40+ Ways to Wear a Lehenga


Are you thinking of attending your next party in gorgeous ethnic wear?Well, then you must be thinking of how to wear lehengas in the best way. Wearing a lehenga and creating your style statement is not a matter of brainstorming if you know how to carry the dress confidently. However, a proper guide on wearing lehengas in various stylish ways can be your last-minute savior.

So, are you thinking, how to wear lehengas in a unique way for your next party? Well, wear the lehenga properly step by step and drape your dupatta as per the look you want to create. You can try out a variety of trendy lehenga wearing styles. Double dupatta draping is the best way to add more volume to your dressing. With a gorgeous lehenga, pick the best accessories like a neckpiece, earrings, tassel, or latkan to complement your entire ethnic look. To get some more instant fashion inspo, you can look at the trending news articles given in the blog.

Step-by-Step Guide to Wearing Lehengas

Step by step guide to wearing lehenga
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A lehenga or ghagra is one of the most-loved traditional wears for any Indian woman. You can pick a variety of patterns and styles of wearing a lehenga to dazzle in any Indian party or festivity. However, if you are a beginner and have never worn a lehenga before, don’t worry, I have got your back! Here I’ve brought forth a step-by-step guide on how to wear lehengas properly.

Start with the Pretty Choli!

Choli means the blouse or upper part of the attire, which is one of the most important components to look after while wearing a lehenga. So, start with wearing a pretty choli that goes superbly in contrast with your lehenga skirt. Make sure you are not wearing any random blouse, or else it will look like a disaster!

Wear a Petticoat for Added Safety

Thinking of your lehenga slipping down your waist may give you a nightmare! So, the best thing you can do is wear a petticoat underneath the lehenga skirt. The petticoat will also add extra volume to your lehenga and make it look more flared.

However, do not pick a petticoat, which looks different from your lehenga. Pick one that has a similar color to that of your lehenga. You can even wear a cancan to get more volume, like a Victoria gown. In case the lehenga material is flimsy, the petticoat is a must-have.

Next Comes Lehenga – The Main Part!

Now you need to wear the lehenga to complete ⅔ of your look. So, are you wondering how to wear a lehenga skirt? Well, you can wear a lehenga 1-inch below your navel. And then tie it tightly around your waist. Make sure it is not too tight to trouble you with pain. However, ensure a comfortable yet safer knot to prevent your lehenga from falling off.

Drape the Dupatta

To complete the look, you need to wrap a dupatta around yourself. It is the prime step, which will make you stand apart from anyone else on the floor. You can simply experiment with innumerable draping styles to create unique lehenga looks.

Complete Your Look!

Wear accessories the way you want. If the lehenga requires too many pieces of jewelry, then add them. Or you can even keep it simple and classy with minimal ornaments.

In the case of shoes, I would recommend you wear a high heel to complement your height and look in the best way. However, you can pick juttis or mojaris over heels if you are not comfortable walking in them.

How to Style Your Party Wear Lehengas?

Well, there are no limits on party wear lehenga styles that you can easily pick from any offline apparel shop, online store, or designer. Since there are no rule books for wearing a lehenga to parties, you should choose one that goes in sync with the event you’re attending.

If it is your wedding, then you will be the center of attraction. Also, your D-day needs to be perfect. So, wear a lehenga, which is much embellished and renders you a stunning look. Always choose a color that complements your skin tone. If you are a bride who doesn’t like dressing up extra, don’t be extra! Pick a lehenga, which is minimally embroidered yet makes you look like a show-stopper.

Also, if you are attending a wedding party as a guest, you must remember that you are not going to look anyway extra to surpass the bride’s look. A moderately embellished or light lehenga is going to be fine!

For a puja or festival, wearing a lehenga, which is simple and classy, is the best way to bring out the look of the day. Wear a silk lehenga for such occasions, which is not too heavy yet looks lustrous.

Lehenga Wearing Styles Based on Body Types

Do you know your body shape matters the most while picking a lehenga for your styling? Here is how you can choose a lehenga as per your body shape.

Apple Shape

For an apple-shaped body, choose a flared lehenga that shifts the attention from your bulging waist. So, wearing an empire line-styled choli or peplum, top will hide your fats and make your body look proportionate.

Pear Shape

If your body shape is similar to a pear, don’t pick lehengas with bigger prints or too heavy embroidery, as it will add some extra pounds, making you look bulkier. Instead, wear a lightly embellished A-line lehenga with flares at the bottom. Avoid high waist and elasticated lehengas, as it can make you feel too tight near your hip and thigh portions.

Rectangular Shape

Do you have a rectangular-shaped body? Are you wondering how to add those curves to your body? Well, then don’t worry! You can wear a flared or fishtail lehenga to add volume and curves to your outlook. Ensure intricate detailing near the bottom and hip portion of your lehenga to achieve that stunning curvy look.

Plus Size

Are you thinking,“how can I hide my belly on lehenga?” Well, for a plus-size body, pick a paneled skirt with more panels near the waist to hide your protruding tummy yet look gorgeous.

How to Wear Lehenga for Beginners in 8 Stylish Ways?

Are you looking for the most stylish ways to ace your lehenga look as a beginner? Then, knowing how to wear lehenga in different styles may help you. Here is how you can style your lehengas in 10 different ways.

1.    Pick a Fishtail Lehenga

If you want to complement your curves, then a fishtail lehenga can be your darling. Opt for a lehenga that slim-fits up to your knees and flares near your calf area to make you look like a mermaid.

2.    Opt for a Flared Lehenga

The flared lehenga is one of the most popular and most loved designs. A broad flared circular lehenga with lots of pleats and extra volume, along with embroidery works on it, creates a stunning look.

3.    Look Gorgeous in A-Line Lehenga

As evident from the name, this type of lehengas have an A-line hem structure, which sets your look in the perfect way. The style suggests a tight fit near your waist, which gradually flares down at the bottom.

4.    Choose a Paneled Style Lehenga

To look gorgeous with a sophisticated appearance, a paneled style lehenga would be perfect. A paneled lehenga comes with horizontal panels, which are flared & volumed and look absolutely pretty.

5.    Set the trend with Jacket Style Lehengas

Keep it easy and stylish! Wear a lehenga, along with a long ethnic jacket to create a trendy and unique look.

6.    Go for a Straight Cut Style

The straight cut style features a straight lehenga skirt, which is not much flared or pleated. It looks best if you are tall and slim.

7.    Look Unique in an Asymmetric Lehenga

An asymmetric lehenga comes with multiple fabric layers of varied sizes, forming non-uniform flares. Such unsymmetrical flares not only make the lehenga look unique but also create an unusual charm.

8.    Wear a Half Saree Lehenga

The combined outlook of lehenga and saree looks amazing and more traditional. The beauty of the lehenga and the authenticity of the saree create a stunning vibe that you should not miss out on.

8 New Ways to Wear Your Wedding Lehenga After Your Wedding

You must not have spent a hefty amount of money just to wear your wedding lehenga for once, right? So, here is how you can wear your bridal lehenga in stylish ways even after your wedding.

  1. Get rid of the extra flare from your lehenga, as you would not want to surpass the bride of any wedding you’re attending. Also, it is a smart way to make it not look like bridal attire anymore. On removing the extra flares, your lehenga will become relatively light, making it comfier to wear.
  2. Now, put on the lehenga the way you want! You can separately wear the skirt of your lehenga with a long Kurti, or just add some more funk with an embellished ethnic jacket and a pair of juttis.
  3. Ditch the choli and wear your lehenga with a shrug. Long or short shrugs is always a game-changer.
  4. Add a cape blouse as an alternative to choli and dupatta to create a gorgeous and comfortable look.
  1. Add a trendy cold shoulder or halter neck blouse with a completely new design.
  2. Skip the choli and wear your lehenga skirt with a shimmery silk shirt tucked inside. Don’t button it up to your neck. Add a heavy neckpiece to flaunt your collar bone and accentuate your Indo-western look.
  1. Make a half-half saree out of your flared skirt.
  2. Add new elements like latkans, tassels, pompoms, etc., to make your lehenga look more gorgeous.

How to Wear Lehengas to Weddings in Your 40s?

Are you in your 40s? If yes, do you love wearing lehengas at weddings but hesitate to wear one due to your age? Do you feel wearing a lehenga at this age will not suit you? Well, if you think so, then you are totally wrong! You can look gorgeous even in your 40s if you follow the right tricks while wearing a lehenga.

If you want to keep it classy like Karishma Kapoor, you can emphasize on embroidery. Wear restrained colors and keep the makeup minimal to look best.

Are you not good with the idea of showing too much skin? Then, try out lehengas with Kurtis. You can also pick a long top-like choli to prevent flaunting your waist.

If you have a curvy body, then wearing a lehenga in saree draping style with a full sleeve or round-neck designer blouse will be the best to highlight your curves.

How to Wear Lehenga in Different Styles – Every Style is a Statement!

Are you wondering how to wear lehengas in different styles? Well, here is how you can create a fashion quotient with some really innovative looks!

1.    Use Your Saree as a Lehenga Dupatta

Are you thinking, how to wear a lehenga style saree? Well, it’s too simple. You just need to reuse your old saree to wear it like a lehenga dupatta and create a new style statement.

  • Wear a plain lehenga skirt. Then, make wider pleats with your saree and tuck it at the back of your lehenga. After that, wear the rest of the saree as a simple dupatta from the front of the lehenga.
  • Crisscross the saree around your neck and put pleats to the back from both sides. And you are done!
  • You can drape and tuck the saree in the front while leaving half of your lehenga visible. Then, simply wrap it around your body and throw it over your shoulder like a saree pallu to create an ethnic fusion look.

2.    The Sabyasachi Style Lehenga Dupatta

The typical Sabyasachi style lehenga features double dupatta draping. One dupatta is pleated and loosely draped in your front. While, the second dupatta is pinned on your head, and its two sides are brought forward over the two halves of your shoulder in a classic style.

3.    Thin Pleat Dupatta Only Highlighting the Dupatta Border

If your embroidered lehenga dupatta has an eye-catchy border, then you can thinly pleat it to throw it over one side of your shoulder and tuck the other side in the front of your waist while coming from behind.

4.    Single Dupatta Over the Head

A single dupatta over your head is the easiest way to style a classy lehenga look. You can simply pin it over your head and look elegant.

5.    Traditional Gujrati Style Lehenga Dupatta

Are you willing to create the Gujarati seedha pallu lehenga dupatta style? Well, then let me help you out! Tuck one side of your Gujarati style dupatta near your waist from the left. Then, make it go behind and bring it to the front over your right shoulder while making fine and flared pleats and creating the best Gujarati lehenga look.

Dupatta Draping Styles to Look Slimmer

Dupatta draping is an effective way to complement your lehenga look perfectly. If you have more curvy areas, then covering them up with various dupatta draping styles can be the best way to hide your bulky curves yet look beautiful. In case you’re heavier near your chest, make sure the dupatta drape is not much voluminous or puffy near your bust area.

To hide the extra bulge, you can use two dupattas. Drape one around your waist with the lehenga and the other on your head like a veil. Also, you can smartly drape it like a saree to hide the bulge near your stomach.

How to Style Lehenga Dupatta in 8 Different Ways?

Knowing how to wear a lehenga dupatta step by step in 10 different ways can be your last moment savior. So, check out the top 10 ways given below.

  1. You can simply throw the dupatta around your shoulder in V-shape to create an effortless traditional style. Don’t forget to secure it near your shoulder using pins, as you would not want it to slip off now and then.
  2. Also, you can wear the dupatta in a similar way you wear the pallu of your saree. You need to tuck one corner of the dupatta at the front of your lehenga to the left side of your navel.
  3. You can pin it low on your bun and pleat it over one shoulder. Go for it if you are thinking of how to wear a lehenga dupatta for a wedding!
  4. Pin it on your head like a veil and attach the other side to your wrist.
  5. Pin the dupatta on your head and place one side of it over one half of your arm and blouse. And keep the other side of the dupatta hanging straight to the bottom.
  6. Drape it on your head, bring one side of it over your shoulder and the other side of the dupatta forward over your elbow.
  7. Take a single dupatta over both of your elbows.
  8. Do you want to know how do you wear two dupattas together? If not, don’t worry! Just pin one dupatta over your head and drape the other over your chest to look immensely beautiful.

Top 8 Double Dupatta Draping Styles

Do you want to know how to wear lehenga in different styles? If yes, then have a look at how you can ace the double dupatta draping game.

  1. Throw one dupatta over your head and shoulder. Pleat the other one like a saree’s pallu and wear a waist belt to secure the style. If you are thinking, how to wear a lehenga dupatta for a wedding, then this draping style would be the best one to try!
  2. Keep one over your head and bring it in the front from both sides. Then, drape the other dupatta in U shape over your chest.
  3. Drape a dupatta over your head, tuck another one at the front part, pleat it and wrap it tightly while taking it through the back and putting it over your shoulder.
  4. Keep one over the head and leave the other straight on your one shoulder, pleated, while being draped at the bottom.
  5. Put one over the head. Then, keep the other dupatta short and pleated over your other shoulder.
  6. Pin one dupatta in your bun and drape the other unpleated dupatta through your shoulder and arm from the behind to the left side of the navel.
  7. Put one dupatta over your head and bring it in the front while tying it on your wrist. Place the other pleated front dupatta on your shoulder like the pallu of a saree.
  8. Place dupattas on each of your shoulders, one with a matching color to that of your lehenga and the other with a totally contrasting color.

Crop Top and Lehenga Skirt – The Indo-Western Combination

Give your lehenga look an Indo-western touch. You can easily wear any of your plain crop tops by replacing your choli. Whether it is a halter neck crop top, a cold shoulder top, or a flared sleeve top, you can easily wear it with any of your lehenga skirts. You can add a more classy and funky touch to your look with a pair of embellished sneakers. Keep your jewelry eye-catchy and junky.

So, are you now wondering how to wear a dupatta on crop top lehenga? Well, It’s quite easy! Simply drape the dupatta by making a few pleats and throw it on one side of your shoulder, keeping the overall look simple and classy.

How to Accessorize Your Lehenga?

Are you thinking, “how can I look attractive in a lehenga?”Pick the accessories that would go best with your lehenga.


In case you want to add more lavishness to your look, you can go for heavy neckpieces, especially on your wedding day. However, for a heavily decorated lehenga or an embroidered dupatta, keep the necklace minimal to highlight your outfit’s glamor.


Put on earrings like chandbali, jhumka, etc., while you are wearing a heavily embroidered lehenga. If you are wearing heavy necklaces, ditch the large earrings and opt for smaller ones to not look extra. But for a minimal neckpiece, keep the earrings large to create a complementary look.


Bangles look great when you wear them with lehengas. You can wear a bunch of bangles with minimally embroidered lehengas or a single cuff bangle for heavily designed lehengas to create a contrasting look.


Latkans are just an add-on to enhance your look. You can pick latkans to stay playful near your waist or team it up with your choli back to look more stylish.

8 Lehenga Wearing Mistakes to Avoid & Say Bye to Epic Fails

Are you afraid of making the worst mistakes while wearing a lehenga? Well, worry no more! Say goodbye to all the epic fails by checking on women’s common mistakes while wearing a lehenga.

1.    Make Sure it’s Not too Tight!

No, you are not going to tie your lehenga too tight! Wearing a lehenga, which is too tight around the waist, will make you feel suffocating. Comfort is important to gain confidence!

2.    Also, it Must Not be Excessively Loose!

To counter the previous mistake, women often commit another blunder. It is tying the lehenga too loose! Doing up your lehenga too loose will make your day the most uncomfortable one. Also, there will always be a fear of slipping off your lehenga down the waist.

3.    Tying it too Low

Tying your lehenga too low might make your body shape or waistline look weird. Hence, it is always recommended to knot the lehenga near your belly button.

4.    Wearing it too High

Never tie your lehenga right next to your bust. Wearing it too high will undoubtedly make you look awkward.

5.    Choosing the Wrong Shape of Lehenga

There is a myriad of varieties when it comes to the shape of a lehenga. But you need not buy them all. Pick one that goes suitable for your body shape and height.

6.    Picking an Improper Lining

Well, this mistake is quite common among the wearers. Whether the lining is too much or very less, both are capable of affecting your perfect lehenga look. Hence, pick a lining that is suitable and comfortable enough.

7.    Wrong Way of Dupatta Draping

Dupatta draping plays a crucial part in making your look appropriate. Make sure the dupatta draping style goes suitable with your lehenga type.

8.    Picking Any Unsuitable Random Blouse

Make sure the blouse you have picked has the right design and color complementary to your lehenga skirt. Do not wear any random blouse, which looks odd!

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Bottom Line

Nothing is so sumptuous than a lehenga that goes best with any occasion. Simply pick a lehenga that looks great on you, and you can go on wearing it in the best ways.

So, knowing how to wear lehengas in different styles will be your last-moment savior to make you look drop-dead gorgeous on any Indian occasion.