difference in their home photo sessions.

So, you covered all saree poses to try for home photoshoots. Now, you need more confidence, practice, and inner happy glow to appear iconic in pictures even when you are at home. Try out any of your most preferred poses from the above list and make your friends envy your photogenic appearance.