Tips To Carry Your Saree With Elegance

Elegant sarees with different colors

Saree is one of the most elegant outfits worn by women globally. There are different sarees that match your height, personality and mood. The beauty of this garment exits in its colours, patterns,  charm, weave and draping styles. You can wear your favourite saree in 10 different styles when you bring it out of the closet. This can be overwhelming but once you find your favourite styles you’ll be ready to flaunt them in no time.

If you’re wondering how to carry a saree elegantly, the key to flaunting your saree is following the right draping style. Your saree can be a designer and really have that edge, but it won’t suit you unless you drape it right. Carrying the saree gracefully is an art that you can learn by using the right draping techniques.

How to drape a saree?


Before going into a detailed set of draping saree in different styles, let’s help you understand the basics of draping a saree the right way. This is very important to carry a saree elegantly. Sarees come in various textures and energizing tones. You can go with a customary saree for a proper occasion or wear a designer saree for a trendy saree look. The vibe of your saree relies upon the sort of occasion you need to join in and the decision of texture.

You can likewise make a beautiful and in-vogue look with the correct sort of extras. Follow these simple steps to get that perfect look.

  1. Wearing the saree properly starts withholding it at your waist length. The inner edge of the top edge should be at the back.
  1. The key is tucking the saree in the right place at the edges. You need to tuck the saree’s inner edge at the front part, under the petticoat.
  1. The next step to drape a saree is bringing the saree in the front and wrapping it, i.e., front wrap.
  1. Once you wrap the saree at the front, you need to do the same at the backside. Wrap the saree around your back. Maintain the same height as in the front.
  1. We come back to tucking. Start from the beginning to the tucked part of the saree and create 5inch pleats. Even while holding the pleats up, make sure they are straight.
  1. Next, you need to Tuck all the pleats together on the waist, below the navel. Ensure that all the pleats are towards the left side.
  1. The left shoulder will be for draping the pallu. Use a safety pin to pin the pallu to your blouse so that it does not slip off.

Picking a blouse that supplements your saree can without much of a stretch be viewed as probably the best tip to enhance your look. You can pick a similar shade of saree for the blouse or go for delicate shadings that coordinate the shade of the saree.

And you’re done. Now, draping a saree in a normal way wasn’t that hard, was it? If the process still confuses you, give it some time. You will learn to drape sarees perfectly with practice, time and patience.

Tips to drape your saree the right way


To get that elegant look, you need to ensure that everything matches with your saree. Every movie needs a team to make it a hit. So does your saree. Following are some tips and hacks which will help you slay your attire.

Finding the right Lingerie

The type of blouses you wear decides the lingerie you’ll be wearing. If you are going for a backless blouse, a T-shirt bra won’t work for you. You will need a strapless or convertible bra. So, depending on your blouse you can choose from an underwire T-shirt bra, a backless strapless bra or stick-on bra cups. Don’t go for dark lingerie colours if you wear a bright coloured blouse.

Blouse fittings


The blouse is one of the most crucial aspects for carrying your saree gracefully. Your blouse length should not be too long. Tailor-made blouses fit well but if you are getting a ready-made blouse, get it fitted. You can go for some unique back styles that give a stylish look to the overall outfit.

The sleeves of your blouse and its neck can assume a significant part in making the most from your saree wrap truly! Wear quarter-length sleeves and a marginally higher neck if in the event that you need the outline to be slimmer and more fit to causing you to seem slimmer. Note the decision of a couple of bits of embellishments, the print of the saree and the haircut.

There is no demonstration of the waist or the shirt by the same token. The pallu has been stuck at the shoulder yet not very high to make it look excessively formal.

Carrying the saree length


There is no right or wrong when it comes to the saree length. It depends on your height, but make sure that the saree is just a few inches above the ground level. You don’t need to keep it so high that your footwear is clearly visible. You can wear your heels first and then drape the saree. This will give you an exact idea of the length you need to keep from the ground level.

The perfect pleats

If you want to know – How do I look elegant in a saree, the answer lies with the pleats and pallu. To hold the saree in the proper place for a longer period, the pleats need to be perfect. Try tucking at least 3-4 pleats on the waist. This will help you to walk in a saree comfortably. Ensure that all the pleats are aligned properly and no pleats are visible at the lower hemline. When pleating the pallu, you need the pleats to have the same size at the end. The falling pallu should not have criss-cross pleats at the end.

Indeed, they matter, while pins matter a great deal it is significant that one picks the size that doesn’t show or point through the texture. Remember that, particularly on the off chance that you are wearing gentler lighter textures like chiffon or Chinon.

The fall is important too


We don’t realize it but the fabric (3-inch length) stitched to the lower hem of the saree. It keeps the saree weighing down so that the pleats do not fly. This means you need to look for a good quality saree fall as it plays a major role in making your saree give that elegant look. When you have a thin saree fabric like Georgette or Chiffon, you need to go for a cotton fall that’s heavier than the saree. Always try to get the fall attached through hemming, for a more finished look.

Sure don’t we as a whole fall for their excellence, yet here I’m recommending the long length of fabric we append to the internal part of the lower fringe. All things considered, truly if the saree is extremely substantial, having a vigorously done outskirt a fall may not be vital, however is even more essential if the saree is exceptionally light.

Tucking perfectly

Tucking it the right way takes practice and patience. When you are draping the saree around your waist, 3/4th should be tucked away to the waist. We don’t want the petticoat hemline to be visible under the saree. The pleats should be tucked in such a matter that it creates a circular pattern. You can use a safety pin to pin your pleats on the waist and the pallu on your shoulder for the saree to stay in place.

It’s the decision of the saree as well as where you will type it at the waist which matters. So what should be the ideal spot to tie the saree? Indeed, specialists state that regardless of whether you have a 24-inch waist with no stomach cushions to stress over, it is in every case better to keep it an inch underneath the navel and now any lower.

Carry it with Grace

The key to look elegant is being confident in what you wear. Even if you don’t have a habit of wearing a saree, you need to carry the outfit with equal grace. If you are not confident with what you wear, it would be clearly visible. So even if you have a designer saree, the lack of confidence will bring down your overall look.

Maintain the posture


When you’re wearing a saree, it’s important that you maintain the right posture. Stand tall and upright to get that elegant look. If you arch your back or walk lousy, it would be visible and have a negative impact on your attire.

Accessorize it!

We all know the importance of accessorizing the outfit but often choose the wrong accessories or don’t wear them at all. Wearing a lot of accessories or wearing none; both things should be avoided. You need to add accessories just in the right proposition that adds to your saree look. Don’t go for a bag if it’s too heavy. Besides, select a hairstyle that fits the season. Avoid leaving long hair loose during Summers as it may make you feel more uncomfortable in the saree.

Unique ways to wear your saree

This is especially for the women who are tired of draping the saree in the same old boring manner. How can I look elegant in a saree? If this is what you’re thinking, the following listed styles are for you. They are a mix of fashion, ethnicity, culture and quirky styles that will fit you for every occasion. You can always integrate them and create a blend that suits you and makes you feel comfortable yet stylish.

Double Pallu

This saree style is in the hots right now. The Double Pallu look is worn by celebrities as well. You can see stars like Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone flaunting this saree style. As the name suggests, one pallu is never enough. When you have a majestic saree, you need to go extra with it. Adding two pallus will give it a unique and interesting look.

So, how do you do it? Drape the first half of your saree in a similar old pattern where you make pleats and pin it to the waist. When you go for the pallus, you just need to cover both your shoulders with two different pallus. This gives you an elegant look.

Pallus of all nets and chiffons look best when they are permitted to fall unreservedly from the shoulder. Make sure to keep the look delicate by picking the correct kind of frill and a blouse.

Butterfly Style

In case you’re curvy, the butterfly saree hanging style would be an astonishing pick. This style would be additionally commended in the event that you pick a silky texture that could characterize your creases like the radiant wings of a butterfly. In this style, the front pallu does a large portion of the wizardry.

This is an elegant style that makes you look slimmer in a saree. There’s just a little effort involved to get that butterfly look. You need to add extra thin folds to the pallu. Pin it on your shoulders. The rest of the saree has to be draped normally. Ensure that the pellets are really thin. This is a simple look but also adds charm.

Mermaid Style

This style to drape your saree is trending right now. Many celebrities wear this look to award functions and other ceremonies. This looks a little complex but once you do it right, it just looks mesmerizing. The draping starts on the lower parts of the pleats, giving that mermaid look. You just need to do little tucks and folds.

Extreme Shoulder Pallu

This look is for all the ladies who want to go extra and have that fashionista look. All you need to do is bring the pallu towards the part of the shoulder where you want to pin it. Pull the pleats near the shoulders in such a manner that it leaves the pleats in the front in a loose manner. You can wear such styles to a cocktail party or any other modern wedding. Try this look with chiffon or Georgette and it will turn out beautifully.

Fish Cut Saree Style

The fish cut style saree is particularly significant due to its slip. This slip is fitted at the waist and flares at the base, which features your shape. As you may have just speculated, the slip captures everyone’s attention.

You could pick textures for the underskirt(petticoat) from glossy silk, silk and cotton. With a movable drawstring and no additional decorations at the underskirt. This is the reason the fish cut style will make you resemble a pretty mermaid in your appealing chiffon saree.

Neck Drape style

This style is a unique one and probably won’t suit everyone. It’s an experimental one, so you need to try it out and find if it suits you.  You need to wrap your neck with the pallu like it’s a scarf.  To get this look, you need to keep the height of the pallu longer than usual. You can try different scarf styles instead of wrapping it normally around your neck to add some more chic looks.

Mumtaz Style

If you’re looking for a retro theme to go back in time, you should check out the Mumtaz style of draping a saree. It is inspired by Mumtaz’s draping style. The key is layering your saree the proper way. Tuck the inner edge into the waistband to the right side of the navel. Keep the pallu upto 2.5 m long. Take the pallu from the left behind and bring it forward through right. Drape the pallu over your left shoulder and voila, you’re done! Go for this look if you are confident to flaunt Mumtaz’s saree style.

Pant Style

The Pant style saree is super-chic, modern and looks elegant. You can wear it to weddings and other special occasions. This trend is becoming wildly popular. There are different types of pant styles sarees. You can choose to style your blouse as per the cut of the pants. It is advised to get the pleats stitched before-hand to avoid any kind of last moment troubles.  Opt for comfortable heels that go with the pant-style saree for an added chic look. You can use safety pins to manage the saree.


Now you must have all your answers for, ‘How do I look elegant in a saree?’ Saree is one of the most majestic attires if you know how to flaunt it. We have listed some amazing draping styles which you can try out. It’s time you ditch the old draping ways. Every style gives a different look to your personality. You just need to find the style which fits you best and slay them all.