This Is What Art Silk Sarees Are Made Of

What is art silk saree made of

A saree is the perfect ethnic attire that Indian women of all ages cherish due to their grace and elegance. It is an outfit that you can not only wear at special functions but also in day to day lives as well. You can choose from chiffon, georgette, cotton, silk and numerous more when it comes to fabrics. However, when any woman contemplates buying a saree for a special occasion, silk is the most preferred fabric choice. 

However, don’t feel disheartened if you can’t afford pure silk as nowadays there are substitutes available in the market that mirror silk sarees and are low-priced such as Art Silk sarees or Artificial Silk sarees. If you are wondering what is art silk saree made of? These art silk sarees are made with superior quality artificial silk fabric hence making it more economical. Art Silk sarees are additionally an excellent choice for formal workplace parties because they are stylish and comfortable. These sarees manifest modern themes, artistic patterns and contemporary versions of classical art styles. 

What is art silk saree made of?

If you are curious and are questioning ‘What kind of fabric is art silk?’ ‘How is art silk saree different from any other silk?‘ Let me answer this for you

Silk Weaving Old Machine

Art silk is primarily known as artificial silk created by blending silk, cotton, viscose and wool fabric. Artificial silk fabric is non-original material created from artificial fibre like viscose and other textiles in India. This textile is also termed Viscose Fabric and hence is very much affordable than pure silk fabric. Furthermore, the manufacturing and production cost of art silk sarees are less than genuine silk sarees as pure silk sarees are crafted from natural silk thread, which is expensive and takes a prolonged weaving time. Although the prices of art silk sarees are less, these sarees’ pattern and design are identical with genuine silk sarees giving them an opulent look. 

Simultaneously, genuine silk is produced by farming silkworms that feast on mulberry cotyledon (mentioned in the image above) while artificial or art silk is manufactured from synthetic cellulose filament and blend of fabrics like rayon. These artificial silk sarees are crafted from excellent quality synthetic silk material for giving you that perfect feel. 

Is art silk saree soft?

According to the global silk industry, India is one of the largest silk manufacturers and is widely regarded in the world for its silk since ages. Art Silk sarees are an artificially created attire parallelling delicate, soft, and extremely tender silk to touch. These art silk sarees are among the top-selling traditional attires in the fashion industry. This textile provides plenty of room for embroidery and printing on this saree. Art Silk can be a perfect go-to attire when looking for an excellent traditional party wear outfit.

These sarees hold an exemplary artwork and heavy adornments like patchwork, embroidery, sequin work and gold or silver zari work similar to a simple silk saree

What is the difference between art silk and poly silk

The term ‘art’ in art silk saree does not relate to being creative. This ‘Art’ in an art silk saree implies artificial silk. 

While genuine poly-silk is manufactured by rearing silkworms that feast on mulberry cotyledon, On the other hand, the art or synthetic silk is manufactured from synthetic textile and blend of elements like Viscose. The major difference between both the fabrics is the effect which engraving of the design holds on the fabric.

The backside of an engraved genuine poly silk saree will show its impression on the backside while the art silk saree will not show any impression and will remain plain. Genuine poly-silk is remarkably sleek and delicate and can pass through a finger ring, however, art silk is slightly thicker than real poly-silk. This is the only slight difference between poly silk and art silk saree that you can easily overlook as art silk sarees nowadays arrive to provide you with plenty of benefits and that too at an affordable price range.  

Reasons Why Art Silk Saree is an Outstanding Replacement for Pure Silk Saree

For any wedding, family get-togethers or special occasions, numerous women prefer silk due to its luxury and copiousness. Although getting a simple silk saree can make a hole in your purse. Artificial silk sarees can be a perfect substitute for genuine silk sarees and at a very economical price. These art silk sarees resemble original silk sarees in the most similar ways. 

If you want to attend a gathering in a traditional saree that provides a rich look at an affordable price, then art silk sarees are a must-have in your wardrobe that is a viable option for genuine silk sarees. Here are some great reasons how an art silk saree can be a perfect substitute for a genuine silk saree.

Art silk sarees are as airy and convenient as genuine silk

Art silk sarees are super comfortable, airy and delicate just like a pure silk saree and all these features make these artificial silk sarees an absolute pick for hot summer days or any day time function. There is zero distinction in a simple silk saree and an art silk saree when it comes to comfort, weight, and quality of the fabric. You can also carry these art silk sarees for rocking your everyday workplace look. 

The quality of pure silk at the cost of a cotton saree

If you hold a low price budget or do not feel like spending too much money purchasing a silk saree but also desirous of getting that perfect look, you must look no further than amazing art silk sarees. 

There are various art silk saree options available online these days as the production cost of art silk sarees is relatively low compared to a simple silk saree as these art silk sarees are made from artificial viscose fabric making the price of these sarees much lower than real silk sarees. However, the usage of synthetic fabric does not make these sarees look less attractive. The engravings and designs on art silk sarees perfectly resemble the real ones making them the most desired choice.  

Artificial silk is as delicate as cotton, comfortable as wool, opulent as silk

The Art silk sarees are crafted by blending various fabrics like wool, silk and cotton. Even after getting crafted by a diversity of fabrics, these art silk sarees hold similar characteristics as natural silk fibres, which makes it an excellent selection for your modern wardrobe.  

Art silk sarees do not swathe body warmth and provide you with coolness throughout the day

If you are looking for an appropriate saree that will keep you cool and comfortable during a scorching heat and humidity, then you must opt for these art silk sarees. These breathable art silk sarees do not retain body heat hence keeping you cool throughout the day that is not possible when you wear a heavy or genuine silk saree as genuine silk does not insulate the body heat and further make it difficult for you to wear them. 

The bottom line 

Artificial silk or art silk is an artificial human crafted fabric that imitates silk; however, holds a lesser production cost. Art silk sarees have gained widespread popularity among Indian women in the past few years due to its economical pricing and amazing patterns that hold heavy embellishments and embroideries. These artificial silk sarees are the perfect blend of advancement and technology in the fashion world. There was the constant yearning of something that could match the luxury of silk at a reasonable price, and art silk sarees hold all these merits perfectly.

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