How to Wear Dupatta During Pregnancy?

Dupatta Indian Woman

Dupattas take your outfit to a whole new level. It becomes more magical when you are expecting and carrying ethnic ensembles. But, how to wear a dupatta during pregnancy? You can have different dupatta styles to enhance your maternity glow. I will share some of my favorite dupatta draping styles during pregnancy, right below. Stay tuned!

1. Wear dupatta covering across the body

It is one of my favorite styles. I recommend wearing a dupatta to cover across the body. All you need is to place the dupatta on both of your shoulders. Remember that you cannot align the dupatta with your neck in this style. You can keep it hanging freely on your bust. 

Such a dupatta style looks perfect with all ethnic ensembles: salwar kameez and lehenga. Although it might look like casual wear, this dupatta style is the best for parties, evening functions, and daytime ceremonies. Overall, it is a worth-trying style with all ethnic costumes.

2. Cover dupatta over the head

All to-be mothers have a natural glow. So, you can minimally style the dupatta to showcase your maternity beauty. The best style to do so is by covering your head with the dupatta. Keep your back and head covered with the dupatta like a Ghunghat. 

Also, you can keep your torso uncovered to avoid distractions from your maternity glow. Such a dupatta style looks perfect for cultural ceremonies and traditional functions. You can carry such a dupatta with heavily designed lehengas and shararas to showcase their detailing.

3. Freely flowing from top to bottom

Another decent way to showcase your maternity beauty is by keeping the dupatta freely flowing from top to bottom. Also, it looks perfect for dupattas having gorgeous and heavy borders. You can get the best chance to flaunt such designs and create a dazzling combination with your ethnic apparel by carrying a dupatta in such a style.

It will look perfect with Salwar Kameez and Anarkali suits. You can carry such a dupatta style on all types of occasions, even in your baby shower. Remember to pin your dupatta on the shoulder to avoid frequent slippage.

4. Tightly wear a dupatta across the body

Do you want to hide your baby bump? I have the perfect style for your concern. You can tightly wear a dupatta across your body, from one shoulder to the opposite waist. All you need is a dazzling dupatta and a matching waist girdle or belt to appear like a diva in such a style.

Fold your dupatta in a half. Now, keep the middle part on one of your shoulders while letting the two sides hang loosely. Bring the loose ends towards your opposite waist from front and back. Pin the ends near your waist. You can wear a belt to make the ensemble appear more classy and organized. However, ensure that your belly remains covered after fastening the belt.

5. Loosely wear a dupatta across the body

Another dupatta style during pregnancy is wearing it loosely across the body. It is a modified and casual version of the above style. You can fold the dupatta in a half and keep the middle portion on your shoulder. It would be helpful to pin the dupatta on your shoulder to avoid dislocation.

Now, all you need is to cross the hanging end in the front near your waist and carry it on your other wrist. It will hang loosely across your body and cover the bump completely.

6. Drape it around your neck

You can carry a dupatta by draping it around your neck like a scarf. It goes well with Kurtis and salwar kameez. Although it is not ideal for traditional ceremonies and parties, you can easily carry the style at casual events and outings. Such a draping style looks perfect with cotton outfits worn during the daytime.

7. Pleated on a shoulder

You might feel uncomfortable wearing and managing a dupatta when you are pregnant. So, it’s better to keep it as manageable as possible. I prefer carrying a dupatta by pleating it on your shoulder and pinning the fabric perfectly. You can carry such a style on all occasions and with all ensembles.

All you need is to make small pleats (about 2-2.5 inches) with the dupatta and place it on your shoulder. You can pin the fabric near the collarbone and at the back. Such a style will prevent the dupatta from getting dislocated at any time. So, you can wear your favorite dress and enjoy the moment without worrying about a fuzzy dupatta.

8. Hanging on both sides

Having a baby bump adds to your maternity fashion. You can show it off in ethnic ensembles by keeping the middle part of your dupatta close to your neck. It will keep the dupatta ends hanging on both sides at the back. It will expose your dress while adding a touch of elegance to your ensemble.

Such a dupatta draping style is ideal for all types of occasions, especially evening parties. You can carry this dupatta ensemble to wedding ceremonies and reception gatherings. Overall, you will find the classic style suiting your maternity wear at all times and occasions.

9. Rest the dupatta ends on your hands from the back

Another manageable and sophisticated look is carrying both the dupatta ends on your elbows. Cross the dupatta from the back of your hands and let it rest freely. It will give you immense comfort during any event or time of the day. You must try it out!

Such dupatta styles will make your ethnic clothes appear better during pregnancy. Make everyone discuss your maternity fashion by carrying a dupatta in the above styles. You can try them with all ethnic ensembles. You must try these styles at the earliest!