7 Ways to Keep Pallu On Your Head

Saree - Pallu on head

Sarees are traditional and most worn attire across India. Just like sarees have a significant place in our lives, we cannot turn away from keeping a Pallu on our heads. Much like you, I also have to keep pallu on my head when attending a religious ceremony or an event where elders assemble. Even in pallu, I never compromise on looking stylish. So, here are some of the ways you can try to keep pallu on your head and emerge as a fashionista. Keep reading!

How Can I Keep Pallu On My Head?

You can keep a pallu on your head on your bun, till half of your head, or till the forehead and reveal your face fully. If your customs don’t allow showing the face, you can keep the saree pallu till your nose, chin, or upper thorax.

Regardless of if you are the bride or attending a function as a host or guest, pallu might be constant during the entire event. Feeling sad? Cheer up! Here are the seven most fashionable ways to answer your question of “how can I keep pallu on my head and still look modern?”.

1. Bun Cover Pallu to Keep it Minimal

So, you invested a lot in hairdressing and make-up and don’t want a pallu to veil all of them? I have a perfect solution to your concern. Why not keep your pallu as a bun cover on your head? Yes, you heard it right. It’s not necessary to cover your face and hair with pallu always. 

You can flaunt your hairstyle and make-up by keeping the pallu only on the bun. Such a clever style will reflect respect for your elders while letting you appear polished and fashionable at any time. The pallu might fall off the bun and make it cumbersome to manage it all the time. So, you can pin the Ghunghat with your bun for more flexibility and convenience.

2. Flaunt Your Hairstyle with Half Hair-Show Pallu

Sometimes you might require the pallu to touch your head physically. You can’t achieve such a thing with a bun-cover pallu style. So, I recommend keeping your pallu in the half hair-show pallu style. It will cover half of your head perpendicular to the hair partition. Undoubtedly, the pallu in such a style will touch your head and cover the bun entirely. It also lets people focus on accessories like a gorgeous Maang Tika or a heavy tiara.

3. Keep a Pallu Till the Forehead for the Most Traditional Look

Most of us will agree to the fact that our elders prefer to keep the pallu till the forehead, won’t we? Believe it or not, but a forehead pallu is evergreen and makes the most decent fashion among all. Setting a pallu till the forehead covers your hair entirely.

You can create an adorable look by pairing gorgeous Maang Tika with a forehead pallu effortlessly. Your hair won’t show up in such a style. So, you can keep a simple hairstyle but ensure to wear heavy make-up for a glamorous Ghunghat style.

4. Keep a Face Covering Pallu to Create a Sober Viel Effect

I know that covering the face is a common tradition among many families. Also, the trend becomes mainstream when you are the bride. It creates that oh-so-lovely shy effect that brides and newly married girls crave. You can keep the pallu length till the nose or go down to your chin. Such a pallu style will cover your face in either way.

You can add a heavy Nath in your look to create a mesmerizing flash when the pallu is kept till the nose. A perfectly shaped lipstick on your lips will add more sparkle to your entire face covering pallu style.

5. Pallu Hanging till Your Bust for a Complete Coverage

Ahaa! Covering the bust with a pallu reminds me of the typical Marwadi culture. The pallu border in such a style stays on your bust and covers your hair, face, and neck entirely. You would require a somewhat longer saree having a large pallu to drop it down till your upper thorax. 

You can try out such a style when visiting your elders or if you are a newly married woman. Besides, it will be ideal for occasions like Karwa Chauth. A pallu hanging down till your bust area offers you full coverage and looks extremely stylish on festive days. Go for it once!

6. Hemisphere Pallu for a Diva Look

Enough of the traditional looks! Do you wish to create something different with your pallu? I’ve got your back if that’s the case! You can break off the ordinary with a hemisphere-covering pallu. Such a pallu style requires aligning the pallu border with your hair partition, keeping the hair and face revealed from one side.

You can carry heavy eye make-up for the unveiled side of your face to appear fashionable. Also, you can carry a Passa on the non-Ghunghat side for the most-loved Mughal-e-Azam style. Try it out once in your next outing!

7. Keep a Slanted Pallu on Your Head to Get a Balance Between Traditional and Modern

Do you want something lying in between traditional pallu and modern styles? Then this one’s for you! You can adjust your pallu in a way that covers your head from all sides while revealing half of your face from one side. Yes, such a Ghunghat style depends on how well you can safeguard the fabric on your head with pins.

Carrying heavy eye make-up looks the best in such a pallu style. Besides, you can pair a side Passa with the highest appeal. Also, you can match heavy earrings with your overall appearance for an unmatched fashionable look.

So, these were some of the conventional and contemporary styles to keep a pallu on your head. Now you must be worrying about pallu ruining your fashion appeal, right? Don’t worry. Below is the best answer to retaining your fashion sense in a Ghunghat.

How Can I Look Stylish With Pallu On My Head?

Do you feel that keeping a pallu on your head snatches away your style? Not anymore! I decided to address your concern with some best tips to look styling with a pallu on your head. Take a look.

1. Accessorize Your Over-the-Head Pallu Look for a Stylish Appearance

Accessories are the key to slay your over-the-head pallu look. They become more important when the pallu reveals either of your face or hair. You can add a variety of Maang Tika to your look. Also, heavy Naths will complement your traditional avatar and make you look fashionable. Choose a gorgeous Passa if you carry a hemispherical or slanted pallu on your head.

Things get more dramatic if you are the bride. You have the highest authority to play with accessories, a lot of them. You can add layers of necklaces to your look to break off the monotonous pallu look. A Kundan head tiara will add more elegance to your ensemble effortlessly. All in all, the more you accessorize, the more stylish you will appear with an over-the-head pallu.

2. Add a Belt to Manage Your Ensemble

Adding a belt to an ethnic attire sounds crazy, right? Well, you can add a belt to your Ghunghat look and manage your entire ensemble effortlessly. Most of the time, your pallu is likely to fall off from its place often. However, you can prevent the mishap by safeguarding your apparel with a belt.

Apart from some support, a belt will also add a bit of modernness to your entire appearance. Carrying a traditional belt will make you look more conventional in an over-the-head pallu style. In contrast, a contemporary belt will create a balance between too traditional and too modern. The choice is yours ultimately!

3. Wear a Saree Having Transparent Pallu to See-Through Your Hairstyle and Jewelry

Hairstyle and jewelry are the two biggest assets in a woman’s aesthetics. Veiling them with an over-the-head pallu is such a no-no! Why not show them fully? You can do so by draping a partially transparent saree or the one having a see-through pallu. You can choose a tissue or net saree and flaunt your hairstyle and jewelry in a better fashion.

Since your hair is visible entirely, you can create a fashionable ensemble by accessorizing your hair with bun pins and flowers. If you decide to carry a braided look with over-the-head pallu, you can use stoned pins across the length of your hair for the most stylish appearance.

4. Wear a Blouse Having Designer Back to Appear Stylish in an Over-the-Head Pallu

The most underestimated blouses have a significant place in a saree ensemble. You can play with the blouses to appear stylish in an over-the-head pallu. The back of your blouse will appear prominently if you decide to wear a transparent saree. 

A simple blouse back might not give you an admirable look with a Ghunghat. So, carry a blouse with a designer back and watch how you glow up while keeping pallu on your head. You can try different cutouts and strings in the back of your blouse for the most stylish appearance.

What Should be Your Hairstyle with Pallu On Head?

Let’s admit that an ethnic look remains incomplete without a proper hairstyle. I always encounter a problem of hair getting scattered under a Ghunghat. You’ve come to the right place if something similar happens to you. Also, some of you might be completely unaware of how to arrange your hair with an over-the-head pallu-style saree. Don’t worry. Here are the most trending hairstyles for you.

1. Bun for a Sleek and Managed Look

If you ask me for the most commonly carried hairstyle under a Ghunghat, I would vote for a bun. You will come across most of the Indian ladies making a tight updo under an over-the-head pallu. A pallu tends to spoil your hairstyle in minutes. So, tying your hair in a bun gives you a polished and sleek appearance when keeping the pallu on your head. 

Apart from managing your hair, a bun supports your pallu and prevents it from falling off when you move. You can accessorize your bun with beautiful jewelry or Gajra and look like a queen with a Ghunghat.

2. Open Hair with Arranged Frontal Part Make You Look Younger

Many of you might agree with the fact that a bun makes you look older than your age. Besides, a bun is a most-carried hairstyle when keeping a pallu on your head. So, you can choose to keep your hair open and escape the hairstyle distortion problem by arranging the frontal part with clips. 

Such a hairstyle makes you appear younger and differentiates you among the bun-making masses. You can twirl your hair near the forehead on both sides and safeguard the twists with bobby pins. Also, you can add a Maang Tika into the look for an unparalleled style.

3. Braided Hairstyles for a Fashion Twist

So, you want to get over a bun but still manage your hair like a pro? You can achieve that by making braided hairstyles under a Ghunghat. You can carry out fishtail, French, or any other braids of your choice. Don’t forget to accessorize your hair well and look divine when keeping a pallu on your head.

4. Open Hair to Showcase Your Untamed Energy

You are a lady having lots of untamed empowerment. Why hide it? Show it off by keeping your hair all open and using a lot of accessories. Avoid wearing too much jewelry on the forehead like a tiara. They might deviate the focus from your open hair to the forehead accessories. It’s a great style to carry, only if you can manage open hair while placing a Ghunghat on your head.

Voila! You just finished reading the ultimate answers to “how can I keep pallu on my head?”. Now, it’s time to slay the look with the right accessories and hairstyles. So, get, set, and dazzle!