17 Tips to Look Hot in a Saree

How to look hot in a saree

One of the amazing ways to bring out the glam factor in any woman is wearing a saree. Saree can make any lady look hot with the most beautiful avatar to make everyone around them spellbound. If you think you can’t look hot in a saree, then you’re wrong. This article is for you.

Today, we give you the most excellent tips to stand out in this type of Indian wear. Let’s break away from cliches and try something fresh! Read on.

1. Go for a Perfect Hairdo and Makeup

Start from the top!

A perfect hairstyle and harmonizing colors in makeup make lots of difference when accentuating your look. You can pick from different hairstyles, but you can give curls to your hair if you want to look hot in a saree,

Make sure to use the right colors on your makeup, colors that complement your skin color and the saree. You can use bright colors of eye shadows and lip liners that match your saree. Smokey eye makeup, matching mascara, and eyeliners are best for glamorous sarees.

However, if you’re wearing a black saree, keep your makeup mild and minimal. You can opt for mild golden, silver, or light brown colored makeup. 

2. Consider the Fabric

The first rule of looking hot is to ensure you wear a fabric that suits and flatters your body type. If you go for a poor fabric choice, it might make you look wider or shorter than you are. Materials such as cotton silk and tussar silk can put on a few kilos to your look. Also, avoid stiff materials.

On the other hand, lightweight fabrics such as nylon, crepe, chiffon, and neoprene can make you look slimmer and hotter.

3. Choose a Saree with the Correct Colors

It is not new that your saree’s correct color blend brings about the alluring charm you need to look hot. If you want to look hotter, you must try fancier colors such as neon, yellow, fuchsia, and blue. You can even shelve your reds and pinks go glamorous girl style with more experimental colors such as pastels, mints, olives, and navy.

4. Get the Right Fit

Finding the right garment that fits you properly is the key to looking amazing in your outfit. This doesn’t mean that you should now go for something too tight. No! The saree should not be too tight or too loose. Make sure the saree hangs at the right places, accentuating your carve and beautifying your figure.

You can never unleash your charming good looks if you keep on wearing oversize or overlapping sarees. You need to get the right fit!

5. Try to Wear a Red Color Saree

Designers believe that red is the color of love and passion, and it attracts anyone quickly. If you want to look hot and sexy in a saree, try a pure plain silk saree. The saree will illuminate your beauty and make everybody go crazy about you.

You can also complement your look with a red bindi and red lipstick. The blend will enhance your silk saree’s charm and make you look stylish, and add a feminine touch to the looks.

6. Add some Glitter to Your Saree

Adding glitter to your saree is a sure way of creating a glamorous look promptly. If you add metallic glitter to your saree, it will improve accents and emphasize everything you wear, ensuring that all eyes are on you. The metallic glitter will make the saree stand out and give it a glittery twist, making you look even hotter. 

7. Try Sheer Saree

Nothing adds a whiff of sexiness to your outfits than a perfect sheer. Sheer saree is a great trend and style to try because it’s the right mix of appeal and comfort. You can opt for sheer sleeves, sheer back, or a sheer neckline with minimal embroidery.

Secondly, sheer sarees are lightweight. Therefore, if you go for a sheer saree, it will provide you with the necessary latitude to portray confidence as you enhance your beauty.

8. Wear Blouse with Sexier Designs

Another sure way to make your look glamorous in a saree is to choose sexy blouse designs. Please don’t go for mundane blouse designs because they might ruin your look. Rather, choose backless patterns, halter neck, cut neck, laced blouse, velvet, and embroidery blouse.

Pinterest has several beautiful blouses with sexier back designs to elevate your beauty.

9. Be Creative with Your Blouse

Fashionistas agree that wearing a blouse is the most important part of your saree that takes all the attention. Besides wearing a blouse with sexier designs, you can also play with the blouse in different forms. And so, if you’d like to look hot, you must know how to be creative with your blouse. Get a little creative and opt for various styles that will make you look like a Bollywood star. You can choose from the following style.

  • Bikini style blouse
  • Spaghetti strap blouse
  • Knotted blouse
  • Wide neck or boat neck style

10. Choose Your Saree’s Prints Right.

This is the time to defy the already set diktats and embrace the unconventional move in the world of saree fashion. Print saree is the way to go. These are sarees with several different designs, such as animal prints, hazy psychedelic prints, geometry, and stripes. These sarees’ designs will not only enhance your looks but capture the attention of everybody you meet.

11. Pick Right Accessories

There’s no other perfect way for a lady to look hot in a saree than to accessorize it with perfect accessories. There’re so many accessories a woman can adorn herself with, but not all accessories will bring out the charming look of your beauty.

If you are wearing a chiffon or net saree, keep your accessories elegant and mild. You can go for small-sized trendy handbags or a purse. Further, pick trendy danglers and neckpieces that are equally glamorous and unconventional. For your footwear, high heels are the best to go for with the trendy saree.

Try out these accessories for your saree.

12. Wrap Your Saree in Style

Your saree will leave a major impact on the way you wrap or pleat it. Wrapping your saree slightly below your navel will enhance your charm. When wearing your saree, keep the saree’s length well enough to cover your ankles without rolling on the floor. Keep your pallu on your shoulders neatly so that it doesn’t look creased. 

Remember, it’s the pleat that makes the saree super attractive, and the way you wrap it makes your curve look beautiful.

13. Drape Your Saree in an unique way

A pair of saree can be draped in two common ways to give you a glamorous and attractive look. These are the lehenga style and the pant style drape. To look hotter than Bollywood celebrities, you must always drape your saree from the belly. This way, you’ll show off and enhance your curves.

Draping a saree can totally change the whole look. After all, who doesn’t like a curvy figure anyway?

14. Experiment Your Saree with Silhouette and Style

It’s time to drop the old styles of draping sarees and experiment your saree with silhouettes, shapes, and forms. If you choose to go for kurtas, we suggest you try newer lengths, add volume to your anarkali, and wear it with sans pants. However, if you prefer a straight-fit kurta, star it up and wear it with dhoti pants, cowl style skirts, or palazzos to feel different.

These amazing styles will certainly create a sense of worthiness, making you feel hot and sexy.

15. Try Mini Saree

Low-waist sarees have this esthetic charm to make you look hot at all times. There’s nothing funnier than seeing someone wear a low saree and then try to cover the tummy with the anchal constantly.

If you want to look hot and sexy, then you should opt for a low-waist saree. As you wear the saree, make sure you slightly expose your curves to create a captivating glamor.  

16. Stick to Sarees with Thin Borders

A piece of saree with a thin border will give you the attention you deserve. Sarees with subtle thin borders will make your frame look slimmer and attractive. However, some people prefer sarees with broader borders. Broader borders will accentuate your curves, while narrow borders will render a slimming silhouette.

17. Heels Please!

Every lady knows the charm that comes with putting on a pair of beautiful heels. You can elevate your desi look with a fancy, sophisticated pair of shoes. If you like heels, then wear something contemporary and comfortable as it will give you the confidence you need to look hot.

Remember, for you to look more attractive in your pair of heels, you should not show more than one inch of the heel. Therefore, it is advisable to put on your heel before draping the saree.

On the other hand, if you prefer flat shoes, you can wear interesting footwear such as printed juttis, embellished kohlpuris, or leather jodhpuri mojaris.