11 Ways to Wear Saree like a Queen – Images

Queen look in saree

Who can not love sarees! These are the most royal and ethereal ensembles, aren’t they? We all wish to look nothing but a queen when wearing a saree. However, you cannot get that oh-so-regal appearance with regular saree styles. Don’t worry anymore; I will discuss some beautiful saree styles that will make you look like a queen. Let’s dive in! Below are 11 ways to wear saree like a queen.

1. Statement Blouse and Necklace for a Minimalistic Queen Look

I always dream of looking like a minimalistic queen. However, creating such a look was a headache to me until I realized that a chiffon or georgette saree can fulfill my dreams! Do you favor such styles? Here is what you can do! Just get a simple georgette or chiffon saree in pastel shades. 

Now, wear a statement necklace with a bold pendant and carry a blouse with volumed sleeves. Also, carry a potli bag to enhance your queen-like appearance effortlessly. That’s it! Your elegant and sophisticated appearance is all set to rule the streets.

2. Wear a Ruffled White Saree to Look like a Fairytale Queen

So, you can choose to look like a queen or a fairy when wearing a saree. But you wish to appear like them both. How to do so? Here is your inspiration! Why not choose a saree that makes you look like a queen and gives the feeling of a fairy? Yes, you can do so by picking a ruffled white saree with intricate stonework. 

Furthermore, you can choose a crepe blouse with diamond fitting in white color to complete your regal appearance without any difficulties. So, get that exceptional saree in your wardrobe and become a fairytale queen.

3. Become an Elegant Queen by Pairing a Choker Necked Cape with Your Saree

The combination of a saree and a blouse is monotonous. Now, it’s time to try something afresh by wearing a choker-necked cape with a saree. Interestingly, you can carry such an outstanding ensemble to appear like a queen. 

You can choose a simple saree in a single color and pair a cape in a similar hue and having ruffles, roses, or butterflies stitched onto the hanging portion. Finally, you can wear small studs in your ears to complete the astonishing appearance. 

4. Short Kimono Style Cape with Saree Makes You Look like a Powerful Queen

A queen implies power, position, and supremacy. All these features cannot be displayed through a simple saree. You require wearing additional power by carrying a short kimono-style cape. So, all you need is to choose an elegant saree and pair a matching kimono cape. 

Furthermore, you can make a sleek and tidy updo to complete the look. Finally, you can wear heavy studs in your ears for an enhanced appeal. However, avoid wearing a necklace to keep your entire ensemble in balance. So, here you go with the most powerful and queen-like appearance in a saree. 

5. Get a Long Peplum Blouse to Appear Like a Divine Queen

Peplum blouses with sarees are the most recent fashion. However, did you know that a long peplum blouse can enhance your appearance and make you look like a divine queen? Yes, that’s true! 

All you would require is to choose an elegant saree and get a blouse, in a contrasting color scheme. Furthermore, you can get a peplum blouse or top in the same color with additional designs to appear like a queen and Goddess. 

6. Blazers and Coats with Sarees Make You Look like a Bold Queen

Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, a queen must appear bold and powerful. How to fetch such a look when wearing a saree? You can pair a glamorous blazer or coat to appear like your dreams. 

Although such a look is ideal for winters, you can choose formal blazers or coats for your sarees. You can choose a blazer having a length below your knees. Also, keep your hair open and carry a pair of sunglasses to complete your bold and charismatic appearance. 

7. Get a Silk Saree to Become a Traditional Queen

No matter how many queen-like drapes you come across, nothing can beat the traditional appearance. All you need to create such a look is a silk saree and Kundan jewelry. 

You require to wear the silk saree sophisticatedly and make a sleek bun. Furthermore, you can keep the pallu on your bun to complete the look of a traditional queen in a saree. With such an ensemble, you are free to implement your creativity and create an out-of-the-box queen-like look by wearing a glamorous silk saree.

8. Wear Your Saree in Lehenga Style with a Volume Sleeved Blouse

Lehenga-style sarees are a favorite of everyone. Now, you can pair a volume-sleeved blouse with sufficient ruffles with your lehenga-style saree to look exceptionally gorgeous and like a Royal queen. 

9. Silver Saree with Full-Sleeved Blouse and a Diamond Choker Necklace

Silver sarees are beauties. Nothing can replace the charm and elegance offered by a silver saree, especially when you are on the lookout for appearing like a queen. You can wear a silver full-sleeved blouse with a diamond choker necklace to get the appearance you were craving ever since. Although some of you might feel a bit intimidated by the head-to-toe silver ensemble. However, it is one of the best ways to appear like an indigenous queen. 

10. The Combination of Maroon and Velvet is Regal

Wearing a maroon saree with heavy Karigaru along with a velvet blouse is a killing idea to look like a beauty queen. Give it a shot! 

11. Subtle Blouse and Heavy Saree and Jewelry for the Unmatched Queen Look

Look like a queen by pairing a heavy saree with a plain full-sleeved blouse and detailed jewelry and turn the heat wherever you go.

So, these were the most charismatic styles to try with sarees. Furthermore, all you would require is to pair the most suitable accessories with these styles and slay the streets like never before. What makes you wait now? Choose any of the above styles and turn heads whenever you step out!