Why is Women’s Clothing More Expensive than Men’s?

Woman wearing expensive clothese

If you have closely observed, you’ll know that women’s and men’s clothing have different price points. Many of you might claim that ladies’ clothing is a bit more expensive than men’s. I’ll help you understand if that’s true and support you with logical reasons. Let’s get into the article now! 

Is women’s clothing more expensive than men’s? 

Due to many reasons, women’s clothing is tagged at higher prices than men’s. You can find the same type of clothing, for example, shirts, to be more expensive in the women’s section than men’s. Similarly, women face more price hikes for clothing than men in a given period. 

So, we can conclude that women’s clothing is generally more costly than men’s. 

Let’s now understand why there is a price imbalance between men’s and women’s clothing. 

8 reasons why women’s clothing is more expensive than men’s

Now that we know that women’s clothing costs more than men’s, it’s better to know what causes such disparity. 

Here are some reasons why women give more for clothing than men. 

1. Producing attractive garment costs more

If you look at women’s clothing as a whole, you will see that they are more attractive than men’s clothing. In other words, women’s garments are more fashionable than men’s clothing. Women want to buy attractive clothes, after all, leading companies to focus more on creating crafty clothes. For example, you may find shirts in various colors and materials under the women’s section than men’s.

When so many different fabrics and dyes are involved, the cost to produce women’s dresses increases compared to men’s. Consequently, women end up paying more for fashionable clothing than men. 

2. Using different materials and having a smaller audience increase the selling price

Sometimes, when companies utilize different materials, the production costs increase. Furthermore, when the brands have a smaller audience, the production costs get distributed across all products in a given range, hiking the costs. 

Consider a luxury fashion brand for this case. The brand has a smaller audience than a large-scale average clothing company. Since the former has a higher production cost with a small consumer base, their products have hefty prices than the other brand. Consequently, women pay more than men when buying good-quality garments. So, it’s another reason women’s clothes have higher prices than men’s. 

3. Following the belief that women are less price-sensitive than men

Many manufacturers believe that women are less price sensitive than men. They can easily buy fashionable clothing at higher prices than men. Typically, men are more thoughtful of their buying habits and don’t want to spend too much on clothing ranges. 

Knowing such a tendency, manufacturers and clothing brands keep their garment costs high. They are assured that women will buy their high-end products as long as they are fashionable and of good quality. So, you can find more expensive women’s clothing in the market than men’s. 

4. The cost of craftsmanship for high-end clothing is more

Have you ever considered the effort going into creating fashionable clothing? It’s huge! 

Designers have the never-ending job of creating new clothing ideas as they cannot disappoint female buyers. Moreover, the tailors spend tremendous effort transforming the design ideas into fashionable clothing. 

Overall, the more fashionable a garment is, the higher the cost of craftsmanship will be. Consequently, it will reflect the price tag for clothes in a fashion store. So, it’s pretty logical to think that it makes women’s clothing more expensive than men’s simple garments. 

5. Women’s clothing ranges by some brands hold more significance than men’s

Some brands indeed have garments having more importance for the women’s version than the men’s. 

For example, jackets from a specific brand may have more importance among women than men. Also, you might know that higher demand leads to more expensive clothes. So, women’s jackets will be more expensive than men’s jackets for the same company, owing to a higher clothing demand among women. 

6. Women’s clothing has a higher tariff than men’s

Another reason women pay more bucks than men when it comes to clothing is the government’s tariff scheme. 

On average, women’s clothes have more taxes than men’s garments, leading to a hike in the selling price for the former’s products. 

7. Rising material costs increase the selling price

Let’s admit that the prices of raw materials are hiking globally. The cost to produce a specific type of clothing is no longer the same as it was ten years ago. 

Since the manufacturing cost is continuously rising, creating fashionable clothes requires more budget than ever. So, women pay more for attractive garments than men. 

8. Women’s clothing requires more stitch work than men’s

Even the simplest women’s clothing, like shirts, have more stitch work than men’s shirts. Shirts for women have a narrow waist and additional stitches at the back. However, men’s clothes are typically straight with lesser stitches. Since producing women’s clothes is tricky, their garments are tagged at higher prices than men’s. 

Tips to get inexpensive women’s clothes

Don’t get disheartened by the fact that women’s clothes cost more than men’s. You can still buy inexpensive clothes by following the tips below. 

  • Buy the men’s version of specific clothing if you wish to save costs
  • Avoid buying clothes that you can’t wear more than once, or people will recognize them. Rather you can invest your creativity in accessorizing simple clothes which are budget-friendly. 
  • Wait for holiday season discounts or end-of-season sales to buy clothes at heavy discounts. 
  • Focus more on quality than trends. Buying trendy clothes will cost you more. 
  • There’s no harm in buying second-hand clothes. You can save more when buying such clothes for your closet.
  • Branded clothes cost more. Instead, you can go for non-branded yet good-quality clothes for everyday fashion. 


Women’s garments indeed entail more costs than men’s. I have walked you through the reasons as well. However, instead of getting pissed off by the price tags, you can easily choose strategic shopping and buy inexpensive clothes for yourself.