Why Do Women’s Running Shorts Have Liners Inside?

Women Running Shorts

If you have a collection of women’s running shorts, you might have noticed the presence of inner liners in them. Have you ever wondered why do women’s running shorts have liners? This article will explain the reasons. Let’s get started! 

Do women’s running shorts have liners? 

There are liners in many running shorts, but not all of them. When you look at running shorts, you could notice that they have built-in underwear. A liner is a more frequent name for such an arrangement. The liner’s fabric is particularly crafted to keep moisture and perspiration off the body.

There are two different kinds of liners. One has a thin, loose fabric that resembles more of a mesh. In comparison to regular underwear, this liner is more breathable. Additionally, because it is so short, you cannot see it when running. 

The other kind of liner resembles compression shorts in appearance and function. There are different lengths for the compression lining. When you are jogging, it may occasionally be visible, but with other shorts, it may not.

Reasons why women’s running shorts have liners

Now you know that some women’s running shorts have liners. I know what you’re thinking! Why do women’s running shorts have liners? Let’s understand below! 

1. Women’s lined running shorts help you avoid chafing

When skin rubs against other skin or rubs against a fabric, friction results, which causes chafing. When there is moisture or perspiration present, the rubbing is exacerbated. A liner reduces chafing by absorbing sweat and removing it from the body.

Additionally, a liner keeps the fabric firmly in place on your skin, which lessens movement and skin-rubbing friction. 

2. Liners in women’s running shirts breathe better

The majority of liners are made from a material that is loose and thin, allowing more air to flow through. Regardless of how long the run is, the improved air movement keeps you feeling cool and refreshed. The liner also draws moisture and sweat from the body. Additionally, the substance promotes sweat evaporation.

Nylon, spandex, polyester, and elastane are common fabric blends used to create higher-quality running shorts. These materials are cooling and breathable. 

3. Wearing women’s running shorts with lining reduces layers

The fewer layers you wear while running in warmer weather, the more comfortable you’ll feel. You can wear running shorts without wearing underwear because they are lined. On hot, humid days, wearing fewer layers makes you more comfortable. 

4. Lined running shorts keeps sweat and moisture away

Running short liners are primarily used to wick perspiration and moisture away from your inner thighs. The liner’s moisture-wicking fabric will help perspiration and moisture to drain as you perspire while running.

Additionally, the fabric that running shorts are composed of is incredibly light and is often constructed to allow for optimal ventilation. Technical textiles that combine different materials, such as polyester, elastane, spandex, and nylon, are some excellent possibilities utilized in high-performance sports apparel.

These materials provide comfort by being breathable, dry quickly, and cool. Because of this, wearing the integrated underwear will keep you dry and cooler while you run.

5. The inner lining prevents women’s running shorts from riding up

Like me, most women hate riding-up shorts, especially when exercising or running.

However, since the underwear is integrated into the running shorts unless the shorts don’t fit properly, it cannot ride up. You won’t have to deal with the embarrassment of having to adjust the fit of your shorts while running by pulling your boxer briefs or underwear down.

Shorts with liners may not appeal to everyone. The liner may make the shorts uncomfortable and tight for certain people, who feel as though their range of motion is limited.

Running in shorts with a liner may be too hot for people who sweat easily, especially in the summer. Additionally, if you’ve been jogging for a while, they could begin to feel heavy. Moreover, it’s more challenging to put on and take off lined shorts.

Should you wear underwear with women’s lined running shorts? 

The majority of loose-fitting running shorts have an inner layer or built-in underwear, and they are available from all of the main manufacturers. The lining is typically made of mesh or another thin, breathable material that helps keep you cool and mimics brief-style underwear. These were made to be worn without underwear. The wrong kind of underwear might cause severe chafing when these are worn.

However, you can wear underwear with running shorts if you want. Here are some scenarios when wearing or not wearing underwear with lined running shorts will be suitable.

When to not wear underwear with lined running shorts?

Although you can wear underwear with lined running shorts, it can create the following problems:

  • Your underwear can ride up compelling you to adjust your shorts and undies frequently. 
  • As you add more layers, you will feel sweaty and patchy. Thus, it will impact your running abilities. Also, it will make you less active and exhausted easily. 
  • Because the linings are constructed of thin, loose-knit cotton, air circulates more freely in your private areas, keeping you feeling cool and refreshed even during extended runs. 
  • If you use tampons and menstrual cups during menstruation, wearing underwear with lined running shorts might be unnecessary.

When is it better to wear underwear with lined running shorts?

Now I would like to draw your attention to a crucial scenario when wearing underwear with lined running shorts can be helpful for women. Underwear might be considered a great option during menstruation, especially if you prefer wearing a sanitary pad. The lining in women’s running shorts might not be sufficient to keep the pads in place and prevent staining. The running shorts lining will move the sanitary pad from your position as it is not too tight to create a firm arrangement.


This article might have given you all the reasons why do women’s running shorts have liners inside. Now you can make the right decision whether buying a pair of lined running shorts for women is right for you or not.