Reasons Why Women’s Shirts are So Thin

Women with thin shirt

Have you ever noticed the differences between men’s and women’s shirts? Apart from structural variations, the quality of shirt fabrics differs. Women’s shirts are generally thinner than men’s suits. So let’s understand why there’s a disparity in women’s shirts. 

Women’s shirts have indeed become ridiculously thinner lately. Let’s understand it in the section below! 

Why are women’s shirts so thin?

Below are reasons why women’s shirts are so thin. And some factors are economical more than related to fashion in general. And note that not all shirts have become thin. But the change in fashion is seen.

1. Fashion demands are rising

In the era of fast fashion, women want more stylish outfits. Even in conventional shirts, ladies seek style and new designs. And thin shirts are a great fashion. Thin shirts are more comfortable and can be used in use-and-throw model at both home as well as different other occasions.

To satisfy consumer demands, companies choose thin fabrics to make shirts for women.

The designers focus more on style and fashion. So, we find thinner and low-quality shirts on the market shelves mostly.

2. Thin fabric settle on curves easily

Women have a different build than women. Ladies’ clothes are designed to attenuate their figure and give them a better appearance. Also thin shirts are a great fashion material when matched with women’s jeans or tight pants.

Something similar happens with shirts. Companies use fabrics that settle on feminine curves to produce women’s shirts. It’s a prominent and widely-accepted reason why brands pick thin materials to stitch formal and casual shirts for ladies. 

3. Thin shirts allow women to layer their outfits

Women want clothing which gives them a higher degree of styling. Something similar is with shirts. 

One prominent fashion hack among ladies is layering. Women layer their formal and casual shirts to create a unique appearance and showcase their fashion sense. Thin shirts allow them to display their style by effective layering. So, you can see thinner shirts on the market shelves for women. 

4. Thin fabrics sometimes help companies cutting costs

Women’s shirts are in high demand. Leading fashion brands have to produce more shirts in less time and they also know thin shirts are very much in fashion. So, these companies are reducing their costs with thin shirt fabrics to make good profits.

Many E-commerce stores which are new cannot afford too much investment on the business. And they would like to go for less GSM (a metric for measuring thickness of a cloth). It is also easy to do printing of designs on these shirts at a low cost.

So, they alter the fabric quality and make more shirts at less cost. That’s a win-win situation for fashion brands! 

5. Thin fabrics allow designers to create new shirts easily

As women seek fashionable and stylish shirts from brands, companies are compelled to find fabrics which allow them to showcase their creativity in a short span to produce more clothes in less time. Thin fabrics are moldable and can be easily stitched.

So, companies too sometimes prefer using thin and lightweight fabrics to create unique styles on shirts for women. 

6. Women prefer changing fashion frequently

Women have been tied to various stereotypes for ages. One of them is that women have a larger tendency of discarding shirts sooner than men. Or, in other words, brands think that women get bored of wearing the same shirts for a short time and buy new ones immediately. And thin shirts are a great choice that way.

7. Focus on making affordable shirts

Most people find attractive deals on clothing, including women. To increase their sales, companies try to launch affordable shirts in the market for women to shop more frequently. 

Thin and degraded fabrics have a lower manufacturing cost. So, companies can reduce their overall costs and provide more affordable shirts to women. That’s another reason why brands use poor materials to make shirts for women. 

8. Work done by women and their body temperature

Research shows that women have a slightly higher core body temperature than men. It may be true or may not be true. But considering several women doing more multi tasking and seeing the need for a comfortable wear, thin shirts help in different situations.

Are There Problems with Women Wearing Thin Clothes? 

Honestly, it’s alright for women to wear thin shirts as long as they are comfortable. Sometimes, thinner fabrics make women look more attractive and ethereal. Besides, thin shirts are breathable and keep you cool throughout the day. So, thin shirts are the best-picks in some situations. 

However in the following scenarios thin shirts should be avoided by the ladies:

  • If the shirt is made of thin materials like synthetic, georgette, or net, it can irritate women’s skins causing rashes and blisters. 
  • It’s not formal to carry see-through shirts to the workplace. However, you can layer the shirt and wear it to work. 
  • If you prefer high-quality clothing, thin shirts are the worst choice for women. 
  • Similarly, thin shirts are the worst choice for women seeking durability in their clothing. 


These are the reasons why thin shirts are prevalent for women in fashion outlets. If you prefer quality over style, it’s a better approach to select a fabric and get a thick shirt stitched for yourself from scratch.