17 ways to keep women’s shirts tucked in

Woman Shirt Tucked In

We all love wearing shirts. Although they look good, managing women’s shirts is no less than an art. I know that most of you find keeping the shirts tucked in challenging, especially when wearing them for prolonged hours. Not to worry anymore! I will reveal some secrets and hacks to keep women’s shirts tucked in for a long time. Let’s begin!

17 ways to keep women’s shirts tucked in

If you face problems keeping your shirt tucked in, here are some solutions to help you.

1. Wear a belt to tighten your pant’s waistband and keep tucked shirts in place

The most common factor which leads to shirt untucking is loose pants. The loose garments keep shifting from their place, allowing the shirts to come untucked every time. So, I prefer thinking of ways to keep the pants in place with a tight waistline.

The best way to do so is to wear a belt to tighten the pant’s waistline. It will tighten the pant’s waist, stopping the tucked shirts from coming out.

2. Choose bottom wear with elastic waistbands to keep your shirts tucked in

Formal trousers and skirts don’t have an elastic waistband. Thus, the shirts come out more frequently than ever. However, if you replace the conventional bottom wear with the ones having an elastic waistband, it will solve your problem.

The elastic waistband will hold your shirt and keep it tucked for long hours. You can ask your tailor to add an elastic waistband to your bottom wear for more convenience.

3. Tuck the shirt in your underwear

Although it sounds silly, tucking the shirt in undies, tights, and shapewear is a proven method by many ladies, including me. It’s the most cost-effective and convenient method to keep your shirts tucked in for even an entire day. 

Your undergarments have the best elastic waistband and a snuggling fit. So, your shirt can stay in its place for the longest time when tucking it in the underpants. 

4. Wear tight, and bodycon bottom wear to keep shirts tucked in

Many ladies get allergic skin reactions when wearing pants with elastic waistbands. If you are one of them, don’t get disheartened. You can switch to tight, and bodycon-style bottom wears like pencil skirts to keep your shirt tucked in for long hours. 

These dresses are tight-fitting and don’t give enough room for shirts to play. Thus, it solves your problem of shirts coming untucked frequently.

5. Wear wrap skirts to keep the tucked shirt in place

Another way to carry your tucked-in shirt is by pairing it with wrap skirts. Wrap skirts let you adjust their tightness and fitting according to your body type and convenience. 

Tuck in the shirt before fastening the wrap skirt. Then you can tighten the wraps to get a snuggle fitting near your waist. It will keep the shirt in place without affecting your skin and give you more freedom in your ensemble.

6. Pin the tucked shirt fabric with the insides of your pants

Buying a new garment every time is not suitable for everyone. However, you can make things work with your existing clothes with some smart hacks. You can keep your shirts tucked in your pants by using small safety pins.

All you need is to pin the fabric of your shirt and the insides of your pants near the waist before zipping the bottom. It will keep your shirt in place for the longest time.

7. Tape your shirts with the bottom to wear

If you don’t want to take the risk of damaging the fabrics by pinning your shirts and trousers, you can use harmless tapes. Fabric tapes have a strong adhesive to keep the clothes in place.

You can tape the shirt with the bottom wear after tucking it in and before stepping out of your home. It’s a less-known hack that celebrities use to keep their shirts tucked in place.

8. Use body tapes to fix the tucked fabric with your thighs

One more harmless way to get the best tucked-shirt look is using body tapes. Double-sided body tapes are very common to fix the fabric with your skin to get the desired style. 

You can use these tapes to fix the bottom of your shirt with your thighs. It will hold your shirt tightly, avoiding slippage and untucking. I have tried this trick several times, and it works amazingly.

9. Use a pair of suspenders to fix the pants and the shirts in place

You might have seen men in movies wearing suspenders to keep their pants in place. It’s an excellent trick to fix the pants and keep the shirts tucked in, even for the ladies.

The suspenders are readily available in the market, especially in the men’s section. They will make you look smart and hold your pants. Furthermore, when adding suspenders to your look, your shirt won’t come off and stay in its place.

10. Go for shirttail garters to keep the shirts tucked in for a long time

Do you know? You can get shirttail garters in the market to keep your shirts tucked in for a prolonged period. It’s ordinary trick men and women use to get a neat formal look without having to attend to their ensemble now and then. You can give it a try too!

11. Wear a bodysuit shirt to eliminate the untucking problem

You must be familiar with bodysuits. The best part is that you can find various shirt bodysuits in different styles from the fashion stores. The shirt bodysuits have joined back and front portions between your legs. Thus, they fit you snuggly and stay in place regardless of your motions. 

So, these shirts eliminate your need to tuck them. So, you don’t have to worry about them getting untucked.

12. Buy shirts that fit you snuggly

If you want to keep your shirt tucked in for a long time, it’s better to shop wisely. As I already said, shirts come out due to the large room in loosely-fitting garments. 

So, it’s best to buy shirts that fit you snuggly. These shirts will stay inside your pants without coming off frequently. Thus, you can carry out daily activities without worrying about your tight shirt getting untucked every time.

13. Go for long shirt dresses with pants to avoid untucking

Another trick I use is wearing shirt-dresses with pants. These dresses look similar to shirts. So, no one can guess your little secret.

The shirt dresses are long and stay above your knees. The weight of the extra fabric near the bottom keeps the shirt dresses tucked in your bottom wear without coming out. It’s the best choice when you want to carry the tucked-in shirt look for long hours.

14. Wear high-rise trousers to keep your shirt tucked in

Ever wondered why your shirts come out if they are small? It’s because your pants find it challenging to hold the fabric for a long time if your shirt is small. It happens more frequently with low-rise trousers. 

However, there’s a way to keep your shirts tucked in, even if they are small. You can pair your shirt with high-rise trousers or jeans to keep the little fabric tucked in for a long time. The high-waist pants hold significant shirt material, and avoid untucking, despite your movements.

15. Go for shirts having larger armholes

When do you get your shirts untucked mostly? Yes, you’re right! It happens when you raise your hands. If your shirt has small armholes, your arms pull out the shirt from your pants when you raise them. So, the simple solution is to buy shirts with large armholes.

You can get a customized shirt stitched by your tailor to get large armholes. It will give your arms enough room to play without getting your shirts untucked in any situation.

16. Tighten the shirt and pin the fabric for a snuggling fit

If your shirt is loose, it’s likely to get untucked very soon. You can get a snuggly fit by aggregating the loose shirt fabric near your waist and pinning it neatly. Now if you tuck the shirt into your pants, the ensemble will come off more formal. Also, it will prevent your shirt from getting untucked and stay in place for a long time.

17. Ask your tailor to alter your shirt and pants for a better fit

The last and the best way to prevent your shirts from getting untucked is by visiting a tailor. A tailor will give you a constricted fitting and help your shirts stay in place without coming off frequently.

Tips and precautions while tucking the shirts

You cannot carry out the above steps without considering these tips and precautions. So, please review the following section to ensure you take the correct measures to keep your shirt tucked in your bottom wear.

  • If you use a safety pin to fix the shirt and pants, ensure that you pin them lightly to avoid damaging the fabric.
  • Check the elasticity of the bottom wear waistbands to ensure they can hold your shirt before buying them.
  • Add stylish belts to your ensemble to hold your tucked shirts and enhance your overall appearance.
  • Avoid wearing high-waist pants with suspenders as it might make you look not-so-smart.
  • Avoid wearing crop shirts as they are almost impossible to tuck.
  • Don’t wear too tight shirts. They will quickly get untucked if you move your arms even slightly.
  • Don’t keep your shirttails too loose or too tight. Instead, it should have the perfect length to do its job.

A step-by-step method to tuck in shirts

Do you know? Some unique shirt tucking methods help prevent the shirts from untucking, like the Military Tuck. Here are some steps to tuck in shirts effectively. 

  • The first step is to tuck the front side of your shirt into the pants.
  • Leave the backside of your shirt. We will cater to it in the later steps.
  • Now, zip your pants but don’t button them.
  • Run your fingers from the front to the side of your waists to remove the wrinkles in your shirt while tucking it more snuggly.
  • Now, hold the back of your shirt and create wrinkles on the sides with your hands.
  • Pull the back side tightly.
  • Tuck the fabric at your back inside your pants.
  • Now, button up your pants and adjust the tucking.
  • Remove wrinkles and tuck the shirt more tightly into your bottom wear.

How to use shirt stays?

The shirttails or shirt stays can be used the same way for men and women. Here is a video reference to help you get a better hang of using shirt stays effectively. 

Now, let’s look at the steps.

Straight Shirt Stays

  • Open the shirttail clips.
  • Clip one end of the stay to your shirt and the other to your socks from the front side.
  • Repeat the same steps at the back side with another stay.
  • Do the same steps with the side of your other leg too.
  • Wear the pants to keep the shirt taught and tucked forever.

Crossed Shirt Stays

  • Open the clips of your shirt stays.
  • Clip one end of the stay with the front side of your shirt above the left knee.
  • Clip the other end of the stay to the back side of your left socks.
  • Take another stay and do the same step from back to front on the same leg.
  • Repeat the process for the other side too.
  • Wear your pants, and you’re done.


You have already mastered the ways to keep your shirt tucked in your pants for a prolonged period. Now, slay any tucked shirt look and look no less than a fashion diva in formal or casual styles.