The Best 14 Types of Silk Sarees

Which type of silk saree is best

Silk sarees are some of the finest sarees you can use for any kind of occasion. Regardless if you are going for a casual look, a traditional style, or a formal outfit, there are plenty of different silk sarees you can choose from. And that is why we have lined up the 14 types of silk sarees that you can pick depending on the style you are going after. So which type of silk saree is best?

  1. Shilpa Reddy Yellow Stripes Silk Saree

If you are a fan of yellow or gold, then you would love the Shilpa Reddy Yellow Stripes Silk Saree. It comes in a mustard color that looks simply elegant especially if you are going for a gold motif for your entire outfit. You can easily pair it with a yellow blouse or petticoat or perhaps go for any other inner outfit that is close to the color gold. Black can even be a good option when you want to pair something with this silk saree.

The simplicity of this mustard color silk saree is what allows it to stand out on its own simply because of how it can bring out the best in some of your accessories. You can adorn yourself with a gold necklace that easily goes well with this saree but you can still wear it without accessorizing if you want the simple elegance of this saree to stand out on its own.

  1. White Navy Blue Kanjeevaram Silk Saree

Blue has always been a good color for whenever you want to stand out and look like royalty. In that regard, this White Navy Blue Kanjeevaram Silk Saree can easily make you look royal in your own right because of its elegant navy blue color with a bit of white to match the entire ensemble. It even comes with a royal-looking gold print that is simply great for those who are looking for a stylish and elegant silk saree for formal events.

You can pair this silk saree with a navy blue inner blouse or petticoat or you can also use white or gold innerwear to truly live up to the royalty look you are going for. Complete this look by wearing your best gold jewelry but don’t try to overly accessorize your outfit or else no one will end up noticing the beauty of this silk saree if you have too many pieces of gold on your body.

  1. Silver Christian Bridal Saree

For those who are attending Christian weddings or are the brides themselves in that Christian wedding, this Silver Christian Bridal Saree is a great look you may want to go for because of how simple, elegant, and modern it looks. Considering how Christian-themed weddings would like to go for simple monochromatic themes, the silver color this silk saree comes with perfectly matches a good Christian wedding while still keeping in touch with classic Indian tradition.

Despite the lack of different designs on the saree itself, it tends to stand out on its own due to the sheer elegance of the glistening silver silk fabric. It would be best to match this saree with grey innerwear if you want to stay true to the silver theme it comes with or you can go in other colors that don’t tend to clash with its silver color. Of course, it would be better to wear silver jewelry instead of gold when you are in this silk saree.

  1. Pastel Kanjeevaram Wedding Saree

A lot of different weddings and formal events are now going for the pastel-colored theme. After all, pastel has always had a unique appeal to it due to how simple and comforting it is when you look at pastel colors. In that regard, you can go for the Pastel Kanjeevaram Wedding Saree if you are looking for a silk saree that matches the pastel theme of a wedding or a formal event. It is an elegant and stylish rose pastel silk saree that is seemingly warm and comfortable to look at.

Even without accessorizing so much, this pastel silk saree would stand out on its own especially if you are after a minimalist look that shouldn’t even have a ton of accessories. You can complete the minimalist theme by going for simple light-colored innerwear such as white or also rose. However, you can still accessorize with a simple gold necklace that shouldn’t be too big to the point that it will attract all of the attention towards it.

  1. Pure Kanchipuram White Silk Saree

When you want to look great, you can never ever go wrong with white. That’s why this Pure Kanchipuram White Silk Saree is a good silk saree for you to choose regardless of what kind of event you are going to or what theme you want to achieve. A white silk saree can also be good for any kind of event regardless of whether it is a wedding or a more casual event you are attending.

If you are looking for any kind of innerwear or accessory to match with your white saree, you have an entire wardrobe to choose from because white pretty much goes well with any color or any accessory. However, the one thing you should watch out for when you are wearing this saree is that any kind of innerwear or accessory would easily overshadow it. That is why you might not want to overly accessorize yourself or to use striking colors for your innerwear if you don’t want your saree to go unnoticed.

  1. Purple and Gold Kanjivaram Silk Saree

Nothing speaks tradition like a saree that has strikingly elegant colors that go well with one another. In that case, this Purple and Gold Kanjivaram Silk Saree is a good addition to any collection especially if you are not looking to go monochromatic with your outfit. It is predominantly purple with gold borders that allow the purple colors to stand out without the gold borders actually overshadowing it. This makes it a good silk saree to use if you want to look regal.

When it comes to looking for outfits that look good with this saree, you can wear something that is similar to its colors such as a purples blouse or petticoat. Try not to wear something gold inside because of how it will blend together with the borders. Instead, you can accessorize your gold earrings and necklaces that look good with the gold borders of this saree. But you can also go with the classic black innerwear if you want.

  1. Colorful Silk Saree

While monochromatic sarees that are minimalistic and simple in nature tend to be popular nowadays, there is still room for colorful sarees that come with all those different colors that tend to blend well together. This saree might not be the simplest to look at but it does give you a festive vibe that makes it a great option for colorful festivals and for times when you just want people to see you as someone exuding vibrance. It’s a happy saree that can make any person’s day bright.

Just like how this saree comes in different colors, you should try to wear a blouse or a petticoat that actually goes well with the green, purple, and gold colors that this saree comes with. Try not to go with innerwear that clashes with any of the colors. You can even choose something similar to one of the colors on the saree so that you can make it look like your innerwear blends perfectly with the color motif of your silk saree.

  1. Red and Vibrant Orange Banarasi Silk Saree

Banarasi sarees are saris that are made in the ancient city of Varanasi. These sarees are some of the finest and most popular in all of India, and there is a good reason for that. Most of these sarees usually come in colors that are golden and silver. And while this saree isn’t gold as it comes in a red and orange color, the vibrance of its orange color makes it look like you are adorned with gold.

If you want to stand out and look at your finest, you should very well try this Red and Vibrant Orange Banarasi Silk Saree, which is going to be a perfect saree to wear for weddings and other traditional formal events. Wearing orange or bright red innerwear would be a good idea for this saree. However, even though Banarasi silk sarees are known for their gold colors, it might not be a good idea for you to wear gold jewelry because of how it might not get noticed with how vibrant this saree is. That’s why you might want to go with silver instead.

  1. Light Green Pure Kanjivaram Silk Saree

Wearing a light green saree isn’t quite easy because it can be a bit difficult to wear something that goes well with it. However, there is really just something special about this Light Green Pure Kanjivaram Silk Saree that makes it captivating to the eyes and easy to pair with a good light-colored innerwear. This saree comes with the same kind of green that you see in an avocado. As such, you are going to look light, vibrant, and refreshingly sweet to look at.

If you want to find something good to pair with this light green silk saree, it might be a good idea to go with a pastel green-colored blouse or petticoat to match how light the green on this saree is. Of course, you can also opt to wear white instead but it might be a good idea to go with something that blends well with the avocado green color that this silk saree comes with. Just don’t go with purple innerwear if you don’t want to literally look like an avocado.

  1. Red Chanderi Silk Saree

Red is also a staple color for any kind of wardrobe because of how classy and luxurious this color is especially when it comes to silk. That’s why going for this Red Chanderi Silk Saree is a great way for you to look fashionable and classy at the same time. The red color that it comes with glistens thanks to the silk fabric it is made of. This is what makes this red silk saree so alluring to look at especially if you are attending an evening event.

When wearing this red silk saree, it is best to make the saree stand out and make a statement because of how captivating it is. You don’t want to wear a blouse or a petticoat with a color that clashes with the saree or else you’d end up making people wonder what to look at. As such, it might be good to go with black innerwear or something that is similar to the red color of this saree but not as strikingly alluring to look at so that the saree is allowed to stand out.

  1. Rose Silk Saree

Minimalist looks are all about looking as simple as possible and looking at your best by going with something that doesn’t have a lot of different designs. This Rose Silk Saree is perfect for those who are after a minimalistic look because of how it doesn’t come with a lot of flairs but it still looks elegant and as it is easy on the eyes. Going with a rose-colored saree should be a good idea if you want to go for a pastel-themed outfit that looks warm and comforting.

If you want to find something that goes well with this rose-colored silk saree, it is best to wear something that blends well with its warm color. You may want to avoid bright and vibrant innerwear and jewelry but you can still wear a gold necklace if you want. Try to go for pastel innerwear that would not overshadow the rose saree. But don’t go for anything that’s too dark or too vibrant or else it would end up clashing with the saree’s color.

  1. Yellow and Black Kanjivaram Silk Saree

If there is something that goes really well with black, it’s a vibrant gold color that makes you look like a dark night adorned with plenty of different stars shining in the sky. That’s why this Yellow and Black Kanjivaram Silk Saree is an amazing saree that easily makes you look elegant and luxurious as the black borders make the bright yellow color stand out even more. This saree is going to be perfect for evening events.

For those wondering what to wear with this saree, we suggest that you go with black innerwear so that you can highlight the vibrant yellow color of the saree even more. However, you can still go with something that is yellowish or gold in color if you want to really stand out. It is best to also wear gold jewelry pieces that will ultimately go well with the bright yellow colors and the darkness of the black that you are wearing.

  1. Plain Gold Silk Saree

Nothing beats looking simple when you are wearing a saree. It might not be the traditional way but minimalism has been making waves today, and one of the ways you can stay classy without breaking away from your minimalistic approach is by wearing this Plain Gold Silk Saree. This silk saree is as plain as any saree can be as it has nothing but its golden color to make it stand out and look luxurious.

In that case, when you are wearing this saree, it is best to go with a minimalistic approach as well by wearing a plain black blouse or petticoat underneath the silk saree. Let your beauty and your saree stand out and shine in simplicity instead of letting all of the many details and accessories ruin your minimalistic look. However, you can go with a different color if you want but make sure that it doesn’t clash with gold, Also, you can wear gold accessories but don’t overdo it if you want to look simple and minimalistic.

  1. Black Silk Saree With Gold Borders and Gold Flowers

At the end of the day, nothing beats the elegance and beauty of a black silk saree that glistens like the night sky thanks to the silk fabric. That’s why we love this Black Silk Saree. It isn’t a black silk saree because it comes with gold borders and gold flower designs strategically placed all over it so that it stays true to the black motif without allowing the gold flowers to take up a lot of space and attention.

Black isn’t entirely difficult to pair with other colors but it might be best to stay true to the motif that this black and gold silk saree comes with by wearing a black blouse or petticoat under it. As such, you will allow the black innerwear to blend well together with the black saree with only the gold borders separating them. This makes you look simple yet luxurious, elegant, and so refined.