What is the right age to wear a saree?

Being an Indian woman, Saree is an integral part of our culture. I have friends who wear sarees on several occasions and drape them so beautifully. On the other hand, I wear ready-made Anarkalis, because I don’t really know how to look like a diva in friends who wear sarees on several occasions and carry it so gracefully. There is no right age to wear a saree, you just need to know when draping this beautiful garment of traditional value feels right.

What is the right age to wear a saree? It can be worn at any age. I have seen a lot of proud moms who let their daughters wear a saree, irrespective of age. You can find a half saree for a 5-year-old girl or a half saree for an 11-year-old girl. Actually, it’s all up to you whether your body is comfortable with a saree or not. As per mostly conclude, 18 years of age is most idol age to wear saree because you can hold it gently, show with elegance, and walk with confidence. Also, you can wear anything at any age, unless you will not be messed up with heavy clothes.

The trick is to learn a few hacks which will help you drape a saree properly. It’s time you learn these hacks, understand the basics and carry yourself in a saree gracefully. Let’s explore sarees for people at different ages.

Half-saree look at age of 11 to 13 years

The Half saree look is prominent in South India. You can also call it a two-piece saree or Half Lehenga. There are three pieces – a flared skirt, blouse and a dupatta draped like a saree. You can get a half saree for your 13-year girl.

In South India’s sari history, the Half- saree is worn when the saree ceremony is celebrated. It marks the time when a girl becomes a lady. The half-saree normally has a bright colour-contrast. 

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Finding sarees for your toddlers?

When the little ones wear ethnic sarees, it just shows the importance of saree in the Indian culture. If you are looking for a beautiful ethnic look for your princess, I have listed some guidelines for you. 

Accessories for her – You need accessories that match your daughter’s saree. Ensure that the accessories are selected according to her age. For example: In summer, you might look for a breathing fabric which is light-weight. You can add a watch or bracelet to add to the look.

Saree styling – You can get a ready-made saree for your daughter or stitch one at home. The second option can be a little confusing but it holds more value to the Indian culture. While selecting a styling method, you should check for small things like colours, shapes and patterns. It should suit your princess and ensure that she is comfortable with the fabric. 

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Saree draping hacks for the ladies

Take it from experience. Draping a saree can turn out to be disastrous. I did not and I kept seeing these videos on Youtube but they weren’t helpful. I landed on some useful tips which may look as tiny details but make a big difference. If you want to flaunt that diva look, I am sharing those tips here with you.

Pinning it right

One of the most important things is pinning at the right places. I always ended up looking like my mom when I wore a saree. But, then I realized what was going wrong. You should pin up all the pleats keeping them in place. It’s better if you pin all the pleats to your petticoat. Don’t forget to pin your pallu to your shoulder on the blouse. It will hold your diva look. 

Select darker colours

Opting for darker colours will give you a slimmer and younger look. You can add a little contrast by taking a dark blouse with a lighter border.  Choose colours like red, maroon or navy blue. I take inspiration from the stunning sarees of Bipasha Basu. She nails the dark colours showing us how it’s done right. 

Fish-cut Petticoat

Don’t worry, the Fish-cut Petticoat was a new concept for me too. I saw Madhuri Dixit flaunting it in her Instagram posts and then understood the concept. This petticoat is designed to enhance the hips and give you a slimmer look. It kind of hides your thigh fat, making your waist look small. This is a good option for healthier women who like wearing satin or net sarees.

Go for light fabrics

I cannot stress enough but you should opt for lighter fabrics. This hack has helped me survive with my friends who somehow always seem to look beautiful in every saree. I avoid fabrics like silk and velvet. If you are looking for a light-weight look, you can opt for Georgette or Net. They don’t make you look bulky and give a minimalistic look.

Full sleeves? Always

I like how full sleeves give women an elegant look.  You don’t need to worry about the heavy fabrics. You can select net fabric for your sleeves. The full-length sleeved blouse somehow just makes a woman look more Indian and feminine. You can also go for a 3/4th length sleeve as per your convenience.

Flaunting your saree in the 20s

Every age has a different saree style. When in your 20s you need something chick, casual as well as traditional. I get it because I have tried to do the same thing. I tried to mix and match to find which style fits me the best. I learnt that there are different types of sarees for different states. You can opt for the ones that women wear in your state or select a more modern look.

Honestly, I had so many doubts about my attire. How would I look? Will I look fat or like my mom? Will I look good? There is no definite answer. You will always look beautiful in a saree. You just need the right people to guide you. Let me help you here.

Refuse the boring styles 

Go for something that speaks out your personality and matches your vibe. I agree that there are some pieces in our mom’s closet which are evergreen. But, you need to ditch them for a while in your 20s. You need to opt for sarees which are net, satin or Georgette.

The wedding look

One of the most important things about wearing a saree in your 20s is nailing that wedding look. You need sarees that look ethnic and make you stand out from your girlfriends. Ladies, we need those heads then when you walk in the hall. Yes, that’s the look we are talking about.

Fashion with comfort

Another thing that I really want to emphasize is being comfortable with what you wear. Yes, you should wear a chick saree but you also have to be comfortable with your outfit. Comfort over Fashion is what the divas strive for.

How to find your dream saree?

I tried different fabrics and styles to find out which saree matches my vibe. I wear net sarees when I go to events with my friends. I opt for satin for family functions. You just have to keep trying out different styles to find what matches your style and comfort. Select colours that compliment your skin tone. Don’t go for too loud colours or patterns. You can start wearing a saree at any age, you just need a style which suits you. 

There are several choices. You can go for different styles like traditional, Gujarati, Maharashtrian, Mumtaaz or Mermaid style. You can mix and match it with jeans giving it a modern look. If you search a little harder, you will find stunning sarees at an affordable price. It takes some effort but it benefits you in the long run. Everyone has a different style and you just have to find it.

Final Verdict

While wrapping up the article, one thing is pretty much clear that a saree is one of the best clothes to wear. There is no such age to wear a saree because now the saree becomes modernize and can be whore at any age. For those who wish to wear a saree at a small age, a half saree for 11 years of age girls can be a good option.  And for all others, the world of sarees is all yours.