Top Things to look when buying a saree

Saree Shops

Saree is a perfect choice when you want a blend of chic and casual to get that sophisticated look. Traditional Indian apparel enhances your beauty, making you feel good on the inside. How do you buy that perfect saree? What to look when buying a saree? We have listed the top things you should keep in mind while making your purchase. Whether it’s your mom’s priceless advice, or a fashion blogger giving tips, we have covered it all.

The things to look while buying a saree are occasion for the saree, quality, color contrast, fit based on your body type, silk quality mark. If buying online, check for verified stores, quality, compare prices, and avail discount coupons. 

Choose a fabric that is comfortable and stylish. You don’t want to look uncomfortable wearing a stunning saree. You can go for heavy traditional saree, printed ones, or light-weight modern sarees. The most important part is that the saree should reflect your personality and choice. A loud and bold look won’t suit someone with a simple, cultured personality.

Based on the Saree Type

Every woman has a specific fabric or a pattern that makes her look elegant and glamorous. It depends on fabric quality, color, pattern, draping style, and such.

Kanjeevaram Saree

If you’re into traditional attires, Kanjeevaram might be a perfect pick for you. It is a heavy material silk saree with broad fancy borders and contrasting colors. You can feel the density when you take the fabric in your hand. A thick weave signifies a high-quality Kanjeevaram saree. Pay attention to the pallu designs or borders. It adds to the complete look.

Zari Work

Do you love sarees with Zari work? While buying such sarees, check for the golden color of the designs. You might find the saree to be appealing, but the zari work can have an uneven shade of Gold. Opt for zari work which has a color similar to Gold. Only then will your jewelry go with the outfit.

Wedding Saree

In case you need a saree for your wedding, check for the borders and pattern. You can try tiny Floral Motifs or go for a plain border. Minimal yet elegant designs work best for such occasions. The saree should go with your body type. Chiffon, Georgette, and Crepe are light-weight fabrics that are easy to carry, whereas Cotton and Silk would give you a puffy, heavy look.

Check for Silk Mark

To ensure that you’re buying premium quality Silk material, Ask for Silk Mark. Every verified brand carries that. You need to differentiate between fake and authentic material. You might miss out on such tiny details while shopping from a local store but you can always ask around and trust the sellers.

How to buy a Saree Online?

When selecting a saree online, you need to check the garment from every aspect. The first thing is to see the dimensions. Ensure that it matches your body shape and size. If you’re having broad shoulders, you should go for Chiffon, Georgette, or Chignon. Avoid sarees that are very thick or made from Crepe. Women with a short height can go for sarees that have a narrow border or no borders to look taller.

Verified Stores

When buying a saree online, go to a verified or popular store. Purchase from websites that have trusted testimonials. While no seller can guarantee the best quality online, making your buy from a verified source would reduce any kind of risk. If you are not satisfied with the garment quality, you can return the product and get your money back.

Check for pricing

There are many online stores that you can trust for making your purchase. The next step is to compare prices on different websites. Get a high-quality saree at the best price. Identify which websites are selling at a higher price and a lower price. Get your saree from the best store at an affordable price.

Apply Discounts and Coupon codes

Discounts and coupons help you save money and get the saree at a lower price. Online stores offer discounts or free shipping on your first offer. If you use a specific payment mode, you can avail of coupons and rewards. This varies for different stores depending on its policies. On special occasions or national festivals, there are heavy discounts for you! Grab them to save huge on your online orders.

Try and Buy Facility

One of the best things about online shopping is the Try and Buy option. While all websites do not provide this facility, some like Myntra do. You can order any saree you like. The product will reach your home. Try the saree and see if it suits you. Only pay if you like the saree or else return the product. Isn’t that amazing?

Be careful with Payment

If you’re buying from a popular store, you don’t have to worry. You can try online payment modes like a credit card, debit card, UPI, gift cards, and such. But, if you are ordering a saree for the first time from a new website, it’s best to go forCash on delivery. Pay only after getting the product. With COD, you might have to pay extra shipping costs but it’s better to be safe in such instances.

Check for Customer care beforehand

Before placing an order on an online store, contact customer service. Check if they’re responsive and quick at solving your queries. You don’t want to purchase from a website where you are unable to contact customer support or get any proper solution for your complaints.

Top things for what to look at when buying a saree

  • Heavy body type – Chiffon, Georgette, or Silk.
  • Short height – Narrow or small borders.
  • Thin body type – Organza, Silk tissue, or Cotton.
  • Dark-skinned – Colors like Maroon, dark Pink, or Green.
  • Tall height – Big or broader borders.

Styling the Saree

Purchasing an elegant saree won’t magically give you that beautiful look you have in mind. You need to follow the right draping styles that match your preferences, body type, and size. There are various traditional draping styles that you can follow. 

Athpourey from Bengal, Nauvari from Maharashtra, and Kapullu from Andhra Pradesh are a few popular styles. The styles differ from draping left to right or going for broader box pleats. Find your own unique style which makes you look beautiful on the outside and gives you that comfy, feel-good vibes on the inside.


What to look for when buying a saree? We have answered all the major concerns about your saree purchase. In short, you should select a saree that adds to your personality,i.e., loud colors for bold women or softer shades for sophisticated women. Match it with the trending styles going on right now. Ensure that you select a good-quality comfy fabric that’s original. Ask for the quality assurance mark.

For online orders, you can check out some of the largest Indian ethnic stores which provide you with premium quality fabrics at an affordable price. If the product quality doesn’t please you, you can always get your money back on product return. Keep the saree tag, packaging, and bill intact for this. 

While going for online payment gateways, don’t trust every new website. Go for COD if you’re buying online for the first time. Following these tips would ensure that you get your perfect dream saree look at the best price!