Why Are Most Women’s Clothes So Uncomfortable?

Woman with uncomfortable jeans

Many people, men and women think that women’s clothes do not provide comfort. Is it true? If yes, why are women’s clothes so uncomfortable? I’ll help you get the answer in the article below. Let’s get started! 

Are women’s clothes uncomfortable? 

Women’s clothing is not uncomfortable as a whole. However, some clothes are uncomfortable for many people, including me. I feel it’s a matter of what you specifically wear and cannot be generalized to all feminine garments. 

For example, wearing a flared skirt is highly comfortable, allowing you to move more freely. These skirts are comfortable over pants of any kind. Also, a pencil skirt can be more uncomfortable than a flared skirt. 

Similarly, when considering the fabric, women’s clothing can be either comfortable or uncomfortable when considering the fabric. For instance, cotton and linen clothes are airy and absorb sweat, making them the most comfortable clothing you will ever find. However, if you wear synthetic clothes, you will feel hot and more uncomfortable, especially in summer. 

Sometimes, the comfort factor can depend on the quality of clothes you buy. If you shop from a quality perspective and buy comfortable clothes, nothing will feel uncomfortable to you. For instance, low-quality women’s undergarments can be itchy, prickly, and uncomfortable. However, choosing high-quality and cotton lingerie saves a woman from discomfort and skin issues. 

So, comfort in women’s clothing is comparative and depends on specific clothes.  

Why are women’s clothes so uncomfortable? 

As I already mentioned, all women’s clothes aren’t uncomfortable. However, some of them are uncomfortable. So, it’s essential to know which clothes are comfortable and which might turn uncomfortable in some situations. Let’s take up some instances and discuss uncomfortable women’s clothings. 

1. Pencil skirts restrict your movement and make you body conscious

What do skirts bring to your mind? For me, it’s the degree of freedom and air flow that skirts give to women. Some skirts like A-line and flared skirts are highly comfortable and can be your go-to dresses for any occasion. 

However, not all skirts are comfortable and breathable. For example, tight pencil skirts will restrict your movement. Also, they can make you feel conscious about your appearance. Although pencil skirts look good, wearing them is tough for women. 

2. Wearing skinny and low-waist bottom wear can be uncomfortable sometimes

Skinny denim and pants are clingy with insufficient room for your legs. Wearing them might make you look gorgeous, but they can be highly uncomfortable sometimes, especially when you buy low-quality ones. 

Also, low-waist bottom wear can make you feel highly uncomfortable and body-conscious. And that’s why low-waist and skinny pants or jeans are obsolete due to their high un-comfortability. 

3. Synthetic clothes are more uncomfortable than women’s cotton garments

When considering the comfort factor in women’s clothes, the dress material can be pivotal. 

For example, synthetic fabrics and dresses are highly uncomfortable, especially in summer. They don’t absorb sweat or maintain airflow to moderate your body temperature. Thus, these garments are discomforting. 

In contrast, cotton clothes are generally comfortable. They are porous, maintain a steady airflow, and absorb your sweat to keep you cool even in the harsh summer. 

4. Low-quality undergarments can be itchy and uncomfortable

When buying women’s undergarments, a small mistake can penalize you heavily. 

Low-quality and synthetic undergarments are coarse and prickly. They can make your skin itchy and prone to rashes, creating immense discomfort. 

In contrast, high-quality cotton undergarments are soft and skin-friendly. Thus, they are more comfortable and worth wearing the entire day. 

5. Tight bodycon dresses are uncomfortable 

Undoubtedly, tight and skinny bodycon dresses are gorgeous attires. However, too tight bodycon dresses are uncomfortable and restrict your movements. 

I have seen many women complaining about bodycon dresses leaving marks on their skin after wearing them for the entire day. Additionally, if you wear synthetic bodycon dresses, your discomfort might heighten due to low porosity and sweat absorption. 

6. Wearing corset dresses are unhealthy and highly uncomfortable

For ages, women have been wearing corset dresses to bring their waists in shape. However, corsets are medically unhealthy as they reduce the waist size by moving down the internal organs. 

Firstly, corset dresses can be too tight and might create difficulties in breathing. Besides, wearing them for a long time can create more discomfort and impact your health. 

7. Low-quality net dresses can make you feel uncomfortable

Similar to synthetic fabric, net dresses are highly uncomfortable. If you choose high-quality net garments, they are soft but uncomfortable for long-term wearing. 

However, things might turn more uncomfortable if you wear low-quality net garments. Some of these dresses can irritate your skin and make it itchy. So, like synthetic garments, you will feel uncomfortable wearing net clothing for the entire day, irrespective of its quality. Clearly, net dresses aren’t for day-to-day purposes. They are better for occasional wearing only. 

8. Fashionable clothing rules over comfortable clothing

The world is becoming more fashionable every day. With more women willing to look beautiful, they are choosing fashionable clothing over comfortable dresses. 

With the same mindset, fashion brands focus more on style and overlook the comfortability when designing and manufacturing women’s clothing. And that’s why many women’s garments in today’s market are uncomfortable and unbreathable. 

9. Fast fashion gives no time for brands to consider comfortability

Fashion brands are focussing more on fast fashion to quickly manufacture and release the garments in the market. In such a fast-paced industry, the production of comfortable women’s clothing has become a rare event. So, we can find stylish dresses on the market shelves, ranking low in the comfortability aspect. 

Moving on, let’s understand how you can feel more comfortable in women’s clothes. 

How to increase comfort while wearing women’s clothes? 

It’s true that some women’s dresses are uncomfortable. However, you can consider some points to increase your comfortability while wearing clothes for ladies. 

  1. Choose cotton over synthetic dresses to feel more comfortable.
  2. You can wear high-quality and skin-friendly undergarments for high comfortability. 
  3. Go for baggy pants that allow your legs to move freely.
  4. Wear cotton shapewear under synthetic and net garments to feel comfortable. 


It’s a wrap now! You have already identified uncomfortable women’s clothes and know how to make them comfortable. So, dress better and feel comfortable in all women’s clothing!