How to Straighten Bandhani Saree?

Bandhani sarees

Coming from the heart of Rajasthan and Gujarat, Bandhani sarees reign over the Indian subcontinent. Like you, I love carrying traditional Bandhani sarees on different occasions and never stop extending my collection with new pieces. I know what you are thinking! It’s that straightening the sarees is a challenge regardless of the Bandhani beauty, right? Not anymore! I will share some secrets to stretching Bandhani sarees and make them draping-ready after cleaning. Keep reading!

You can straighten Bandhani saree by roll-pressing a silk-based saree and steam ironing a cotton-based one. Also, you can mild-iron them when they are still damp and safe-iron by placing a cotton cloth over any Bandhani saree.

Can We Iron Bandhani Saree?

Yes, you can iron a Bandhani saree! If you are an ardent Bandhani saree draper, you will realize that these fabrics are prone to wrinkling. However, you need to straighten them to look graceful. So, careful ironing remains a prevalent alternative for women owning gorgeous Bandhani sarees.

How to Straighten Bandhani Saree?

Bandhani sarees appear as expected only when they are straightened without heat damage. Being soft and delicate fabric, most ladies prefer handing these sarees over to laundry services for safe pressing. Have you ever wondered about doing it at home? Yes, you’ve read it right! You can straighten out a Bandhani saree at home without worrying about damages by the following methods.

1. Steam Iron Bandhani Sarees if They Are Cottony

Different Bandhani saree materials have various ironing requirements. When it comes to straightening a cotton-based Bandhani saree, you can try out the steam ironing method. You need to follow the below steps to steam iron a bandhani saree with ease.

  • Select a flat surface or table to iron your cottony Bandhej saree.
  • Spread a bedsheet below the table to avoid dirt accumulation on your saree.
  • Get a steam iron having some temperature adjustments.
  • You will have to proceed lengthwise, so keep a small saree section on the surface and let the remaining fabric hang freely.
  • Set your iron to a temperature ideal for cotton fabrics and begin pressing the borders. 
  • Stretch out the crinkled portions using your hands and press the fabric nicely. 
  • Repeat the process on the initial fabric for some time till the portion becomes fully straightened.
  • Push off the ironed fabric from the other side of the table and keep a small piece of non-pressed saree on the surface.
  • Repeat the above processes till completing the saree entirely.
  • Now, check for unattended crinkles and steam iron the portions to retain uniform grace in your Bandhani saree.

Precaution: Keep the temperature slightly lower than usual to avoid damage to your Bandhani sarees.

2. Roll Press Tissue-Based and Silken Bandhani Saree

Never iron your silken or tissue-based Bandhani sarees. I have many such delicate sarees in my wardrobe and prefer roll-pressing to remove damages. You can roll-press a Bandhej saree by following the below simple steps.

  • Mix one and a half tablespoons of cornstarch and two cups of water to prepare your roll-press solution.
  • Fill the solution in a spray bottle having a shower nozzle.
  • Select a flat surface or table and spread a clean sheet over it.
  • Spread another sheet below the table to prevent dirt from accumulating on the hanging saree.
  • Spray the cornstarch solution on the saree gradually.
  • Take a small piece of the fabric while keeping the remaining saree hanging away from you.
  • Now take a roll-press rod to start rolling the saree from one side to the other tightly.
  • Finally, tie the rolled saree using two strings and ensure they don’t open.
  • Keep the roll as it is for around 36-48 hours.
  • Unroll the Bandhani sarees and hang them tightly on a wire before folding them neatly.

Precaution: Roll the saree somewhat tightly for optimum outcomes. Also, never roll it too tightly as it might lead to saree tearing.

3. Mild-Ironing Cotton Bandhej Sarees When Still Damp

Many times, you might not have access to steam iron. Can’t you straighten a Bandhani saree then? Hell no! I suggest you try mild ironing the sarees when they are damp after washing. All you need is to keep the temperature lower than the prescribed one for cotton fabric. Dampness and a mild temperature ensure that your wrinkles go away while the saree stays intact.

4. Place a Cotton Cloth Over Bandhani Sarees Before Ironing

Do you fear steam ironing your Bandhani saree directly? You can go for an indirect method of placing a cotton cloth over Bandhej sarees to dodge excessive heat. Also, this method is ideal for ladies beginning to deal with and press the precious Bandhani sarees.

Set your iron to the cotton-favorable temperature. Just keep a clean cotton fabric over the wrinkled Bandhani saree surface and move your iron over the saree gradually. Finally, you will get a straight Bandhani fabric without heat damage.

What Does Roll Press Mean?

Hang on! Are you confused about the roll-pressing mentioned above? Here is what it means.

Roll press refers to the process of straightening clothes using starch. All you need is to spray some starch solution on fabrics and roll them on a rod tightly. Finally, tie the rolled cloth and let it dry for around 36-48 hours. Now, unroll and hang the fabric for the best outcomes.

How Do You Take Care of Bandhani?

After reading so many watchful Bandhani saree ironing tips, you must be worrying about maintaining them, right? Below are some tips to keep Bandhani sarees in good health for the longest time.

  • Prefer dry cleaning your Bandhani sarees over washing them like other clothes.
  • Avoid intermixing dark-colored clothes with Bandhani sarees to retain their colors.
  • Don’t twist your Bandhej sarees tightly and add wrinkles intentionally.
  • Store a Bandhani saree properly, away from sunlight and exposure to moist air.

That’s all about “how to straighten Bandhani saree?”. Being delicate and soft, you need to attend to these sarees responsibly when washing and storing them. So, what makes you wait? Debunk Bandhani saree ironing myths and enjoy their grace now!