10 Tips to Soften Jamdani Saree

Jamdani Saree

Source of image: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Jamdani_Saree_shop_in_sonargaon.jpg

We all will agree that Jamdani sarees make the best attire for all occasions regardless of the time. Like me, you also might have several Jamdani masterpieces in your wardrobe. Did you notice their stiffness when you buy them or store them for a long time? I am sure most of you try draping the hard Jamdani sarees without treating them to softening. Not anymore! I am here to share some of the best tips on how to soften Jamdani saree? Let’s get started!

All ladies love to wear Jamdani sarees. But, draping them might get a bit challenging when the sarees are stiff and hard. So, how do you soften a Jamdani at home without damaging the fabric? Here are ten tips on how to soften Jamdani Saree.

1. Steam Ironing to Partially Remove Starch

Starch hardens Jamdani sarees. You will find loads of starch in a newly bought Jamdani saree. Consequently, you will require spending several hours de-starching them and making them wearable. However, you can steam iron Jamdani sarees to remove the starch partially. Do not forget to adjust the temperature to cotton or silk to prevent your Jamdani from burning.

2. Extract Starch by Soaking in Cold Water

You can soak a Jamdani saree in cold water to completely remove starch from the fabric. The saree will become fully soft once you take off all the starch. Just soak your Jamdani saree in cold water for 30-40 minutes. Then, take it out, squeeze extra water, rinse with running water, and steam iron the saree. Finally, you will get a soft and wearable Jamdani saree in your hand.

3. Distilled White Vinegar to Remove Starch Completely

Sometimes, cold water might not be enough to de-starch a Jamdani saree. You will require adding white vinegar to soften the fabric completely. All you need is to add half a cup of undiluted white vinegar to a cold water bucket and immerse the saree into the solution. Finally, take the saree out, drain excess water, and steam iron the saree to get a soft and shining Jamdani piece.

4. Vinegar Treatment when Washing

You can escape soaking your Jamdani saree in white vinegar. Instead, add vinegar into your laundry water when washing your Jamdani saree. The whirls and twists in the washing machine will help vinegar in working efficiently. Then, dry your saree and steam iron it to get a soft fabric effortlessly.

5. Less Detergent Wash to Soften Jamdani

Many times, a Jamdani saree comprises less starch than expected. Thankfully, you do not require spending hours treating them with vinegar and soaking them in cold water. These sarees become soft by washing them with a small amount of detergent. Once you steam iron the sarees after drying them, they will become extremely soft and fit for draping.

6. Using Dryer and Not Clothes Line

Did you ever find a de-starched Jamdani saree getting stiff after drying on a clothesline? It happens because of the hard configuration they settle into when they are hung wet. So, avoid drying your Jamdani sarees on a clothesline to omit the stiffness. You can use a dryer to keep the sarees soft and non-rigid even after washing. Finally, you can steam iron and fold them properly to retain the softness for the longest time.

7. Fabric Softener Keeps Your Jamdani Soft

I am sure you have heard a lot about fabric softeners. You can use them to keep your Jamdani sarees soft and wearable. Sometimes, the cotton Jamdani sarees get hard without starch. You can handle the situation by using a high-quality fabric softener. Wash your Jamdani saree with a small amount of detergent and squeeze it well. Now, take a tub of water and add some fabric softener into it. Soak your Jamdani saree in the solution for a while and rinse it thoroughly. Tadaa! Your Jamdani saree has become soft, healthy, and shining like the new one.

8. Soften Jamdani with Hair Conditioners

Why do we use hair conditioners? To soften our hair, simple! Surprisingly, you can use hair conditioners to soften expensive Jamdani sarees. High-quality hair conditioners can make the saree threads soft and shining without harming the garment’s beauty. Also, hair conditioners are mild and have a constructive effect on cotton and silk threads. So, these products will make your Jamdani softer and healthier, like our hair.

9. Baking Soda as Alternative to Fabric Softener

Fabric softener might not be available at all places easily. Also, some sarees have strict restrictions against fabric softener usage. Does that mean you cannot use a softener to treat a Jamdani saree? Hell no! You can collect some alternatives to fabric softeners like baking soda and solve your purpose. 

Begin with washing your Jamdani and draining excess water. Now, take a tub of water and add baking soda to it. Finally, immerse your saree into the solution and rinse it thoroughly. Remember to steam iron the garment before wearing it to get a soft and shining fabric.

10. Epsom Salt with Baking Soda for Enhanced Results

An old Jamdani saree might get tough and stubborn simultaneously. You cannot rely on baking soda to cure the saree and retain its softness. Right here, Epsom salt comes into play. A combination of Epsom salt and baking soda is ideal to soften a cotton Jamdani saree. 

All you need is to wash your saree with some detergent and cold water. While it gets washed, prepare a tub of water and add some baking soda and Epsom salt in equal proportion into it. Now, take the saree out and immerse it into the solution for some time. Finally, you will get a soft and lightweight Jamdani saree in your hands.

Now, you know everything about how to soften Jamdani saree? Ensure that you do not use too much detergent, vinegar, and fabric softener as they might damage your saree threads. Also, keep the steam iron temperature minimum to avoid burning the saree. So, what makes you wait? Treat your Jamdani sarees and soften them today!