11 Styles of Pairing a Coat with a Saree

I always loved the Indo-Western fusion sarees. The style of pairing a coat with a saree blows my mind. Do you want to look like a fashionista in a saree? You must master the art of pairing coats with sarees if it’s a yes! Below, I will discuss eleven inspirational fashions of carrying a coat with a saree. Stay tuned!

1. Get the boss lady look with a saree and a long coat

Sarees are the best outfits to create the ideal boss-lady look. You can create that appearance through various mismatches. However, pairing a long coat with a simple saree wins my heart.

It’s better to pair a dark-colored blazer with a neutral saree to highlight the coat. For instance, you can carry an ivory saree with a dark purple long coat and large sunglasses for the perfect boss-lady look.

2. Get ready for work with a saree and a front-tie coat

Are you planning to carry a saree to your workplace without looking old-fashioned? I have got this for you! You can pair a front-tie coat with a saree for your office.

I will suggest you get a dark coat for a pastel saree to get everyone’s eye on the upper outfit. You can wear the coat over the saree and blouse but let the pallu hang out of the blazer for a more fashionable appearance.

3. A designer coat with a saree gives the ideal festive look

I love wearing sarees during festivals but not in the traditional style. I carry a designer heavy coat with sarees to look different from others. 

The key to donning this look is carrying the coat like your blouse. So, wear your blouse and coat before keeping the saree pallu on your shoulders. Once done, you can cross the pallu over your jacket to give your ensemble a modern look.

4. Sequin work jackets with sarees prepare you for morning functions

A heavily-embellished coat looks perfect in the evening. But, what about daytime functions like Mehendi and sangeet? You have sequin-work coats to manage your concern! 

Get a light-colored sequin jacket and wear it over a pastel saree while keeping the pallu hidden beneath the coat. You can go for a monochrome look for a chic appearance. This trendy style will become everyone’s favorite. I bet you!

5. Create the ultimate diva look with a peplum jacket

Do you have a peplum jacket in your closet? Take it out to pair with your saree this festive season! This combo gives you the ultimate diva look.

You can choose a satin peplum coat with a complementary colored saree for a captivating look. For example, a pink saree and a blue coat are perfect for each other. Also, you can keep the pallu over the coat to get a traditional yet contemporary appearance.

6. The perfect wedding guest look with a Bandhani gold jacket

Wearing a traditional saree as a wedding guest has become obsolete. You can still carry a saree to shaadis with a tinge of creativity. Carry a Bandhani gold jacket with your saree to get all eyes on you.

You can wear warm-colored (red, orange, and yellow sarees) with gold Bandhani coats. Also, adding a belt to your ensemble will define your waistline and make you appear like a diva. I love keeping the pallu hanging over the coat. You can do it too!

7. Get winter-ready with a coat blouse

Do you know? You can get a customized blouse that looks like a coat for your saree. They cover your skin and work perfectly during winters.

It’s better to get full-sleeved blouses with a wrist puff to create an artistic jacket-saree look. Pairing a white coat-blouse with a pastel saree will give you the perfect chic look. However, you can try other combinations like a black coat-blouse with a brick red saree.

8. Wear a cropped coat for a royal look

You don’t have to wear a long coat with your saree every time. I love wearing crop coats with sarees to create a royal look. All you need are an embellished jacket and a heavy saree to don the appearance. Since the coat is small and looks like a blouse, it’s better to keep the pallu hanging over the jacket for a proper look.

9. Create a glam look for evenings with a shimmery gold jacket on a saree

Jacqueline Fernandez wearing this shimmery gold jacket with a simple saree is our inspiration. You can get that look for your evening parties! Get a white, ivory, beige, or off-white saree with heavy borders and pair them with golden coats. I prefer keeping the saree pallu hanging over the jackets for the perfect appearance.

10. Carry a brocade jacket with a saree in winter weddings

Since a saree shows your skin, wearing them during winters is challenging. You can add a long brocade jacket to your outfit for the best results. A monochrome look will work here. So, get a collared coat for your saree to get maximum coverage. Also, you can wrap the pallu around your neck to shield the chilling breeze.

11. Create a gothic look with a velvet coat

Gothic looks are the latest fashion trends. You can bring that style to Indian sarees by pairing a velvet jacket with your outfit. Although these combinations work on all color palettes, you can choose a gray saree with a black velvet coat for the perfect goth appearance. Furthermore, you can get smokey eye makeup to complete the ensemble like a pro.

Sarees have the power of going with multiple western outfits, provided you pair them wisely. So, get these coats for your gorgeous sarees and become a fashionista wherever you go! 

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