Why Do Women Wear Transparent Sarees?

Transparent Saree

Sarees (or saris) are worn by women on the Indian subcontinent, which includes India, the Maldives, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. The saree has taken on a different form in recent years, though. Alongside cotton and silk are transparent net sarees, and women’s reasons for wearing them are numerous and varied.

Women wear transparent sarees because it allows them control of how much skin they show and because they look great at formal events. If you choose to wear a saree, you should select a non-transparent blouse and wear as few accessories as possible.

Below, we’ll go into more detail about why women wear transparent sarees and what you should keep in mind when wearing a transparent saree. On top of tips about how to wear them properly, we’ll also reveal different ways to wear sarees.

What Are the Reasons Women Wear Transparent Sarees?

The reasons women wear transparent sarees boil down to more than “because it’s modernized Indian garb.” While the outfit is prevalent on the Indian subcontinent, the transparent saree is worn by ladies worldwide. Transparent sarees are very fashionable now – they add a sexy twist to an old classic. 

Keep reading to see a few reasons the transparent saree is so popular.

You Can Choose How Much of Yourself You Want To Show

A transparent saree is clothing tailored for adjustability and versatility. One of the beautiful things about sarees is that you control how much skin is exposed. If you’re the type that’s comfortable showing a fair bit of skin, you can pick a saree or blouse (like a tube top) that reflects that.  

If you prefer to stay mostly covered, then you can choose a saree and blouse (something with long sleeves) combination that allows that. Transparent sarees can punch up the outfit and add sensual flair while still following the traditional style.

They Look Good at Weddings and Parties

The classy, typically ornate design of transparent sarees makes them massive hits at parties and weddings. The net material still allows you to pull off the traditional look while looking modern and elegant. Formal parties and weddings are the perfect time to do your best accessorizing because the point is to have a bit of fun. 

There Are Many Ways To Drape a Transparent Saree

You might be thinking that it’s not very easy to drape a saree in ways that look good like you’ve seen in pictures. In reality, though, transparent sarees can be draped in hundreds of different ways. Changing the way you drape your saree occasionally can add a fresh new spin to your outfit. It’s the perfect clothing for creative types because there are different ways to wear it.

Transparent Sarees Are Comfortable

Sarees have plenty of breathing room and aren’t tight and clingy like some other kinds of clothing can be. The traditional Hindu garment fits every body type, as you can drape them to flatter your body. The transparent saree is light and airy – perfect for when it gets hot – and you can show your figure without wearing tight clothing.

Clothes sometimes sacrifice comfort for the sake of looking good – cozy clothes exist for a reason. But sarees don’t have that issue if appropriately fitted. You can even wear transparent sarees as both formal and casual wear.

What To Keep in Mind When Wearing a Transparent Saree

The first thing we should go over about wearing a transparent saree is that you don’t have to be from any part of the Indian Subcontinent to don one. It’s perfectly fine for, say, an English, American, or Canadian lady to wear one. However, it does help to have a healthy respect for the outfit and how to know how to wear it.

Transparent sarees take a bit more effort to style and wear appropriately than the traditional sort. So, there are a few rules that you should keep in mind when wearing one. 

Here are just a few of them:

Pick the Right Blouse

When wearing a transparent saree, make sure that your blouse is non-transparent and well-fitted. The saree is already see-through; there needs to be some solid color to pull the outfit together, and if the blouse is loose, it’ll clash with the open pallu.

Consider Leaving Your Pallu Unpleated

The pallu is the part of the saree that drapes over your arm. With a traditional saree, it’s a common practice to pleat the pallu to complete the ensemble. The material often looks better with a transparent saree when it’s allowed to drape open and flowy.

Go Light on the Accessories

You don’t have to wear many accessories with any saree, but it’s especially unnecessary with a transparent one. Transparent saree are typically ornate, and the sheer material is a bold statement all its own. A necklace or nice earrings, maybe a bracelet is fine; but you won’t need much more than that.

Pick a Proper Petticoat

The petticoat is the bottom half of the three-part outfit. Usually, you don’t have to try too hard to match a saree, as the contrast can add to the look. Transparent sarees, on the other hand, require more coordination. Petticoats should match the color of the blouse and be made of satin.

Ideas for Wearing Transparent Sarees

A big part of wearing a transparent saree is to show off your belly. The issue with that is, not every woman will feel that way. There are ways to make transparent sarees, not so transparent. The first trick is to find a closed or boat neck blouse that’s close to the same color as the saree. 

The second part of lessening your saree’s translucence is to pick a petticoat that’s close to the same color. Transparent sarees call for a matching blouse and petticoat anyway, so this set shouldn’t be a big deal. 

Your final step – and this might sound confusing – will be adding some pleating to the pallu. Earlier, we said you might want to refrain from this, but adding pleats can make the saree less see-through and still look good if done well.

You can choose a shimmer petticoat if you’re wearing a less glamorous transparent saree. The shimmering glitter bottoms will add an extra flair to your outfit. Traditional sarees tend to be worn with wide, more flared petticoats. But straight cuts look better with translucent sarees.

A different option for tying your saree is at the waist bone. You’re already wearing a see-through garment, so you don’t have to arrange it in a way that reveals a lot of your belly. The waist bone tie is both elegant and attractive.

If you’re looking to be edgy, try a feathered transparent saree. The idea may sound strange at first, but the sheer fabric works when combined with different styles and textures. You’ll still be able to show your body while adding an extra dimension of flair to your ensemble.


Women have various reasons to wear transparent sarees. Some choose to wear them because they’re fashionable, and others decide to wear them for comfort. Transparent sarees are a bold statement and can serve to highlight the curves of your body. Sarees can be draped in various ways and can even be made less transparent if that’s your preference. 

To wear a see-through saree well, you have to be careful when picking a blouse and petticoat. Coordination is vital when putting together your outfit, and you don’t need many accessories either. The saree is the statement.