Is Art Silk Sarees a Good Choice?

Are you planning to buy a gorgeous designer silk saree for your upcoming event? But are you tight on your budget? Well, there’s nothing to worry about! Art silk sarees are a great cost-effective alternative to other pricey silk sarees while featuring a plethora of attractive designs. But are art silk sarees good compared to other silk variants? Well, to learn more on this matter, stay hooked to the end of this article.

Apart from being affordable, art silk sarees render the exact look, feel, and comfort of pure silk sarees. Besides being made of synthetic cellulose fibers, art silk fabric can tolerate more wear and tear, making the sarees highly durable. Also, compared to other silk varieties like silk georgette, cotton silk, and blended silk, art silk sarees serve an exquisite and shiny appearance. So, in short, the answer to your question, “are art silk sarees good?” is, “yes, indeed!”

Is Art Silk Sarees a Good Choice?

It is a common question of many who are looking for a brilliant alternative for pure silk. Many females think a top rating is enough to conclude upon an answer. But ladies, you’re wrong! You need to see from a much closer angle to analyze if art silk sarees are good or not.

So, here is what you need to know about artificial silk sarees.

Is the Material of Art Silk Sarees Worth Choosing?

While looking at an art silk saree, the first question that can pop up in your mind is, what kind of fabric is art silk made? Unlike traditional silk sarees that are crafted from Resham thread, art silk is made from synthetic fibers.

And do you know what the most interesting fact about art silk sarees is? The United States first developed art silk, using nylon fibers in the 1930s to replace Japanese silk. But nylon is not at all a good substitute for real silk.

Today’s art silk is much improved from the old, nylon-made silk fabric. Nowadays, many manufacturers produce imitation silk with a blend of rayon, polyester, and mercerized cotton. Also, some weavers use a mix of rayon and real silk to prepare art silk.

Since the process of making art silk sarees is not labor-intensive, it is not that pricey. On the other hand, traditional pure silk meets the authentic method of weaving hard-to-find Resham threads. Thus, it makes pure silk sarees expensive. So, if you are tight on budget, art silk is undoubtedly worth choosing.

Art silk sarees come with a very rich texture, which looks shiny from every angle. The material also feels very nice and soft to touch, making the fabric an excellent choice to wear.

Is Art Silk Sarees Good in Terms of Comfort?

Are you looking for a nice saree that you can easily wear in humid climates? Well, then art silk sarees are definitely a good choice. It does not insulate with your body heat and keeps you cool all day long.

The lightweight fabric makes you feel very light yet creates a gorgeous look. Moreover, it is too easy to tackle, unlike the heavyweight raw silk or Banarasi silk sarees. The breathability of art silk sarees makes it the right choice if you love to pay for comfort.

Is Art Silk Saree a Good Choice in Terms of Easy Wearing?

Art silk is undoubtedly a very sumptuous fabric to pick when it comes to wearing a saree. You can wear it without much hassle.

Art silk sarees are quite soft and lightweight, which makes them feel less heavy and easy to drape around. As these sarees are relatively thinner and smoother, you can easily hold them in your hands without slipping them off from your fingers and making neat pleats.

Besides, due to the soft and smooth texture of art silk fabric, the sarees are quite breathable and comfortable. And because of these attributes, you can carry it well in every season without feeling weighty. So, art silk sarees are not only easily manageable while wearing but also can be carried off well on occasions.

There are various types of art silk sarees that you can opt to create an easy yet beautiful look. Art silk Pattu sarees come highly embellished with gorgeous South Indian style of Zari work. And you can set new saree trends like pant saree, lehenga saree, etc., with these Pattu sarees.

Similarly, other silk varieties like the South silk saree or Kanchipuram silk saree look too gorgeous and are very easy to create different styles with. The South silk saree features a smooth and shiny texture, accentuated with a glossy look on the borders. While the Kanchipuram silk saree, which originated in Tamil Nadu, comes as a form of art silk with a wide border and superb shine.

Is Art Silk a Good Choice for Wearing at a Wedding?

When it comes to wearing a saree for a wedding, art silk can be the right choice. This synthetically-made fabric is less expensive yet comes with a very innovative texture and gorgeous look.

Whether you want a brocade design or heavy embroidery, art silk wedding sarees are always a good choice for wearing in Indian marriages.

Is Art Silk Sarees a Good Choice Over Other Silk Variants?

Well, silk sarees are undoubtedly brilliant for their extensive range of variants. While art silk sarees are renowned for their replicated look of real silk, there are other silk variants that come as significant choices.

But what do you think, is art silk capable of giving every silk variant a tough competition? Well, to know more, have a look below.

Which One is the Ultimate Good Choice: Art Silk Saree or Pure Silk Saree?

When the matter comes to pure silk and artificial silk sarees, there are many differences and similarities. But let me stay honest from the beginning. The charm and authenticity of pure silk sarees cannot be compared to any other textile. It is the best in terms of quality, look, feel, charm and comfort.

On the other hand, art silk sarees are the replica of pure silk sarees, which use manmade threads or fibers. But pure silk sarees come with a richer texture. It is very lightweight and has a lustrous look. The richness in its weaving makes it a good choice for anyone who likes classy clothes.

What are the Differences Between Art Silk and Pure Silk Sarees?

Though art silk fabric tries its best to replicate the look of real silk, there are still some striking differences that mark the authenticity of natural silk. So, do you want to know the differences between art silk and pure silk sarees? Well, check out below!

  • Processing

Real or pure silk saree processing follows the cultivation of silkworms. The worms are fed on mulberry leaves, which is the traditional and authentic way of producing natural silk threads. Silk threads are usually very sensitive, which needs much care while weaving. The entire process is labor-intensive and intricate.

The word ‘art’ in art silk sarees, on the other hand, does not refer to the artistic appearance of the fabric. The term ‘art’ strictly stands for the word ‘artificial.’ So, here, artificial silk is prepared from cellulose fiber and a mixture of other materials like rayon, nylon, etc.

  • Impact of Printing Patterns

The effect of printing patterns on pure silk and art silk sarees marks a huge difference. When pure silk sarees feature prints on one side, the opposite surface comes with a fuzzy trace of the pattern. But in art silk sarees, the reverse side of printed designs is entirely plain.

  • Texture

Real silk sarees are so light and smooth that they can easily pass through a small ring. Even art silk sarees are smooth, but compared to pure silk sarees, they fail in this test. In short, art silk fabric cannot match the authenticity of pure silk.

What are the Similarities that Make Art Silk Sarees a Viable Alternative Choice of Pure Silk Sarees?

Even though the difference between pure silk and art silk is quite distinctive, a few similarities make art silk sarees a good choice. Are you wondering what they are? Well, check out below!

  • Look

Art silk sarees hold a similar charm as pure silk sarees when it comes to appearance. You can simply walk past anyone wearing an art silk saree and get great compliments for it, as the person can hardly recognize the difference by looks. The art silk sarees rightly replicate the shine that a pure silk saree serves.

  • Feel

In terms of comfort, both pure silk and art silk sarees can give you the same experience. Both the sarees are suitable to wear with a very lightweight feel. The artificial silk sarees make you feel comfy and cool, making it an excellent choice for a summer day breezy look or any Indian occasion.

  • Maintenance

Both art silk and pure silk sarees are easy to maintain. But the care needs to be special for both the fabrics since they are delicate.

  • Ease of Wearing

If you have already worn pure silk sarees, then you must know how easy it is to drape them around your body. Similarly, art silk serves the same ease when it comes to draping the saree and making precise pleats, which make it the right substitute for silk.

“Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand.”- Oscar De La Renta.

Why is Art Silk Sarees a Better Choice than Pure Silk Sarees in Terms of Price?

If you have checked out the market, then you already know how expensive real silk sarees are.  Pure silks have more than 95% of authentic silk, which costs you a huge amount of bucks. Besides, the processing method and time of art silk sarees rightly answer why artificial silk is cheaper than natural silk.

Art silk sarees, on the other hand, are much easier and cheaper to manufacture. It is prepared with manmade cellulose fibers blended with other affordable fabrics. And this method effectively cuts down processing and labor costs, making art silk sarees available at a very fair price range.

Art Silk or Pure Silk – Which One is the Right Choice in Terms of Durability?

Both art silk and pure silk sarees are delicate. But art silk fabric is more durable when you compare it with real silk. The Resham fibers of pure silk fabric are prone to higher wear and tear risks if not handled properly.

On the other hand, art silk sarees come with artificial fiber, which can withstand rough wear and tear. And it definitely gives you an outstanding value for your money.

Is Art Silk Saree a Better Choice than Silk Georgette Saree?

When it comes to other synthetic sarees in the market, the most popular name to come to our mind is silk georgette. But are art silk sarees a good choice over other synthetics? Well, the answer is yes.

If you like the silk texture most, then art silk sarees can be the best choice. Silk georgette material is a semi-sheer cloth that comes with a grainy consistency. But in terms of feel, art silk is a preferable choice.

Silk georgette sarees follow the weaving pattern of twisting yarns. It is one of the reasons why silk georgette feels rough to touch. On the other hand, artificial silk is not rough; instead, it is much smooth and light to touch.

When it comes to looks, both silk georgette and art silk have their own identical traits and beauty. While looking at art silk sarees, you can see a shiny and glossy appearance with a very soothing look. Sometimes it is hard to differentiate a good quality art silk saree from a raw silk one. Also, art silk sarees use bright and vibrant colors. But a silk georgette saree has a matte finishing and is not so brightly colored.

In terms of weight and comfort, art silk and silk georgette sarees can give each other a tough competition. But silk georgette is weightier than art silk. Also, due to its smooth texture, art silk sarees are more comfortable than silk georgette ones.

So, whether it comes to look, feel, weight, or comfort, artificial silk sarees can be a much better choice than silk georgette.

Does Art Silk Saree Serve a Better Choice than Cotton Silk Saree?

When it comes to cotton, the idea can be completely contrary to the feel, texture, and look of silk fabric. But now the question is whether art silk fabric good or bad than cotton silk.

Well, when you compare, you’ll hardly find any difference between art silk and cotton silk. The texture of cotton silk is silky and slightly glossy. But as artificial silk uses various blends like rayon, nylon, etc., it comes with a more lustrous texture. The shine is a dominating factor in art silk sarees.

In the case of feel, cotton silk sarees serve a very smooth hand-feel. But you may not find this sumptuous feel in art silk. And this factor plays a significant role in deciding the comfort of the material. The wearer can easily find out a slight difference in comfort between art silk and cotton silk sarees.

Comparing the weight factor, art silk is a bit more lightweight than cotton silk. Nevertheless, the difference is too minimal to find out for someone who usually does not wear a saree.

Do you know another interesting difference between art silk and cotton silk sarees? The latter is a bit cooler than the former, making it the winner in terms of comfort.

Blended Silk or Artificial Silk Saree – Which One is a Good Choice?

When it comes to deciding between blended silk or artificial silk, the choice can be quite challenging to make. Though differences between the two fabrics are very slight, yet they are quite effective.

While artificial silk features synthetic (manmade) fibers, blended silk includes real silk. Artificial silk undergoes chemical processing, which makes it much easier to create. The materials of artificial silk sarees are usually rayon, mercerized cotton, and polyester.

In contrast, blended silk comes with natural yarn and pure silk. And this renders the saree a very authentic blend. Hence, the price of blended silk sarees is relatively high.

Besides, artificial silk sarees have a very fine yet glossy texture. But blended silk is not much glossy. So, in terms of looks, artificial silk sarees are obviously the show-stopper. But comfort and quality are the real charms of blended silk sarees.


So, now if questions like, “are art silk sarees good or bad” come up in your mind, hopefully, the points mentioned above will rightly serve all your answers.

Though art silk sarees cannot stand up to the par, as compared with the authenticity of real silk sarees, it still serves as a better substitute for silk, which fits your budget yet lets you create a gorgeous look. Whether you want to create an everyday office look, comfy casual look, or a lovely and pretty festive look, artificial silk sarees can be your best buddy!

“And then I became aware of all the magnificent silk wrapped around my body and had the feeling I might drown in beauty. At that moment, beauty itself struck me as a kind of painful melancholy.” – Arthur Golden.

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