What Do You Wear Under Lehenga?

Women Shapewear

Lehengas are the epitome of luxury. But, it might not always be convenient to carry a lehenga, especially when you do not have the perfect innerwear. In this article, I will discuss the best garments to wear under a lehenga for an enhanced show, comfort, and convenience according to various concerns and real-life scenarios. Let’s dive in, shall we?

1. Shapewear

Lehenga is a fluffy bottom-wear. It usually remains flared like a skirt. So, many times, women prefer wearing lehengas without thinking about their thigh shapes. Do you know? Your thigh and lower belly fat can ruin your lehenga appearance. Is there a way out to escape such a mishap? Yes, shapewear!

I recommend ladies and to-be brides to wear shapewear underneath lehengas. You can go for short shapewear during summers to beat the summer heat while appearing fit during the entire function. It will tone up your lower belly and thighs to give you the perfect lehenga appearance that you were craving for eternity.

2. Petticoats

Your lehenga might have excessive detailing. It can have numerous stitches transforming it into an itchy garment, especially if it’s a wedding lehenga. I have seen many brides complaining about irritation and rashes near thighs and legs after carrying a heavy lehenga for a prolonged period.

Luckily, you can go for a little secret under the lehenga. You can wear a matching petticoat to prevent the lehenga fabric from directly touching your skin. Tie your petticoat on your waist before wearing the lehenga on your D-day. Such a hack will protect your skin from feeling uncomfortable while wearing the lehenga even for hours.

3. Elastic Band Petticoats

Are you planning to wear a lehenga in your baby shower? Or, do you wish to carry a lehenga to a wedding while you are expecting? 

Wearing a lehenga on bare and sensitive skin during pregnancy can cause intense irritation. So, you might be willing to carry an undergarment beneath the lehenga. However, you cannot wear anything too tight on your belly. What are the alternatives in such a scenario?

I prefer carrying an elastic band petticoat under the lehenga during pregnancy. You can wear it below the navel if you like showing your bump. However, you can wear the petticoat above the navel to hide your belly and avoid the band from compressing your bump.

4. Palazzo Pants

Let’s admit, wearing a lehenga makes us feel uncomfortable. And carrying a petticoat under a lehenga can make it horrible! It might decrease your efficiency in an event. But, you have to rush and do work. What to do in such a scenario?

It’s simple! You can wear matching palazzo pants underneath your lehengas to feel more comfortable. The palazzo pants can be extremely simple and comfortable. All you need is to ensure that your lehenga and palazzo pants have the same colors. 

However, you should avoid wearing such pants beneath translucent lehenga fabrics like organza and net.

5. Strapless Bra

Who likes the bra-straps peeping out of the cholis? I am sure, no one! Also, it’s highly inconvenient to check on your straps or pin them with your blouse. So, how to hide them when wearing gorgeous lehengas? 

You can wear strapless bras with your lehenga and stay carefree. These bras enhance your feminine figure without ruining your lehenga appearance by exposing the straps frequently. You can also wear bras having transparent straps and hook bands with your lehenga. Since these bras have transparent straps, they will not come out or remain hidden even if they do.

6. Crop Top Camisole

Many lehengas have thin blouses. They tend to expose the lines of your bras. Such a wardrobe malfunction can ruin your lehenga appearance forever. So, you might consider wearing something above your bra before wearing the blouse.

It becomes simple to hide bra lines when your choli is somewhat longer but stays above the navel. You can wear a crop-top camisole to hide the bra marks and appear graceful after carrying your lehenga choli outfit at any event. I will recommend going for a cotton camisole under your choli for optimum comfort.

7. Bra Vest Crop Top

Do you know? Fashion experts suggest wearing peplum cholis with lehengas during winters. However, carrying a synthetic or satin peplum blouse can be troublesome during cold seasons. It might make you feel cold and uncomfortable during the entire tenure. Can you avoid such a mishap? Yes, you can!

You can buy a matching Bra-vest crop top with a plunge neck to stay warm underneath your lehenga choli. It will not only support your feminine curves and protect cold from entering through the blouses to your body. Also, you can choose bra-vests with transparent straps to appear perfect in a lehenga outfit. Give it a shot once!

8. Jeans

Winters can be harsh for lehenga wearers. However, you can protect yourself from cold waves with some hacks. You can cover the upper part easily. But, what about the bottom portion. You cannot wear several layers under the lehenga as they might make you appear not-in-shape. Is there an alternative? Yes!

You can carry out the age-old technique underneath the lehengas. How about wearing a pair of jeans beneath the lehenga? That’s what I recommend to girls and brides carrying lehengas during winters. It will keep your legs warm and make you feel comfortable for a prolonged period.

9. Saree Slimwear

Carrying a petticoat under a fish-cut lehenga can ruin your appearance. Also, most of us have improper thighs and belly areas. That’s normal! You can appear fit underneath the lehengas by wearing a saree slimwear under the lehengas. These accentuate your curves and give you the mermaid-like appearance that you were craving for eternity. Remember that you need to choose matching slimwear to avoid it from getting exposed when wearing a translucent net or organza lehenga.

Now, you have the best answer for “what do you wear under lehenga?“. These innerwear clothes will be your friend when wearing any type of lehenga. Also, you can carry lehenga outfits during all seasons by pairing the best undergarments according to the weather. So, what makes you wait? Choose a suitable undergarment for your lehenga and go, girl!