What is Art Silk Saree – Everything You Want to Know!

What is art silk saree made of

Art silk sarees are significant ensembles in our closets. However, you might not know everything about these gorgeous garments and have many questions regarding art silk sarees. Don’t worry; I will walk you through all aspects of art silk sarees in the below post.

An art silk saree is a saree that is not real silk but made of synthetic man-made fiber. These sarees appear like authentic silk sarees but have significantly low prices. They are easy to maintain, airy, comfortable, and lightweight as compared to pure silk sarees.

How to recognize art silk saree?

Identifying art silk sarees can be a tough game for saree lovers, especially if they are new drapers. But, you can easily differentiate art silk sarees from others if you know the following points.

1. Art silk sarees have a pure silk-like texture

Since art silk sarees are replicas of their pure silk versions, they have a silk-like weaving texture and traditional designs. Since most women are already familiar with pure silk sarees, they can identify art silk ones without difficulties.

2. They have a shiny appearance

Like silk sarees, art silk ensembles have a shimmery appearance and shine at a specific angle under bright light, making it simple to identify them.

3. Art silk sarees are soft to touch

You can touch an art silk saree to confirm its authenticity. These are soft to touch unlike other sarees like the cotton ones.

4. They are lightweight sarees

Another prominent aspect of art silk sarees is their light weightiness. They are usually soft, fluffy, and flimsy.

5. Pallu has a contrast color in art silk sarees

A typical art silk saree has a contrasting pallu than the remaining attire, making it simple to segregate them from other sarees.

What is the difference between pure silk and art silk?

Pure and art silk sarees share multiple differences. Here are some of the primary comparison points. Have a look!

1. Art silk sarees have man-made fibers

Pure silk is a by-product of silkworms. In contrast, art silk threads are synthetic and man-made. So, you burning pure silk thread produces a burning sulfur smell, unlike art silk fiber. Check this article to know more on what art silk saree is made of.

2. Art silk sarees are uniform

Pure silk sarees are handwoven and might have non-uniform weaving. However, art silk sarees are uniform as they are machine-woven. So, art silk saree fabric remains flawless with no sewing abnormality.

3. Art silk sarees are inexpensive

Art silk sarees are highly inexpensive than pure silk sarees, making them an excellent identification factor. You can find an art silk saree by spending around INR 150/-. However, pure silk sarees require you to spend thousands or even lakhs of rupees.

4. Art silk sarees are easily available

Pure silk sarees have authentication marks and aren’t easily available. You can find them only in exclusive showrooms. However, you can find art silk sarees in almost every saree shop.

Moving on, let’s explore the origin of art silk sarees.

History of art silk fabric

Since we are discussing art silk sarees, you might be intrigued to know about the art silk fabric’s history. Here’s a brief walk-through!

In the 1890s, the first trial to synthesize art silk from cellulose fiber became successful. It was, then, called viscose or art silk. Another significant event in the history of art silk occurred in 1924 when the thread was renamed rayon in the United States. However, art silk remained popular as viscose in Europe. 

The journey of modern-day art silk encountered a significant milestone when Henry Ford and his chemists, Robert Boyer and Frank Calvert, manufactured artificial silk using soybean fibers in 1931. They primarily used it to make felt hats, suits, and overcoats.  

The first synthetic fiber, Nylon, was manufactured in the United States in the 1930s and used to substitute Japanese silk during World War II. However, they did not market the thread as art silk during that period. Nylon has better properties than rayon and silk, even when wet. So, they used Nylon to build military equipment like parachutes and army camps. 

Nowadays, mercerized cotton, rayon, polyester, or a blend of silk and rayon is primarily used to produce an imitation of art silk.

Type of art silk sarees

Since its inception, weavers have massively used art silk to produce imitation silk sarees. Nowadays, you can find multiple varieties of art silk sarees.

Depending on the design, color schemes, and patterns, you can segregate different types of art silk sarees. These sarees are ideal for various occasions and times of the day. So, let’s understand the types of art silk sarees and learn their difference right below!

1. Banarasi art silk saree

A Banarasi art silk saree has golden and silver threads weaved into foliage and floral motifs. You can easily identify a Banarasi art silk saree by the contrasting color palette and Mughal-inspired designs. They are soft sarees and lightweight compared to the authentic Banarasi sarees.

2. Kanjivaram art silk saree

Another popular choice among art silk sarees is Kanjivaram art silk sarees. These are replicas of the original Kancheepuram sarees. So, you can find characteristic South Indian designs on the art silk sarees like temple motifs, checks, and even stripes. These are shiny and lustrous fabrics ideal for carrying out at evening parties.

3. Chanderi art silk saree

Inspired by the famous art silk sarees from Chanderi, the Chanderi art silk sarees are ideal for carrying in parties and functions. These sarees have coin designs, peacock motifs, and floral patterns. The expensive Chanderi art silk sarees can be a bit transparent and flimsy like the pure-silk garments. 

4. Bhagalpuri art silk saree

Unlike other art silk sarees, the Bhagalpuri variation has a soothing color palette. So, I prefer carrying them at morning events like Haldi and Sangeet ceremonies. They are soft sarees having floral motifs and crossed borders. These characteristics make it easy for anyone to identify a Bhagalpuri art silk saree.

5. Assam art silk sarees

The off-white, beige, or golden Assam art silk sarees are my favorite. These are generally made of golden art silk fibers. You can easily recognize an Assam silk saree from its pale base having designs in black, red, brown, and white. Also, these artificial silk sarees have smaller and sparse designs. Unlike pure Assam silk sarees, the art silk variations can be bit coarse and lighter.

6. Bomkai art silk saree

Link: https://www.adimohinimohankanjilal.com/art-bomkai-silk-saree-adi66923.html

Bomkai art silk sarees are famous among many women and silk lovers. You can find exquisite fish motifs in Bomkai art silk sarees. However, the inexpensive Bomkai art silk sarees have lighter designs than the pure silk variations. 

Usually, the manufacturers weave authentic fish designs on the borders of Bomkai art silk sarees. The remaining body can have modern designs or simple patterns like dots, stripes, and checks.

These were the six famous types of art silk sarees. You can easily find them online or in any shop at affordable price points. Since they are durable, they will remain with you for a prolonged period.

Art silk sarees famous in each region

Specific regions in India have at least one favorite and renowned art silk saree. So, you should visit the area to buy beautiful art silk sarees of the desired type at affordable prices. Here is a list of all places in India and their famous art silk sarees. Have a look below!

  • Uttar Pradesh

Since Banaras or Varanasi is a popular city in Uttar Pradesh, you can find numerous Banarasi art silk sarees in the state and town. 

  • Tamil Nadu

You can easily buy gorgeous Kanjivaram art silk sarees in Tamil Nadu. Many women carry these ensembles everywhere, making it an in-demand garment in the state. 

  • Odisha

Bomkai and Ikat art silk sarees are highly popular in all parts of Odisha.

  • Assam

As the name suggests, you can easily find gorgeous Assam art silk sarees in all towns of the Assam district of India.

  • West Bengal

West Bengal is a famous place to shop for inexpensive Baluchari and Tussar art silk sarees at affordable price points.

  • Madhya Pradesh

Since Chanderi is a prominent industrial town in Madhya Pradesh, you can find several Chanderi art silk sarees in the state.

  • Karnataka

Karnataka is a renowned destination to shop for Mysore art silk sarees at inexpensive rates.

Benefits of art silk sarees

While you were reading the above information regarding art silk sarees, a common question might hit your mind. Why do people buy art silk sarees? Or, more precisely, what are the benefits of buying art silk sarees?

Let’s discuss the answers right here!

1. Art silk sarees are extremely lightweight

The synthetic fibers used to manufacture art silk sarees are extremely lightweight. Even an intricately detailed art silk saree is lighter than a simple cotton saree. So, you do not require to worry about managing these sarees when carrying them on any occasion.

2. Art silk sarees are comfortable to wear

Since art silk sarees are lightweight, breathable, and highly manageable, these garments are comfortable to wear. If you are new to draping sarees, the easily-wearable art silk sarees will be the perfect option for you. Also, you can wear these lightweight and settling sarees in the blink of an eye.

3. They are easy to maintain

Unlike pure silk sarees, the art silk sarees do not fade or get destroyed by sunlight. Also, they are resistant to atmospheric conditions and pest infestation. Thus, you do not require storing them or ironing them extremely carefully.

4. Art silk sarees are highly inexpensive

The best thing about art silk sarees is that you can buy them at affordable price points. You can get replicas of your favorite pure silk sarees at the rates of a cotton saree. Isn’t that interesting?

5. Art silk sarees keep you cool

Art silk sarees are extremely breathable and airy. You can carry them during scorching summers without perspiring or feeling tired even after 24 hours. They are non-insulated and freely allow the passage of air.

By now, you are all caught up with the necessary information regarding art silk sarees. Are you looking to buy these sarees online? I’ve something for you below if it’s a yes!

Art silk sarees price

All the while, I have been mentioning that art silk sarees are inexpensive. But, how much? You might have something similar in your mind. Right? 

Well, art silk sarees remain available at various price points. Here are some online art silk saree listings for your reference.

1. Gauri Laxmi Enterprise Women’s Art Silk Saree With Blouse Piece – INR 149/-

2. Kanchan Women’s Kanchipuram Art Silk Saree With Unstitched Blouse Piece – INR 299/-

3. Ethnicjunction Women’s Banarasi Silk Saree With Blouse Piece – INR 422/-

4. Anni Designer Printed Bomkai Art Silk Saree – INR 669/-

Link: https://www.flipkart.com/anni-designer-printed-bomkai-art-silk-saree/p/itmaf29ea642a62e

5. BPLASH FASHION Printed Baluchari Silk Saree – INR 535/-

Link: https://www.flipkart.com/bplash-fashion-printed-baluchari-pure-silk-saree/p/itm490a4fd582050

6. Unnati Silks Women Black & White Chanderi Art Silk Saree – INR 719/-

Link: https://www.myntra.com/sarees/unnati-silks/unnati-silks-women–black–white—chanderi-art-silk-saree/15523962/buy

Is art silk saree good?

After discussing so much regarding art silk sarees, you might be thinking if these ensembles are good and worth carrying or not. Well, yes, they are! 

You can get the luxury of wearing pure silk sarees at the cost of cotton sarees. Also, they are lightweight and breathable. It means that the art silk sarees won’t make you feel tired even after a prolonged period. Isn’t it a worthy deal?

Art silk sarees have my heart. As you know everything about art silk sarees now, it’s time to go on a shopping spree and pick some gorgeous pieces for you at the earliest. Happy shopping!