Can You Wear Shapewear Under Saree? (We Find Out)

Can we wear a shapewear under a saree

Getting a well-toned saree figure with a flat belly is a dream for all of us. Many of you must have some idea about bodycon shapewear which are often worn beneath a saree. These are worn to accentuate your curves in a better way.

Why is shapewear effective?

Wearing shapewear will hold the drapes in place for a long time and create a slimmer saree appearance for you. The long shapewear provides a mermaid shape to your bottom and illusions an elegant hour-glass saree silhouette.

If you haven’t worn shapewear before or trying to drape a saree for the first time, then you might be having queries related to shapewear. Putting all your concerns to a standstill, below I will answer every query regarding saree shapewear.

Why Should You Wear Shapewear Under Sarees?

As I said, shapewear is a modern substitute for petticoats with sarees. Choosing shapewear over old-school petticoats pulls you out from many wardrobe-malfunctioning. Moreover, it adds a spark to your normal saree look in the following ways.

No Tummy Bulks

Shapewear is seamless and made from minimal fabric, having a smooth elastic waistline. So, wearing shapewear under sarees will flatten your belly to the most without excess tucking and provide you with an attractive torso.

Astonishing Silhouette

Saree shapewear clings on to your curves perfectly, without leaving any extra cloth disturbing your figure. These mermaid-cut underskirts aids in slimming your waist and thighs and creating a curvy and sleek bottom for draping sarees over them.

Easy Secure Tucking

The elastic waistline in shapewear ensures no saree-slippage and unfolding in the middle of an occasion. Shapewear safeguards your saree well and balances the weight proficiently, retaining the initial tightness in your draping.

Comfy and Manageable

The shapewear fabrics are elastic and stretchable enough to provide you with easy mobility and round-the-clock comfort. Since it manages the saree to a great extent, you can remain carefree and participate in all your activities without worrying about your attire.

Why are Saree Shapewear Better than Petticoats?

Ever since the concept of wearing shapewear under sarees came into being, the age-old drawstring petticoats began getting obsolete. I feel shapewear is a far better alternative to petticoats due to the below reasons.

  1. Easy to Carry

Shapewear is so lightweight and breathable that you’ll barely feel anything wearing underneath your saree. Mostly, these undergarments have a slit near the bottom, allowing easy mobility and carriage. The saree shapewear safeguards your saree pleats better than ordinary petticoats. So, you can carry your outfit better in shapewear than petticoats.

  1. Heavy Saree Tucking

Often, the drawstrings fastening in a petticoat fail to secure a heavy saree and risk disrobing easily. The comfy yet robust elastic waistband in a saree shapewear works wonders with all types of saree fabrics without unpleating the saree.

  1. Better Shape

If you are willing to create the perfect celebrity-style saree look, then shapewear is your thing. Shapewear highlights all your graceful curves while toning down the thighs and tummy area. Such a refined silhouette is ideal for all the desired saree styles and draping. Unlike a petticoat, you don’t need to wear tight pants under sarees to tone up your bottom.

  1. Adjustable

Petticoats follow a free-flowing structure, making it difficult for the undergarment to snuggle onto your body and recreate the exact look you want. Being stretchable and elastic, shapewear, on the other hand, adjusts according to your body and never fails to offer you a host of attractive benefits regardless of your physical assets.

Does Shapewear Flatten Stomach?

Much like the other ladies, I’m sure that you too must be wondering if shapewear tones your belly or not. Yes, shapewear flatten your stomach and give the appearance of inhaling and pulling the tummy inside.

A saree shapewear prevents exposing your belly fat and appears as your stomach is highly-toned and flat when wearing a saree. The shapewear keeps your stomach in shape for as long as you are wearing the undergarment. Once you remove the shapewear, you will regain your figure without affecting your body permanently.

How Many Inches Can A Shapewear Take Off?

Shapewear gained wildfire popularity due to its inch-cutting ability. A saree shapewear takes off 1-2 inches from your body, making you appear extra slim and confident in ethnic attire. Regardless of the type, all shapewear works the same and illusions a well-toned figure, as long as you are wearing the undergarment.

What are the Types of Saree Shapewear?

Saree shapewear comes in three types, each catering to specific requirements. Before picking out the best shapewear for your saree, I would suggest jotting down your objectives. Then, you can pick out the most suitable one among the three shapewear types for yourself.

  1. Regular Shapewear

The regular saree shapewear is a versatile underskirt and a must-have in your closet. These garments go down below your ankles and tone up your navel and hip regions. If you wish to get a slim torso appearance, you should give the regular shapewear a good try.

  1. Mermaid Shapewear

The mermaid shapewear is a hit among all women, especially the younger ones. When it comes to carrying a modern style saree, a slim yet curvy bottom is highly desirable. Such an appearance is a reality by wearing mermaid shapewear under your sarees. Though they cling to your figure, the mermaid shapewear is comfortable and well-aerated.

  1. Slit Mermaid Shapewear

For women who crave some extra movability when wearing mermaid shapewear, an improved version with a hem-slit is the perfect one for you. The slit mermaid shapewear accentuates your figure while allowing you better mobility than its simple counterpart.

How Do I Choose A Saree Shapewear Size?

Ideal shapewear is the one that fits you neither too tight nor too loose. But how do you find such best-fitting shapewear for yourself? To find the right saree shapewear for your saree look, you need to go for the perfect sizes. Follow the steps below and pick what’s best for you.

  • Before heading out to buy a saree shapewear, measure the sizes of your natural waistline and the hips. Breathe normally, and get a relaxed posture. Curve the measuring tape around your waist, and tighten the loop a bit. Now, note down your perfect waist size.
  • Similar to the waistline, you need to measure your hip size. For this step, you can ask others for assistance, if required. Make a slightly tight loop with a measuring tape around your buttocks, and note the size correctly.
  • Once you have the sizes of your waistline and hip, you can go through the shapewear brand’s size chart and pick the ideal undergarment for yourself quickly.

How Tight Should Shapewear Be?

Shapewear shouldn’t be as tight as obstructing your activities and breathing movements. Also, if shapewear is creating distorted bulges in your body while wearing a saree, then your shapewear is a too-tight one probably. To avoid all such faulty investments, I suggest you stick with your right sizes and try the undergarment before purchasing, if possible.

Should I Buy Shapewear One Size Smaller?

Inspired by the shapewear’s performance, many women doubt getting a smaller undergarment for enhanced accentuation and slimming. Let me tell you that even a slight deviation from the ideal shapewear size can be a trouble for you. You will feel trapped and breathless if your underskirt gets too tight. Smaller shapewear will hinder your movement to the extent of tripping over suddenly.

Moreover, tight and small shapewear will fail in creating a slim saree appearance. Wearing a smaller saree shapewear will distort your natural shape and highlight your chubbiness rather than concealing it. So, going for one size smaller saree shapewear isn’t a wise decision at all. Whenever wearing underskirt shapewear, go for the right size always.

Which One Is The Best Shapewear for You?

After knowing so much about sare shapewear, it’s time to make the final judgment regarding the undergarment choice. According to my opinion, you should own regular shapewear in your wardrobe to complement all your saree looks. The regular shapewear is moderately tight at the bottom, allowing freedom of movement. Besides, you can go for mermaid shapewear if you wish to achieve the curves required to create the perfect saree-diva look.

Moreover, shapewear remains in touch with your skin intimately. So, go ahead with the ideal size and fitting, and avoid going for tight or smaller ones. Such a wise choice will save you from feeling unnatural when wearing a saree.

Sarees and shapewear are turning out to be the most sought-after duo nowadays. While sarees demand a smooth figure to look as expected, the shapewear creates the exact foundation for the attire effortlessly. I feel investing in saree shapewear is the wisest decision one can make. Just remain aware of your objectives and measurements before picking shapewear, and you are all set to slay any saree on all occasions.