When should we wear saree?

Woman wearing saree

Sarees are ethereal and versatile, we all know it. Much like me, you might have a diverse range of sarees in your closet, suited for all occasions and time in the day. But, do you fall in a dilemma of when should you wear a saree, is it fine to wear on a particular occasion or not? If yes, then you are not the only one! Don’t worry anymore. I am here to share some tips on when should we wear a saree and when not with you. Stay tuned! 

When should we wear a saree?

You can wear a saree at casual events during the daytime, weddings, farewell parties and cultural festivals. Besides celebrations, sarees are ideal for wearing at offices and meetings. Housewives wear sarees as part of daily wear. A saree is worn by young girl during her puberty function.

Occasions where sarees are the ideal dress code

Sarees are the favorite attire for most Indian ladies. From housewives to celebrities to renowned executives like Indira Nooyi, all women love sarees and carry them at various events. Below are occasions where sarees are the ideal dress code.

Sarees to Reminisce Your Farewell

Are you a student? Then you should desperately wait for graduation day to wear a saree and make this memorable day more special. You can have it wear in groups of your friends to click several pictures and reminisce about it for your life. Get a saree that shall both look fashionable as well as classy so as to make you look presentable enough for your special day. 

Get a Sophisticated Look with Sarees in Workspace or Meetings

If you think that it is always wearing formals for office or meetings or any professional work, then you might need to reconsider wearing a saree again. This is because a saree can be one elegant attire that shall have a lasting impression. While bold or dark color sarees would not suit the occasion, but sarees of soft colors or neutral and pastel colors would pop out the professional quality. Draping the saree in a quite formal manner and also preferring natural or handlooms are quite trendy these days. Also, remember to pin the pallu and the pleats of your saree to make you feel comfortable. 

Start a saree business

Working ladies are required to be presentable enough and with a saree, you can get a sophisticated look. Even for work or business and corporate meetings, cotton sarees shall be the best for that occasion. Try making it simple and rather not go for shining jewellery. 

Celebrate Your Culture Wearing a Saree at Indian Festivals

What can be the best day for wearing sarees on occasions and festivals? Everything about cultures and festivals carves for authenticity and tradition. India is a country of festivals and every occasion has a significance with traditions and customs. On several festivals like Holi, Durga Puja, Diwali, or any pujas, you can doll up with designer sarees of vibrant colors to match the vibe of the occasion. Simultaneously, you can pair them up with jewellery and accessories to blend them with your outlook. You can choose the best type of sarees with a light border for different occasions. 

Get Comfy at Casual events by Wearing a Saree

Sarees being the go-to attire can be worn even during casual gatherings like get-togethers or family meetings. Any sarees with subtle border work would make you look stunning. These are perfect events for boasting your saree collection. You can also try out sarees with abstract prints or any stripes. Even polka dot sarees would look really beautiful on you. Although, you need to pair them with simple and minimal accessories.

Spark Your Parties with Heavy Sarees

Wearing dresses, and skirts are quite outdated now. So, to put out an impression, you can try experimenting with sarees. Fancy sarees shall be the showstopper for parties or social gatherings. You can flaunt your new sarees and wear them in an Indo-western style. You can also go for any shiny blouses that shall compliment your saree. You can also go for stylish and sleep designer sarees or even for chic sarees that shall speak volumes of your dressing sense. Even lightweight net sarees or georgette sarees are also some of the styles that you can adopt. 

Match the Traditional Ambiance with Bridal Sarees at Weddings

A wedding calls for wearing sarees and you can choose any designer or shiny or silky saree to match the occasion. You just do not need to wear a saree for one occasion, since a saree is a versatile piece of clothing, you can go for several types of sarees like lehenga sarees, fish cut sarees, designer sarees. Go for a saree weaved with elegant and exquisite fabric like silk, satin, chiffon, or georgette. But you can also choose silk sarees for a more authentic or traditional look.

When not to wear a saree?

You must be wondering as to when you cannot wear a saree. Well, while sarees can be comfortable and pretty easy to wear, although these do not suit all occasions and this is why you need to know certain places where you shouldn’t wear a saree.

Wearing a Saree During Exercise will Make You Uncomfortable

Wearing a saree on a regular basis can be uncomplicated and convenient but wearing it while exercising or jogging can make you feel uncomfortable. You need to stretch and be more flexible while exercising and it can be quite uncomfortable for you. This is why you should avoid wearing one while exercising. However, you can wear a saree when indulging in brisk exercises like walking.

Don’t Risk Falling by Wearing a Saree During Adventurous Trips 

While ongoing on any adventurous act, you need to wear something that shall make you feel comfortable and a saree is not something that can help you at the moment. While trekking or paragliding, rafting, or any other adventurous activity, wearing a saree would make you stumble. 


Saree holds a special place in the hearts of every Indian woman and every woman starts with wearing their mother’s saree. You try out wearing a saree when you are a kid and go on to wear a saree on several occasions thereon. This is just pretty beautiful that every time we wear one, we get so excited and have several memories of it.

Now that all your confusion regarding when should we wear the saree is clear, you can pick your perfect saree for your next occasion. The sari is the one piece of clothing that can be draped in a variety of ways and in several distinct ways and you can create a traditional to professional impact with the way you wear it. In comparison to tight jeans and dresses, the saree is the most relaxed ensemble. It would provide you with the best comfort and you wouldn’t feel it as too tight to loose. Saree being one of the acceptable and widely prevalent pieces of clothing in all cultures, can be worn to any event. You can have a glamorous look with the type and style in which you drape the saree.