10 Saree Types Suited for Heavier Ladies

Which saree is suitable for heavy ladies

A horde of women loves to wear sarees at different occasions or festivals. For them, no other outfit can compliment them in the best manner as a saree can. 

To stand out among other ladies at any get-together, a woman chooses the best saree for herself so that no one can take-off their eyes from her unmatched elegance in an ethnic saree. 

Being an unstitched ensemble, sarees mold on all body shapes, and excavates out the most beautiful side of a lady. Sarees become even graceful when they are draped on the most complementing figure. However, I get astonished every time I come across a chubby woman carrying her saree like the diva. 

So, which saree is suitable for heavy ladies? The lightweight and snuggling sarees like chiffon, silk, and handloom sarees are perfect for chubby women. These attires drape on your body perfectly, without looking fluffy and adding bulk into your appearance. Moreover, these flowing sarees in darker shades accentuate your figure and illusions a slim silhouette when worn tightly.

Which Type of Saree Makes You Look Thin?

If you are slightly on the heavier scale, lightweight and free-flowing sarees like chiffon, silk, and crepe sarees are your best buddies. When draping such sarees neatly, you will look even slimmer than in reality. I suggest purchasing among the following types and creating all your desired saree looks.

  1. Minimal Mysore Silk Sarees Gives You a Slim Shape

The soft Mysore silk sarees wrap around your curves gently, without appearing stout and fluffy. Adding these minimal sarees into your wardrobe will equip you with the most elegant attire for all purposes. The simple saree work and settling feature minimizes your bulk and allows adding statement jewelry to drift away from the attention from your body.

  1. Kanjivaram Silk Sarees with Heavy Detailing Suppresses Your Bulkiness

Who can turn away from the charming Kanjivaram silk sarees! You would be glad to know that Kanjivaram silk sarees are your thing if you belong to the chubbier side. Kanjivaram sarees have dual roles in making you appear slim. Kanjivaram silk settles on your curves snuggly while the heavy detailing drives away the eyeballs from your chubbiness effectively. Altogether, you will appear a lot sleeker in Kanjivaram sarees than in reality.

  1. Chanderi Silk Sarees’ Non-Uniformity Gives You a Slim Look

Chanderi sarees allow draping the garment tightly around your body, making it one of the best sarees for heavier ladies. These are light with some weight near the base. Such a non-uniform distribution keeps the pleats in place and safeguards your tight draping for a long time. So, it maintains your slim appearance throughout the event as long as you are wearing the saree. 

  1. Kota Silk Sarees with Simple Designs Balances Your Chubbiness

Kota silk sarees are simply-designed and flowy fabrics. These sarees are the best match for bulky ladies due to being minimally designed, preventing you from appearing voluminous and stout. Loud designs and stiff materials make you appear puffy, whereas Kota silk sarees keep away all these unwanted effects.

  1. Plain Tussar Silk Sarees Cancels Out Your Weight

The natural colors and silky flexibility make Tussar silk sarees a minimizing option for the chubby ladies. Away from large and bold prints, these sarees boast a simple design across their lengths. The minimal sarees and your bulky areas balance out, leaving a sleek appearance on the outside.

  1. Style the Lightweight Georgette Saree to Look Slim

There are two benefits to choosing georgette sarees for chubby women. Georgette is a lightweight, non-stiff, and soft fabric which settles on the curves effortlessly. 

On the other hand, georgette sarees are simple and complement a wide variety of styling. So, georgette sarees provide you with massive accessorizing opportunities, allowing you to deviate the focus from your heavy areas.

  1. Vertical-Striped and Small-Printed Cotton Sarees Are Ideal To Appear Slim

Some chubby ladies have the notion that cotton sarees are not their thing. Well, let me clarify! You will look ravishing in all sarees including the cotton ones. All you need is to get a bit selective while picking a cotton saree for yourself. Choose vertical-striped and small-printed cotton sarees, and wear them tightly by securing them with safety pins. Nothing will look as beautiful as such a cotton saree on your figure.

  1. Basic Crepe Sarees Aids in Getting a Toned Shape

Crepe sarees are almost similar to silk sarees. Although all of them snuggle your figure, giving a slim appearance, you can further tone down your bulkiness with wise selection. Choose the minimally designed ones with small prints and sparse patterns. Such a choice will mute your chubbiness, providing a sleeker appeal.

  1. Small-Printed Kanchi Cotton Sarees are Comfortable and Allow Looking Slim

The Kanchi cotton sarees are a suitable option for all heavier ladies. You should filter out the entire range and choose only those pieces having small and uniformly-distributed prints. Picking such a saree will distribute your weight throughout the body and make you look thinner. 

Also, choose the dark-shaded Kanchi cotton sarees. The dark colors will drive attention from the bulky sections to the slimmer parts of your body. Colors like maroon, black, and brown will even blur your outline in dim light, creating a thin appearance further.

  1. Net Sarees Flow to Highlight Your Curves and Slimness

Do you want to try something different from silk and cotton sarees? Try out net sarees, and you would not regret your decision. Since the net fabric is lightweight and flexible, net sarees flow along your natural bodyline, giving you a slimmer appearance. Unlike stiff sarees (like starched cotton), net sarees don’t generate unnatural bulk in any area of your body.

How Can I Look Slim in Kanjivaram Saree?

Kanjivaram sarees are already the best option for chubby ladies. However, if you choose a dark-colored Kanjivaram saree with the gorgeous pallu Karigari, you will appear even slim and fit in your attire. The dark colors will hide your bulky parts and highlight the lighter areas. 

So, wearing a Kanjivaram in dark hues or monochrome will diminish your body edges, especially under low lights, making you appear more slim and tall than you are actually.  If you select an intricately detailed Kanjivaram saree, it will drive attention away from bulky parts to the toned ones, making you appear in the ideal shape.

How Can I Hide My Belly Fat with Saree?

Some thickness near the belly might distort your overall saree appearance. However, you can conceal all your belly fat when wearing a saree cleverly. Below listed are a few tips that you can try to cover your belly fat.

Tips to look slim in a saree

  • Opt for a longer blouse that can cover your waist and problem areas.
  • Before draping a saree, wear mermaid shapewear underneath your attire for toning down your abdomen. 
  • Wrap your saree slightly above the navel to hide your belly fat beneath the saree. 
  • A pleated pallu can expose your belly fat many times. So, try draping your saree in the open-pallu style and hide away all your tummy fat effectively.
  • You can even try wearing contrast colors of a blouse with a saree as this will create a dramatic effect.

When women reach thirty or forty, they become curvier as compared to their youth days. So, this article is basically for all those ladies who wish to look slimmer in a saree. Grab any of the styling techniques to get that perfect look in a saree.

Regardless of your physical structure, remember that you are the prettiest lady ever on the planet. Apart from the above sarees, you can wear almost anything that pleasures your heart. All you require is creativity, lots of confidence, and self-satisfaction to slay all saree looks effortlessly.